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Title: Lovelocked
Editor(s): M. Sue Waugh
Date(s): 1993?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Lovelocked is a het 81-page Beauty and the Beast anthology.

It contains some art (silhouettes), none explicit, by Terrie Milliman. The cover is an applied color photo of a V/C needlepoint done by Milliman on a cross-stitch pattern designed by Susan Abbott.

cover, this one is water-damaged

This zine was the inspiration of Plait by JoAnn Baca.


  • ... to be stuck by M. Sue Waugh (18)
  • Togetherness by Barbara Hill (44)
  • I Told You So by Lynette Combs (99)

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Reactions and Reviews

A group of stories and anecdotes generally centering around someone putting a small braid (a love lock) into someone else's hair. In Waugh's " be stuck....," V rescues C from a tumble off a ladder, only to find his palm immovably Super-Glued to her bare bottom. In Barbara Hill's "Togetherness," the connection is a love lock an adoring child has woven into "both's hair;" V/C then undertake the delicate matter of making love in that position. Lorraine Parrish's "Gold and Brown" is an introductory take on the sentimental proposition of love locks, with Vincent and Catherine, in age, recalling what the tender gesture meant...and still means to them. Also stories by Lynette Combs and Sue Glasgow. In some stories, V/C have been married for some years, living contentedly Below; in others, they are still yearning, unsatisfied lovers. Not all stories have explicit sex - some don't have any sex at all. [1]


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