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Title: Star Trek Prospers
Publisher: Joanne Bennett and Jill Simmons for the fan club Star Trek Prospers; the last few issues were Joanne Bennett with help from Tom LaConte (also spelled "Lo Conte" and "LoConte")
Date(s): 1975-1978
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Star Trek Prospers is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of articles, reviews, jokes, short fiction, poems, and con reports.

It is a clubzine out of New York. There were forty-three issues.


Initially, the newsletter was free.

By issue #10, it was asking for donations of money and stamps, but it's possible members were still mailed the newsletter for nothing.

Death of the Letter "F"

March 1976's issue had a faulty letter "F" on the typewriter; the editor had to fill all the "f's" in by hand.

Reactions and Reviews

[regarding issues #11, #12, #24, #16]: It's a newszine, and it's accurate. Book and TV reviews appear from time to time, but mostly it's pick-ups from LOCUS and other sources. A few stories creep in from time to time -- short poems, cartoons, etc. A recurring feature -- and parts of the script that get cut due to the commercials! [1]

[regarding issues #14, #16, #17)]: A small, informal mixture of news and what-have-you. The news is of good quality and fair in quantity; the humor is erratic but enthusiastic. The copies I have range from pretty good ditto to color xerox to hand-typed pages. Generally, it is a dittoed newszine mixed with more than occasional whimsy and a lot of personal attention. The ditto is spotty in places, but readable and with a bit more care, I'm sure they can consistently coax good copy out of their machine. [2]

Issue 1

Star Trek Prospers 1 was published in March 1975.

Issue 2

Star Trek Prospers 2 was published in April 1975.

Issue 3

Star Trek Prospers 3 was published in May 1975.

Issue 4

Star Trek Prospers 4 was published June 7, 1975 and contains 6 pages.

first page of issue #4
poem from issue #4
  • a plug for Shatner's new show The Barbary Coast
  • a plug for Nimoy's new book The Spock Experience
  • the editors encourage fans to "WRITE! WRITE! WRITE!" to Paramount to "pick up the movie. It really is to our advantage if the movie goes well (I have no doubts) they many pick it up for a 90 min-2 hr. special each month. Also write to WPIX-TV, ask them to take one day a week or month and show a STAR TREK episode completely."
  • the editors ask fans to write Herb Scholosser, president of NBC: "NBC is considering a nighttime animated 1 hr. Star Trek. It's not like having the real thing, but it is well done. So do your part and write."
  • includes the little quiz: "What do you do after watching Shatner do a Promise commercial? a. throw up, b. cry alot, c. listen to the tape you made, d. switch to Imperial Margarine
  • "Chekov Strikes Again," a satirical script-format fake ad by the editors
  • some poems and limericks by the editors
  • a racy poem by Jill J. Simmons: "Love Poem for Spock," see image below
  • short missing scene by Paul Schnieder and Jill J. Simmons for the episode "Balance of Terror"
  • it includes a uncredited quote by Gene Roddenberry regarding the most-asked question: "What is Star Trek about?":
    "In a few words, what is it that happened on the screen that created this feeling of identifying with it, this feeling of being a part of it, this wanting to ask question about it? I think the answer to that is short. And perhaps it's simple or very difficult, depending upon who you are and how you feel. Besides suggesting that there is a tomorrow, that there is challenge and romance in the world, besides suggesting that it's not all over, STAR TREK said something else, and I wonder if you felt it too, because we meant to say it. It goes rather like this: "You human biped thing called man, you strange creature, still you're awkward and often illogical, you're weak, vain, but damn it, you're also gorgeous." And we were saying, "Hey, we love you." And I think that's what it was about, really: "We love you."

Issue 5

Star Trek Prospers 5 was published July 5, 1975 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #5
  • the newsletter is no longer completely free, "It has been brought to our attention that the computer has filed a complaint. It refuses to continue to disinform the members of Star Trek Prospers due to lack of anything to put it on. If you want the computer to start beeping and clicking again, please send 25¢-50¢ for more paper. Would you like to show off? You can you know. We have membership cards all ready. They are really nice. You can have one for just 25¢. That's how much they cost apiece, since we have no dues we must pay for them some way. You will really like them. They are not like others you have seen, and the nicest thing is they don't expire every year!"
  • the editors write: "Please remember if you have any questions just ask us. Maybe we don't know all the answers but we'll try to find them for you. But always send a sase. If your clse [sic] by you can call us. My number is [redacted] and Jill's is [redacted]."
  • the editors tell fans to "keep their eyes peeled" for the book Star Trek Lives! to appear in bookstores soon
  • the editors write" We want to thank all those wonderful people who gave us permission to use things from their zines, newsletters, yearbooks, etc. They really are great people. So glad there are so many of you!!!! love, love, love!!!!"
  • the editors plug a con: "Are you bored? Will you be in '76? I have an idea of what you can do! On February 12-16, 1976 there will be a ST Con at" Commodore Hotel in NYC... There will be limited membership attending." (cost for a four-day ticket purchased between April and August was $10.80, between December '75-January '76 was $21.60)
  • Candlelight Reading: a section of Trek poetry by Tom Coyne, Jill, and Joanne
  • Cultural Contributions: limericks by Jill and Joanne
  • Far Trek, fiction by Jill Simmons
  • Snoopy Met the Enterprise, a poem and illo of Snoopy on his doghouse in outer space

Issue 6

Star Trek Prospers 6 was published in August 1975.

