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Also see Mini Con.

Star Trek Convention
Name: Mini Trek Con
Dates: 1975 to at least 1978
Frequency: once, sometimes twice a year
Location: Hotel McAlpin, Taft Hotel, Commodore Hotel
Type: fan-run, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Founding Date:
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Mini Trek Con was a series of one-day Star Trek cons held in New York City.

Sometimes there was one con a year, and sometimes two cons.

At the time of the 1975 con, Len Katz (con chair), was thirteen years old.

Previous Incarnations

This con appears to have been inspired by a series of cons at Hotel McAlpin that started in 1972: In 1971, Deck 6 #15 had this announcement about this possible inspiration: "Elyse Pines and Al Schuster have announced a Star Trekcon.... It'll be 21-23 Jan. 1972 at the McAlpin Hotel in New York City."


Mini Trek Con 1 was held November 23, 1975 (10 a.m. to 7 p.m.) at Hotel McAlpin. There were 800 attendees.

  • chairman: Len Katz
  • co-chairman: Jonathan Gleich
  • convention coordinator: Elliot Coral
  • special projects director: Peter Yaspan
  • projectionists: Ray Moran and Loyd Flyer
  • security: Brian Shapiro, Jon Estren, John Vanable, Gary Werman, Richard McEnroe, Howard Kuston, Conn M. Quinn, Mark Ladolcetta, Sheldon Ranz, Jerry Cocchiola
  • special thanks to: John Townsley, Germaine Best, Joan Winston, Elise Rosenstein [1]
  • "but we'd like to give our greatest thanks to Devra Langsam & Elise Rosenstein for thinking up the Star Trek convention in the first place and the rest of the convention committee for making a idea a reality. They deserve the most credit of all..."
  • there was a dealer's room: some clubs and dealers there were the Star Trek Welcommittee, STAR-NY, and Nova Enterprises
  • A fan in A Piece of the Action #34 (January 1976) wrote that George Takei was a very popular guest due to his sense of fun, his sense of humor, his patience, and his infectious laugh.

1975: Con Report

[There was] a small auction in which co-Pres Joanne Bennett won a poster of Shatner's film DEVIL'S RAIN, the Second season blooper, and four episodes — "Friday's Child", "The Changeling", "By Any Other Name", and "Omega Glory", and special guest, George Takei who spent many hours speaking and signing autographs. Our greatest praise goes to this Mini-Con. It was friendly, orderly, relaxed, small and intimate. It was altogether well-handled, despite the relatively young age and presumable inexperience of Mr. Katz. The con lacked the constant kvetching of "helpers" and included the presence of people selling lunch and sodas (diet yet!) at reasonable prices. The scheduling did not seem to be as conflicting as at the large cons. It was a pleasure to listen to a guest like Mr. Takei from the fourth row, to tape him without noise, to talk to him on a one-to-one basis, to get an autograph (or more than one!), to take flash pictures. We have very few complaints about this con. The few we do have were the fault of the hotel (no checkroom for coats) or the lack of finances by the con people (We would have liked a longer blooper and the presence of the Andromeda Light Show). All in all, we found this Mini-Con a delight and look forward to next years with pleasure!! [2]


There appear to be two this year.

Mini Trek Con 2 was held in May 1976 at the Commodore Hotel. Tickets were $2.50. The con was from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. James Doohan was the guest of honor.

Mini Trek Con 2 was held in October or November (probably November) 1976 at the Taft Hotel.

Nancy Kippax remembered this con:
[In] 1976, there was a small convention up in New York City held at the Taft Hotel, I think it may have been October or November, and it was right after Leslie Fish's story" Shelter" came out, one of the very earliest K/S stories. In the story, Leslie described Spock's genitalia very specifically, likening them to anthuriums. Having no idea what anthuriums looked like, I went to the Flower Shop at the hospital where I was working to ask to see one. When the gal brought one out for me, I had all I could do to stifle my laughter! They are an obscene bloom! I decided then and there to buy one for each of us to wear at the con. The clerk was rather dubious when I ordered something like 6 anthuriums, and nothing else! So we went to the con, innocently wearing an obscene flower pinned to our chest, and garnered a ton of laughs from the other fen there who knew what they represented. [3]


Mini Trek Con 3 was held May 15, 1977 at the Taft Hotel. George Takei and Howard Weinstein were the Guest of Honors.

Con staff members were:

  • Len Katz (chairman)
  • Conn Quinn (publicity)
  • Jerry Beck, Jonathan Gleich, David Sternberg (projectionists)
  • Sheldon Ranz, Fernando Valdez, River Doldjan, Brian Shapiro, George Papadopulos, Joseph LaGraca (security)

1977: Con Reports

[We] trekked into NYC for Mini Trek Con III at the Taft Hotel. The hours were 10 am to 10:30 pm officially according to releases, but actually the con closed at 8 pm. The guests (both excellent) were George Takei and Howard Weinstein, author of the animated episode "Pirates of Orion." I personally found the con disappointing compared to the other two earlier Mini Cons. The hotel facilities were not large enough for the crowd, and the crowd itself too large for a mini con, and the technical problems abounded. But the con did have its enjoyable parts... [4]

1977 or 1978

Mini Trek Con 4


Mini Trek Con 5 was held November 18, 1978 at the Taft Hotel.

badge from this con in 1978


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