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Name: lily-fox
Alias(es): Kim Cody, Susan, GingerHaole, bombay-gin, torreadora
Type: fanartist
Fandoms: Hanson, Supernatural (mostly Destiel), Alice in Wonderland, Frozen, Welcome to Night Vale, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Labyrinth (1986 film), Toy Story, Megamind, Community, Good Omens, etc.
URL: Lily-fox on Deviantart
Gingerhaole on Tumblr
Gingerhaole After Dark on Tumblr (NSFW)
GingerHaole on Livejournal
Torreadora on Livejournal
Bombay Gin on Livejournal
Gingerhaole on Etsy
Back In The Swing (old website)
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lily-fox is a prolific fanartist who has produced artwork for a wide variety of fandoms, as well as a good deal of Original Character work. Prints of her artwork are often on sale in her Etsy shop. In her Hanson fandom days, she also wrote a handful of mostly short fanfics and provided illustrations for a number of popular fics. Much of her Hanson fanart was posted on her website Back In The Swing.

a self-portrait of lily-fox

Example Art