Issue 7

Star Trek Prospers 7 was published September 6, 1975 and contains 6 pages.

cover of issue #7

The editors apologize for this issue being "a little late": the Chicago Con mentioned was likely Star Trek Chicago, which took place in late August.

  • small bits of fiction, poetry, fun facts, encouragement to write Paramount...
  • the editors write that Jim Rondeau, the editor of The Clipper Trade Ship, has donated money toward the fund they have started with the plan of buying a photocopier
  • there is a short description of "Star Trek: The TV Show That Wouldn't Die," a television program produced at WBGU-TV, Bowling Green University; it is a half-hour long and has a interviews with Nimoy and Shatner, and the topic is the "ST phenomenon"
  • the editors write: "Your [sic] not going to believe this but... Leonard Nimoy taped a TV commercial for the Chicago Con, which ran at the end of June locally in Chicago. In July it will be booked around the country so look for it."
  • Cultural Contributions: poems by Bill Graff, Tom Coyne, Jill Simmons, and Joanne
  • Two Halves Which Make a Whole," a sentimental poem "for Gene Roddenberry" by Jill J. Simmons (reprinted in Rigel)
  • "The Mystery of STP," a satirical short short in script form by Joanne
  • a word search by Jill
  • two pages of technical stats and illos about the Enterprise (this may have been reprinted from The Star Fleet Technical Manual)

Issue 8

Star Trek Prospers 8 was published October 4, 1975 and contains 10 pages.

first page of issue #8: "May the Not-So-Great Bird of the Galaxy Roost on Your TV Set If You Do Not Support Star Trek Prospers"

The editor says this zine is "now officially a newszine (trumpets please!!). That is a combination of "zine" containing writing, art, humor, etc., and a "newsletter" containing news only. We hope to be the best of both worlds… galaxies?"

  • this issue is mostly a Halloween story by Debbie Collin which is reprinted from an issue of The Clipper Trade Ship #5: it is called "Witching Hour" (this fic was also printed in One Trek Mind #5)
  • this issue has a lot of ads for Star Trek merchandise, mostly sold by fans

Issue 9

Star Trek Prospers 9 was published in November 1975 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #9
  • some stationary for sale: "We have a surprise for you. Listed below you will find writing paper and Xmas note paper. Jill and I pooled our talents and came up with unique STpaper. All .money will go towards the photo-copy machine, so we hope you will order many!!! Each is different, with sayings, drawings or both. It's white folded sheets. No envelopes."
  • "I hate to be a prude, but... I'm sure you remember from last issue, Gene's script was turned down...still no reason why...Do you get the feeling we're being had!?"
  • "According to the newspapers the Feb. '76 N.Y. Con. will be the last for N.Y. I don't know how true it is, after all the papers aren't that reliable for info. I hope not, it would be a shame if they didn't have anymore!!!"

Issue 10

Star Trek Prospers 10 was published December 6, 1975 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #10
  • the editors write: "The postage rates are going up. Since we do depend a lot on the Post Awful and since the newszines are becoming larger and are now on heavier mimeo paper, we will have to raise our rates. The newszine now uses two 10¢ stamps, so keep that in mind when you send us stamps. We have been getting letters from prospective members with no stamps or SASE's enclosed. That means we have to foot the bill ourselves, so if anyone would like to donate a few stamps to us (or 25-50¢), it would be greatly appreciated. Thanx."
  • the editor writes that the fan club membership cards are "professionally printed, "sciences" blue with an unusual format unlike others you've seen."
  • there are two different blurbs about a Star Trek movie script that was canned: "George Takei reported that Gene's first script for the movie contained the following plot: It is two years after the five year mission. McCoy is a vet on Earth, Spock is on Vulcan trying to find himself, Sulu is Captain of his own ship. In an explosion, Sulu loses both his legs. McCoy replaces them with bionic legs. The script was also about man's need for religion which is a possible reason why it was rejected. As it stands now, Gene will be working with another writer and a decision will be made soon regarding script."
  • the second blurb: "It's been confirmed that Gene Roddenberry's script for the ST movie han been rejected by Barry Diller at Paramount. Gene has been working on the second script since August. There has been one reason given for the rejection. Leonard Nimoy said on a California talk show that it was too controversial, that it was about God. We don't know if he was speaking seriously or not, but it sounds plausible I Gene is now submitting the first script to other screenwriters to solicit their opinions. Apparently Diller was the only Paramount exec who disliked the script. Gene has not made a formal announcement regarding the first script yet. LOCUS magazine reports that sci-fi writer Robert Silverberg has been asked to do a script on approval for the movie. John D.F. Black, Associate Producer and writer for ST ("The Naked Time") has also been asked for a script. All the original actors have said they will sign contracts for the movie when the time comes."

