Our Memories

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Title: Our Memories
Editor(s): Lili, Archived version, Amelia, Archived version, and Xander, Archived version
Date(s): Interest check 9 November 2019, Contributor applications opened 2 December 2019, Contributor applications closed 28 December 2019, Contributor's pieces due by 31 March 2020, Pre-order available April 2020
Series?: No
Medium: Print
Size: 6.69” x 9.61” (B5 format)
Genre: Multi, based on Richie and Eddie's memories.
Fandom: IT
Language: English
External Links: ReddieZine, Archived version
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Our Memories is a SFW Reddie-focused IT zine anthology.


"The theme of this project is memories. Richie’s and Eddie’s most important memories together throughout their life."[1]


  • unannounced

Pricing & Profits

It is estimated that the cost of the zine will be between $30-40, and they are looking to distribute internationally.

The editors decided that profits not contributing to the actual creation of the zine will go to the It Gets Better Project, Archived version.


The editors asked that the digital art pieces be presented in 300 DPI, and traditional artwork be scanned into a high quality format. Both in CMYK and RBG full-color formats, as a .PNG file. They also asked writers to limit themselves to three thousand characters, which they approximated to be 550 words.


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