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Name: Sue Glasgow
Type: writer, zine ed
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV) , Star Trek, Highlander, Blake's 7, Alias Smith and Jones, Loki
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In this clever Mediawest door decoration, Spike who has been resurrected as a ghost in the TV series Angel passes through a hotel room door. It won "Best Single Character/Actor Door" and is titled "Thank You Wanker Bros." It was designed by Carol Kohn, Carol Yavelak, Karen Travers, Sophia Mulvey, Sue Glasgow

Sue Glasgow was a fan, mainly of Star Trek: TOS and Beauty and the Beast (TV). In hre Dreamwidth blog she wrote that she dated her fandom activity back to 1986. [1]

She wrote fan fic, published zines, illustrated and also made fanvids. She was a frequent attendee to the Escapade and MediaWest*Con conventions where her door decorations won prizes.

In 1994 Glasgow won a Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards for her cover design for her zine When the Phoenix Sings.

She was a member of The Devil's Hole Gang.

"If you’re searching for breathless romanticism, you need look no farther than Sue Glasgow’s work. She wrote beautiful fanfic which graced many anthology zines, and produced one of the most magical zines in fandom - When the Phoenix Sings." [2]

In more recent years Sue wrote under the name Tenaya[3]

Sue passed away unexpectedly on December 13, 2020.


Fanworks Glasgow Contributed To

Alias Smith and Jones

Blake's 7

Beauty and the Beast


Star Trek



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