Issue 11

Star Trek Prospers 11 was published in January 1976 and contains 10 pages. The front cover is by Joanne Bennett.

cover of issue #11
  • "We hope you all had a very nice holiday. received nice gifts from the Federation, and ended up zapping a few Klingons, or whatever!!"
  • "It's the time of the monetary crisis again. Please help us, and send your donation of 25¢-50¢. If your feeling free with your credits you can send more, we wouldn't hold it against you. Many thanks to all those who have been sending all along, as well as giving to the paper dept. and all that good stuff it takes to keep us going."
  • Did You Know? by Joanne Bennett (trivia, news bits)
  • Thoughts, poem by Joanne Bennett
  • Police Blotter, odd vignette by Joanne Bennett
  • My First Con, or, How to Make People Cringe Alot by Joanne Bennett (a rambling, uninformative report of an unidentified con where George Takei was a guest)
  • A Starship Doctor Tells All by Joanne Bennett (fictional questionnaire)
  • Star Trek News Items, article
  • Trouble With Tribbles (transcript of Kirk dressing down his crew after the bar fight)

Issue 12

Star Trek Prospers 12 was published February 7, 1976 and contains 8 pages.

cover of issue #12
  • Did You Know?, the regular Trek little trivia/tidbit column by J. Bennett
  • a review by J. Simmons of Star Trek Lives!, see that page
  • it is reported that Sondra Marshak is writing a book about "McCoy/De Kelley to be tentatively called "The Galactic Quack"
  • the editor writes: "An interesting point to ponder if accurate, is the report that we've heard that George Takei's asking price for con attendance is $1200 which includes signing autographs at small cons. William Shatner's fee is reportedly $15,000 and he does not sign autographs or make himself available to see fans. Has anyone else heard this? It makes one wonder."
  • includes a Trek word puzzle
  • the editor has a lot of photos of George Takei for sale, photos that she has personally taken; they are 40 cents each, or you can buy all 15 photos for $5.50

Issue 13

Star Trek Prospers 13 was published in March 1976.

first page of issue #13
  • there is some information about an upcoming con in Salt Lake City, Utah at Salt Palace on September 23-25 (guests were to be Doohan, Koenig, under negotiations were with Nimoy, the Roddenberrys, Shatner, Nichols, Takei and Kelley, monies for tickets were to be sent to Robert M. Carven)
  • a letter campaign is encouraged to make CBS air the "controversial" Shatner movie "Tenth Level" -- "pick up your pens, lick your stamps, and tell them you want to see it!"
  • the "f" key is pretty much shot on the typewriter this newsletter was typed on, see image
  • word search by Cathy Southworth
  • Star Trek fiction by Phil Proctor: "Escape from the Planet of the What?"
  • short blurbs encouraging fans to buy Shatner and Nimoy's newest LPs
  • some clippings

Issue 14

Star Trek Prospers 14 was published in April 1976 and contains 6 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

first page of issue #14
  • Did You Know? by J. Bennett
  • "Long Island's first Star Trek store has opened!!!" -- it was called Star Base 1 and was located in Nassau County -- "Trekdom is spreading -- let's support it!"
  • "Have you all read the new STAR TREK book? It's called Star Trek: The New Voyages and is a collection of fiction written by Trek fans. It is edited by Sondra Marshak Star Trek Lives and Myrna Culbreath. It contains 9 selections by such prestigious writers as Claire Gabriel, Shirley Maiewski, Ruth Berman, and Juanita Coulson. Further volumes are planned, and we are awaiting them with interest. Highly recommended!!!"
  • some Gorn jokes by G.H. Wells
  • Dinner and a Show With George Takei by Jill Simmons (article about Jill attending a musical ("Pacific Overtures") with George Takei and a fan named Jim Burns (editor of Galactic Viewpoint. There is some about sharing a cab downtown with David Gerrold, running into another fan after the play and heading "across the street" for dinner at a "Steak 'n' Brew.)

Issue 15

Star Trek Prospers 15 was published in May 1976 and contains 6 pages. The cover is hand-colored by the editor.

cover of issue #15

Issue 16

Star Trek Prospers 16 was published in June 1976 and contains 6 pages. The front cover is by Joanne Bennett.

cover of issue #16
  • Convention Report by Joanne Simmons for Mini Trek Con, see 1976: Spring: Con Reports by Joanne Simmons
  • Departed, fiction by Joanne Bennett ("This story was not written with the intention of killing off the characters. It was to try and show the close relationship between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Also how Kirk and Spock might help each other should something ever were to happen to McCoy or others they care about. Well, anyway, the Klingons will love me!!!")
  • Star Trek News by Joanne Simmons (example: "One interesting bit of info. concerns the editing some syndicated stations do and the mess most of them make out of ST episodes. Several years ago, one Trek fan reported that her local station in Louisiana showed the episode "Operation: Annihilate" and left off the ending, which resulted in Spock permanently blinded!! The real punchline is that when she wrote them to protest, they told her she was entirely mistaken. Talk about "annihilation" of episodes!!!!")
  • Confessions of a Computer, poem by Marilyn Johansen

Issue 17

Star Trek Prospers 17 was published July 3, 1976 and contains 6 pages.

