Incorrect Dragon Age

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Name: Incorrect Dragon Age
Date(s): December 2014 - present
Submissions: Yes
Type: Fanworks
Fandom: Dragon Age
Scope: Incorrect quotes
URL: Incorrect Dragon Age
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Screenshot of an example page of Incorrect Dragon Age

Incorrect Dragon Age is a humor Tumblr blog that posts screenshots from the Dragon Age games with submitted quotes from other sources: "The idea’s pretty simple: all of the lines and dialogue here are 100% canon quotes in some universe or another — just not in Thedas."[1] Quotes are sometimes edited slightly to make them fit in with the DA universe.

This is a popular fandom blog. On December 31, 2015, they posted their most popular posts of the year and the one with the most reblogs/likes was a post from March with 13045 notes.[2]


Incorrect Dragon Age was started in December 2014. As of October 2017, it has three mods who manage the submissions.


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