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Title: Fans
Publisher: StarTrekken, a fan club out of Florida
Editor(s): Richard Newman & Paula Wallace
Date(s): 1979
Medium: print
Size: 9" x 6"
Genre: gen
Fandom: multimedia with a Star Trek flavor
Language: English
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The generically-titled, Fan is a 60-page gen zine published by a Florida-based fan club called StarTrekken.

Reactions and Reviews

It's probably the most unusual 'zine I've seen, cause it's hardcover. Size is about 9" x 6". The club is also selling paperback editions for the same price [$3.25]. The cover is made to look like dark wood panelling with a gold painted picture of two planets orbiting their sun and a red painted tile in the style of the old Star Trek lettering. 'Fans' is just about what the title implies, containing interviews with Sue Glasgow, Amy Falkowitz, etc. There is also some poetry and fiction from the club's newsletter. Features run from fan writers, fan artists, fan publishing and fan clubbing. Interviews are interesting at times though, unfortunately, too short. 'Fans' is printed on mimeograph, pica type. Art reproduction is pretty bad as mimeo does terrible things to art. 'Fans' is truly a sincere effort. One can easily tell that a great deal of hard work and long hours went into making it. Its flavor is very 'trekkie-ish' and so may be more interesting to younger fans. The entering young neo may also find it helpful. [1]

How can you describe, explain, or otherwise account for Star Trek's incredible fandom? Do yen cite statistics? Do you list oddball excesses committed by a few over-zealous fans? Or do you interview rank and file friends of Star Trek? Richard Newman and Paula Wallace chose the last alternative and the result is a paperback zine/book entitled FANS.

There probably isn't anything in it

which will greatly surprise a regular sine reader, but it's quite likely to strike a cord of recognition. Yes, that's who we are; that's what we do; that's how we feel. If you have a friend or family member who wonders just what kind of nut you are, here is the book which explains. [2]


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