first page of issue #17
  • One from a Star Ship, poem by Marilyn Johansen
  • Did You Know?, collected mentions of Star Trek in popular culture by S. Maurer
  • Super Duper Blooper (article that summarizes the Star Trek Blooper Reel)
  • the editor's scolding in the last issue of fans for their lack of contributions has paid off, and she has two fan-written things to print: "Boy, I was beginning to think everybody had a broken arm in this club. Keep your eyes open for them. They are good even if they are sad."
  • the editor writes: "In my opinion ST treated Sci-Fi as a literary form (I'm a nut for it or glutton, however you look at it) The series had integrity and was very consistant [sic] (not counting 3rd season.) It also had varying levels, from action adventure to sci-fi to socially conscious messages (boy, it made some of them in the big P blush now and again!). Besides actin, directing, producing and writing, what more could we want!! (more, more, more!!! that's what!!!)"

Issue 18

Star Trek Prospers 18 was published in August 1976 and contains five pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

cover of issue #18, J. Bennett
  • the editor reports the the Star Trek movie's filming start date is now January 1977: "At the rate they're going, ST will be reality and we'll all be dead and buried before it's in the theatres! Oh, well, patience everyone... director has been set for the film. His name is Jud Taylor."
  • there is information about the "Norfolk, Virginia Star Trek Con" which had been renamed the "Richmond, Virginia Star Trek Con." It was to be held August 6-8, 1976 at the John Marshall Hotel in Richmond, Virginia. Guests were to be Nichelle Nichols, Joan Winston, and James Doohan. There would be films, an art show, and a huckster room). It was hosted by the Virginia Interstellar Society, and Jim Landau.
  • there is a mention that the actress Nichelle Nichols was the model for "Mardee Haskell," the heroine of the Gothic novel "The Drum and the Darkness" by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • the editors write: "... we would like the members to throw in a small contribution for dittos, paper, type ribbon, etc. How about 25¢ each, gang??? That's not so much to keep STP going is it??? With postal rates going up again next year, Joanne and I have seriously thought about getting your phone numbers and CALLING the newszine to you!! Might be cheaper..."
  • this issue contains a poem by Lesia Stalnaker called "I Speak for Vulcanity"
  • Trek-Fic: A Guide by Jill J. Simmons, this article explains what zines are, how to order one, advises one writes an LoC, notes that zines range in price from thirty-five cents to five dollars, that they take at least six weeks or much longer to arrive, that most zine editors are "notoriously honest," an explanation of the various genres (get'ems, lay stories, death stories, and a very subtle mention of Kirk/Spock). From the introduction:
    "Trek-fic," or STAR TREK fiction, has been around since ST began, but only since NEW VOYAGES was published in March has it gained a certain official status. Since I read a great deal of it in the form of ST zines and many people have asked for recommendations, this article will contain the titles of some Trek-fic I've read and enjoyed. The problem with zines and Trek-fic in general is the availability of it. It is more plentiful than tribbles, but the lifespan is short. A quality zine by a well-known author may be sold out within three weeks of publication. Sometimes it will not be reprinted or if it is, it may be a year later. So by the time you receive the flyer or STW Directory, for example, and send for various zines listed there, chances are that they will be unavailable. The best way to proceed is once you find a zine you like, send the editor an SASE to reserve the next issue if there will be one. If a zine is successful, there is usually a sequel or a series of future issues, despite the editor's vows of "never again." Publishing Trek zines becomes as contagious as Rigellian fever. Once bitten...

Issue 19

Star Trek Prospers 19 was published in September 1976 and contains 8 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett and has a United States Bicentennial theme. Interior illos are by Chris Pepo and Marilyn Johansen.

cover issue #19: "September 8, 1966, The Beginning, September 8, 1976 The Future, September 8, 1986 The Reality!
first page of issue #19
  • the editor wrote: "Yes, I know I'm late with this ish but please keep in mind, I type each page, draw the headings, color, put together and mail out. It all takes time and already I'm working on the Nov. ish."
  • "Loyalty," a Star Trek story by Vivian Bedene
  • "For His Mother," Trek poem by Jill Simmons
  • "Logical Sayings," poem by Vivian Bedene
  • this issue contains many short reports of what the celebrities are up to
  • some fan drawn cartoons

Issue 20

Star Trek Prospers 20 was published in October 2, 1976 and contains 6 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

first page of issue #20
  • the editor announces that the new space shuttle has been named "Enterprise" by President Ford: "Pres. Ford says it's because of the ship he served on, but we know better! It's all those letters we wrote... all 10,000 of them at last count."
  • the editor says: "Have you seen the new STAR TREK professional magazines??!! The newest are called STARLOG and ALL ABOUT STAR TREK FAN CLUBS. They are big and glossy and available from your local news-stand. STP is mentioned in AASTFC!!!"
  • this issue reprints a four-page catalog called "T-K Graphics, Inc. Star Trek Catalog" -- see T-K Graphics
  • "So Much for Reality....," a Trek story by Nina Trunzo and Joanne Bennett

Issue 21

Star Trek Prospers 21 was published in November 1976 and contains 4 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

front page of issue #21
photos of James Doohan, Joanne Bennett and Jill Simmons at the May 1976 Mini Trek Con
  • "We could use all the help we can get for STP. It doesn't have to be money (but it helps). How about some stamps, photo stamps, rubber stamps, paper, color pencils, color pens, large envelopes. Any of these things and more. We would like to use what little money we have for photocopying pics instead of buying what we need. Since the money comes out of our own pockets we sure would appreciate any help you can give and STP will be able to go on. The great bird will kiss you for your efforts!!!"
  • "WANTA HELP? Joan Winston needs your help to get the publishers in gear for her new book. Write to her asking when the book will be out. She's a really wonderful person as well as being very witty. Drop her a line at [address redacted] (there's really no set title yet, it could be HOW TO INVITE 10,000 OF YOUR INTIMATE FRIENDS TO A PARTY.)"
  • some newspaper clippings
  • "Piece of the Action," word find by Joanne Bennett
  • some photos of James Doohan, Joanne Bennett and Jill Simmons at the May 1976 Mini Trek Con

Issue 22

Star Trek Prospers 22 was published in December 1976 and contains 4 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

cover of issue #22
  • filk, to the tune of "Jingle Bells"
  • a report about attending "An Evening with Bill Shatner" on November 10, 1976 at Hofstra University
  • a plug for The Bruce Hyde-Kevin Riley Fan Club (from a flyer the editors received: "Are you tired of cringing every time you hear "I'll Take You Home, Kathleen" Well, cringe some more. You are not alone.")
  • "If you need help on getting fanzines or are looking for zines with a certain specialty, or trying to find a specific story, contact Joan Verba. Enclose an SASE. Joan is called Zine Acquisition Consultant and she'll do her best to help you out."
  • Did You Know, various news bits and trivia, one excerpt: "Someone asked [DeForest Kelley] how come he never took his shirt off on ST. De said he didn't want to hurt Bill Shatner's feelings."
  • "May Santa leave you a Vulcan under your tree!"

Issue 23

Star Trek Prospers 23 was published in January 1977 and has 2 pages.

cover of issue #23, Chris Pepo
  • "GROAN. Well, here we go again! Seems that telling us how much better SPACE:1999 was than ST wasn't enough! Now we will have another new series tossed at us that's suppose to out do ST! It will be a tv series of LOGAN RUN!"
  • Shatner reported at his appearance at Hofstra University for "An Evening with Bill Shatner" that "was doing about 45 colleges in - almost as many days."

Issue 24

Star Trek Prospers 24 was published in February 5, 1977 and contains 8 pages. The front cover portrays William Shatner in his role for Barbary Coast.

cover of issue #24
  • there is a note from the editor that Susan Sackett has sent this newsletter a letter asking fans to boycott the products of Stardate 1977, a Houston company that was selling bootlegged Star Trek films; this letter was widely distributed in many fan newsletters
  • there is a blurb saying that the 1977 Equicon was cancelled, other con news
  • reports about what the celebrities are up to
  • a 5-page description and ad for something called "Crystal-Lite," some sort of plastic

Issue 25

Star Trek Prospers 25 was published in March 1977 and contains 4 pages. The front cover is by J. Bennett.

cover of issue #25
  • "As you all know, this is STP's second year in fandom. We have really had a good time putting together this madness each month! Jill has threatened to phaser by typewriter, I've been told soon I'd be placed in orbit, have had letters telling me I'm soon to be placed on the roster for the Mars probe. All that aside, we're loved! (Probably by the Klingons and Romulans.)"
  • reprints of some poems from earlier issues, including "Amanda's Lullaby"
  • Did You Know, news bits and trivia complied by Marilyn Johansen

Issue 26

Star Trek Prospers 26 was published in April 1977.

cover of issue #26
  • there is a short blurb about a letter campaign to save Space:1999 from being cancelled
  • this issue has a recipe for dragon stew (1 dragon, 5 boxes Bererpeper, 15 blocks Bariasalt, water, assort roots and berries, 2 Irman rabbits)
  • poem by Joyce Deeming called "Reality"
  • filk by Jill Simmons called "Star Trek to Remember," to the tune of "Moments to Remember"
  • the editors have good news: a club member has bought his own ditto machine, and is willing to share! -- "All our dittoes will make the newsletter easier and will generally eliminate the need for expensive photocopying, except for photos or published articles. It will also save Joanne's fingers, because she's been doing some pages by hand, typing each copy, over 75 now. All money donated for the photocopier will now go for dittoes, duplicating fluid, paper, and other supplies. Thanks to all who helped us out!"
  • an announcement: "Roberta Rogow, a New Jersey librarian and acquaintance of ours, is in the process of having her TREXINDEX published. This is a 625 page index to almost all the Trek writing done in the last 10 years. It features the names of 10,000 fiction stories by some 500 authors. She hopes to have it available by May 15 at the ST Mini con. It will sell for about $6.00. Roberta estimates there are at least 160 fanzines available, about 70% of the contents are fiction. She is planning updates every six months selling for $1.00 each. She hopes also to start a fanzine lending library in which people could read out-of-date fanzines which are no longer available. In the article which Roberta sent us, STP was one of the fanzines visible in the photo!"
  • there is mention of "The Trekkie Catalog" -- a new project being planned by Grosset and Dunlap Publishers: "It will follow the format of the STW Directory although it will not have any connection with STW." This info came from Mariette Hartley Fan Network
  • Bjo Trimble, a woman who never misses a beat when it comes to self-promotion and $, is mentioned" "Dr. Pepper will be bringing out ST glasses made by Libby with words by Bjo Trimble and has pictures of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and the Enterprise."

Issue 27

Star Trek Prospers 27 was published in May 1977 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #27
  • the editors say: "STRANGE INTEREST? Morgan Powell, Lisa Boynton's associate on the Chicago con, has sold a book on her experience to Bantam called "The Big ST Con." This should raise a few Vulcan eyebrows!"
  • the editors say: "Star Trek animated is used now to promote a "Keep America Beautiful" campaign. With all the space vehicles used as pollution makers. The good Captain and Mr. Spock tell us that we finally got smart and stopped polluting the air and space."
  • a Star Trek word puzzle
  • a half-page ad for New Eye Studio
  • a poem by Vivian Bedene called "Return" and an untitled poem by Joanne

Issue 28

Star Trek Prospers 28 was published in June 1977 and contains 5 pages.

cover of issue #28
  • a short con report for Mini Trek Con, see that page
  • Susan Sackett provides fans several address to support Gene Roddenberry's new television movie, "Spectre." -- "If you saw and enjoyed this TV movie, please write a brief, polite typed letter (no petitions)..."
  • Something's Missing, fiction by John LoConte
  • The Sundancer, fiction by Vivian Bedene
  • various bits of news about Star Trek, celebrity appearances, and merchandise

Issue 29

Star Trek Prospers 29 was published in July 1977 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #29
  • this issue as a section unwisely called "KKK" (kultural kontributions kuties), which consists of two poems, one by Vivian Bedene and one by Teri White
  • this issue has a Star Trek story called "The Sundancer" -- author not identified, but probably one of the editors; this may be the second and final half of a story in the previous issue
  • the editor writes that a new pro book is out, called The Star Trek Quiz Book:
    It is the only one I've seen that has all the correct answers, mostly cuz I helped with the questions and answers, many others did also. You can send for an autographed copy by Bart Andrews, co-author was Brad Dunning, Constance Colman, a member of STP also helped on this product. Write to Groove Tube Productions.

  • the editor writes:
    I'm sure you've all heard by now that the ST movie is off and a new tv series is on. Well, the dope is this, Gene has signed a new contract for the series. Paramount's comment is "We are making television history with this renaissance of the STAR TREK series." Production will begin in the fall with Gene as the "guiding force." Paramount also says "It will be the foundation for the new Paramount Production Service, it represents our commitment to provide fresh programming to a viewing public." Nothing has been said about getting the original cast back in swing with the series.

Issue 30

Star Trek Prospers 30 was published in August 1977 and contains 5 pages.

first page of issue #30
Everyone, even our non-Trekker friends are excited about the new syndicated ST series set for Fall of next year. After the bad experience with the movie, I think we are all holding our breaths. We'll seen be informing you of further details straight from Sue Sackett, Gene's right hand gal. Please don't write Gene for details!! Do continue to write Paramount and urge them to give Gene complete control over the project.

There is one fantastic STAR TREK experience that you MUST try! It's the new ST novel by Sondra Marshak & Myrna Culbreath. It's called THE PRICE OF THE PHOENIX and is in paperback at your local bookstore. The story involves the idea of making a duplicate Kirk when the original is killed by a malevolent madman super-eugenic being named Omne. If you love Kirk-Spook relationship stories and zines, this one is for you! I admit I couldn't put it down. The novel also includes the return of a certain ST guest star (female)...but no more clues on that! The book is true to the charadters. Kirk and Spook primarily, yet Spock does show a bit more humanity as in this scene wherg he speaks to Omne after Kirk's death: "'I do not answer murder with words, nor defend him to one not fit to have looked upon him.' He heard the ancient madness in his voice and did not flinch from it." GREAT BOOK! Another Marshak-Culbreath venture is SHATNER: WHERE NO MAN... written with Bill Shatner. It's due out in July and should be an interesting portrait of tha actor and the man.

Issue 31

Star Trek Prospers 31 was published in September 1977.

Issue 32

Star Trek Prospers 32 was published in October 1977 and contains 5 pages.

cover of issue #32
  • lots of Star Trek news
  • a poem by Jill Wells called "Epilogue"
  • a poem by Joanne called "Dedication"
  • a fictional interview with Captain Kirk
  • a word find
Bantam has released a new Star Trek novel called PLANET OF JUDGEMENT, written by Hugo and Nebula award-winner, Joe Haldeman. The novel is a good one, but lacks the characterization we usually expect from ST stories. It resembles science fiction rather than ST in style. It does stay true to the characters and science of ST. It makes us think that the author may have been a regular ST-viewer.

Roberta Rogow, author of soon to be released Trekindex, was featured in a half-page article in the July Family Circle magazine. It included biographical info and some quotes, also a photo of her sitting in the command chair of the mock Enterprise at the Star Fleet Outpost store in Nutley, New Jersey working on an Enterprise needlework design. The article is rather favorable about ST if you'd like to drop them a line.

Issue 33

Star Trek Prospers 33 was published in November 1977 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #33
  • a statement by Gene Roddenberry addressing his frustrations with rumors regarding the negotiations in securing Nimoy and Shatner for the next Star Trek film or whatever they were planning at the time
  • an ad for Star Trek Christmas Festival, sponsored by Al Schuster
  • short parodies by Vivian Bedene called "Heinz Catsup Commercial" and "ST Coke Commercial"
  • a parody fic by Nancy Hardin called "Star Trip: The Black Stallion"

Issue 34

Star Trek Prospers 34 was published in December 1977.

Issue 35

Star Trek Prospers 35 was published in January 1978 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #35
  • some Star Trek news
  • "Undying Love" -- poem by Mary Jimenez
  • "Impossible Love" -- poem by Mary Jimenez
  • a Star Trek word puzzle

Issue 36

Star Trek Prospers 36 was published in February 1978 and contains 6 pages.

first page of issue #36
  • much news about the upcoming Trek movie
  • "Last Mission," fiction, part one by Vivian Bedene

Issue 37

Star Trek Prospers 37 was published in March 1978 and contains 7 pages.

cover of issue #37
  • news about Star Trek
  • "Last Mission," fiction, part two by Vivian Bedene
  • a word puzzle

Issue 38

Star Trek Prospers 38 was published in April 1978 and contains 4 pages.

cover of issue #38
  • "Last Mission," fiction, part three by Vivian Bedene
  • an announcement that Paula Smith just had her first professional story published, "African Blues" in the December issue of "Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine"
  • the editors want to put together a Star Trek poetry zine published by their fan club, Star Trek Prospers
  • an announcement that "The Screen Actors Guild" has filed suit against Gene Roddenberry, Paramount, and Norway Productions to prevent the showing of the ST Bloopers. It's asking $25,,000 damages for 'embarrassing the actors'." (as reported in the March 1978 issue of A Piece of the Action)"
Star Trek Prospers is trying to raise a total of $750, half of what is needed to sponsor a visit to Long Island by James Doohan. Joanne's school, Suffolk Community College, will pay the other have. We sincerely request any donations, contributions, and suggestions of what we can do to raise this cash as soon as possible. We are planning bake sakes and car washes. And don't forget we do have ST merchandise such as photos for sale at all times.

Issue 39

Star Trek Prospers 39 was published in May 1978 and contains 5 pages. It was edited by Joanne Bennett and Jill Wells.

cover of issue #39
  • there are some tidbits about Nimoy and Shatner on various shows and stages
  • the editor plugs a new fan club called Shatner Calls and says the second issue of their newsletter is available
  • there is info about the upcoming Trek movie, Carl Sagan, Persis Khambatta, and more
  • the current TV guide has an article about the upcoming planned "syndicated version of the series," and quotes Gene Roddenberry: "In those old days, all that was available for sets was pltboard and 2x4's. The new show will reflect improvements in the art of televising SF much as optical effects. Things we did 10 or 12 years ago are old hat." The interviewer asks him "But what about those hard core Trekkies who suffer apoplexy at any deviation from the STAR TREK myth?" Gene replied, "We do face this problem. The show has become almost a legend, and it's hard to fight that legend." The editors of "Star Trek Prospers" added, "oh, that hurt" after the word "Trekkies."
  • there is a blurb for a new zine called The Trekker Times. "Richard is putting together a fan newspaper... It will be a resource of news for fans, about fans, and not too much about ST itself. Richard things it would be nice to read about the fans themselves, and I agree. The first ish will have an interview about "Star Trek Prospers," yea, I think that's nice, too!! It will be mimeographed on pulp paper, price 50 cents per ish plus 30 cents for mailing. It will range 2-30 pages. The planning is that it will be a quarterly publication. It will also have a "Space Classified" (clever these terrains!) section which will be free to clubs and/or persons with Trek stuff to sell. Write to StarTrekken... tell him we sent ya?"
  • the editors review a fic by James Edward Springer "A Ray of Sunshine." See StarTrekken for that review.
  • there is a short article about "syzygy"
  • there is a photocopy of a letter from Gene Roddenberry (cc: Susan Sackett) about the upcoming movie:
    Dear Friend, Well, we've made it. STAR TREK - THE MOTION PICTURE is now a certainty, as you can see from the enclosed official announcement released by Paramount today. It has been a long and sometimes frustrating road for all of us, but I'm sure you now will agree with me that the delay was worth it. To obtain a director like Robert Wise, to be able to get Bill, Leonard, DeForest and all the other members of the original cast together again, is a tremendously exciting achievement. I do wish to express my personal gratitude to you and all those others who have supported this project with so much enthusiasm and played such an important part in making it become a reality. We'll continue to be in touch as further news develops and as we finally get in front of the cameras. Long live!

Issue 40

Star Trek Prospers 40 was published in June 1978 and contains six pages. It was edited by Tom Lo Conte (spelled this way). He says he is 18 years old, "not a kid."

cover of issue #40
  • the usual bits about Star Trek in the news
  • a short blurb about StellarCon
  • a word puzzle
  • a little puzzle by John Commelly and Don VanNostrand
  • a flyer for To Share the Dawn

Issue 41

Star Trek Prospers 41 was published in July 1978 and contains 6 pages.

cover of issue #41
poem and illo from issue #41
  • there is a review of Nimoy's play, "Vincent"
  • someone is offering film clips for Catlow and Kingdom of the Spiders
  • "Past Answers," fiction by Vivian Bedene
  • an untitled poem and illo by Vivian Bedene

Issue 42

Star Trek Prospers 42 was published in August 1978 and contains 6 pages. Two of those pages were a flyer for Zebra Three and one for The Beast.

cover of issue #42

From the editor:

Well, I'm back from vacation and ready to do another STP. I'd like to thank Tom Lo Conte for doing the June issue for me. It was an excellent one. We knew you could do it, Tom...and if you ever would like to do it again... Just a comment or two about our vacation since it's somewhat pertinent. First we went to a con in Atlanta,, Georgia. Not STAR TREK, but science fiction. Although there was little ST programming,, I really enjoyed meeting my husband's SF pals and proving to then I was not 12 years old with pointed rubber ears. "Oh, your wife, the "Trekkie" they had said before, but now I think they realize we are not all crazy .or at least, THAT crazy. I got a chance to see some SF movies like FORBIDDEN PLANET and a great OUTER LIMITS episode written by Harlan Ellison, as well as attending parties and staring at girls wearing bikinis made from aluminum can tabs. There were also a lot of Luke Stywalkers, Han Solos, and Princess Leias running around. From there we visited San Francisco where we didn't visit the men's room at Tevye's but enjoyed some interesting tours. On one we were escorted through a public library on our way to visit an old western jail. Guess what the focal point of the summer children's reading program was? STAR TREK, of course! Hats off to the San_Andreas Public Library.

On August 7, STAR TREK! THE MOTION PICTURE will begin filming with a late summer or early fall 1979 release date. That is the up-to-the-minute news from Howard Weinstein, author of "The Pirates of Orion" and the youngest writer of ST. On July 19, we went to the local library for a fun and informative evening with Howard. He showed his episode of the animated ST, some slides (complete with humorous comments), and then opened the floor for questions, The audience was equally mixed between young adults and young children when a boy not more than 10 asked him a complicated scientific question, Howard fielded it to the audience and admitted defeat. The library was surprised at the large turn-out and showed interest in further ST programs. Perhaps STP can do something along those lines soon. Howard said jokingly that ST fans had an "unlimited threshold for boredom" and sat through the episodes 4 or 5 times. Howard, if you only knew!!

Issue 43

Star Trek Prospers 43 was published in September 1978 and contains 8 pages. It was the last issue.

cover of issue #43

My computer tells me it is time to hit you with the bad news. There won't be anymore STP!!! The interest in STP has waned over the last year and I see no reason to reach year IV when members have gotten so passe about it. Tom LaConte has been an immense help to me over the last six months and has really talked me into keeping it alive and needin' a doctor's care. But working a full time job, going to college full time, putting out STP monthly, and the members not helping, I find that it's not worth the sleepless nights anymore. I would like to begin writing, drawing and art working again. It has been difficult for me to obtain news and all the other goodies that has made STP a good newszine, without the help of the members.

I will remain active in "SHATNER CALLS", and for those of you who cared enough to contribute to "IMAGES AND DREAMS", fear not my faithful fools. This project will be completed and hopefully many more will follow. I have decided to go ahead with I&D on my own with the prayer and hope you all will get more involved. But I do need more contributions so PLEASE do continue to send some in or this may fall by the wayside as well. For those who still have stamps left, fear not. Tell me if you want to have them returned, or you can leave them on file for the one page notice I'll be sending out if news arise, or they can be used to notify when IMAGES & DREAMS is ready.

STP has been a financial drain since its birth. I've put my soul into it, but I seem to be the only person who really cares. I tried to keep the price as low as possible but it doesn't seem to have been a very good incentive for the members to get involved. IMAGES & DREAMS will not be only art and poetry now, but also short stories. If you have one (story) you don't know what to do with send it to me I'll either use it or give you an honest reviews. This I have not given up, there are too many writers who are good to pass up reading worthwhile efforts. If your [sic] really like me, you really cannot judge your own work. I will be more than happy to give you a review. Please send an S.A.S.E. with scripts.

For those how would like to continue to correspond please feel free to do so, I really don't want to lose contact for I have many projects in mind and you may see your name in print. FANS will be coming out soon. It will have the STP interview and I hope you all will get a copy.

I have met some really wonderful people through STAR TREK and STP. I love all of you and hope someday to start SPT again when the interest again has risen. It has been fun, interesting, surprising, and at times down right aggrevating [sic]. But that's the price of knowledge!!! It's been an education unto-it-self!!!

For those of you who had not sent me a picture of yourself, would you please do so? Im making up my own personal photo album of all the members of STP and I would like to include YOU!!! I would really appreciate it a great deal.

  • many clippings from magazines and newspapers about Nimoy and Shatner
  • poem called "eulogy" by Teri White
  • poem called "Truly One" by Joanne
  • poem called "Decision Made" by Joanne


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