Sanctuary (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Sanctuary
Publisher: CABB (Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast)
Editor(s): Linda S. Barth, Barbara Hill, Peg McNabb & Terrie Milliman
Date(s): 1990s
Medium: print
Genre: het
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Sanctuary is a het Beauty and the Beast anthology. It was edited by Linda S. Barth, Barbara Hill, Peg McNabb & Terrie Milliman, members of CABB (Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast). It was published bi-annually in the Fall and Spring of each year.

From the flyer submitted to Volume 4 Of Love and Hope:
"CABB, the Classic Alliance of Beauty and the Beast, is proud to announce that subscriptions are now available for an exciting, new, magazine-format B&B zine called "Sanctuary." Designed and edited by CABB's founders -- Linda S. Barth, Peg McNabb, Terrie Milliman, and Teri Peppe -- "Sanctuary" will offer stories (3 or more per issue), art, poetry, feature articles, celebrity interviews, games, craft activities, zine info (new publications and Golden Oldies), movie and theatre reviews, ads, humor, and more! Each issue will average 65-70 pages, and, as with all publications issued under the CABB banner, "Sanctuary" will feature Classic material exclusively.

"Sanctuary" will be published twice yearly, in October and April, with the inaugural issue being mailed to subscribers in time for Samhain, a date of special significance to B&B fans! We're very pleased that "Sanctuary" will present new material by several of the leading writers and artists in Classic fandom. The October '96 issue includes Rosemarie Hauer, Teri Milliman, Edith Crowe, Peg McNabb, Jessie Gurner, Teri Peppe, and Linda S. Barth; future issues will feature many addtional writers and artists from among our very talented fan community.

Many issues will have a special theme, with most -- but not all -- material focusing on the chosen topic. For the first "Sanctuary," the theme will be "Masques," that wondrous time "when the walls between the worlds grow thin." Within its pages you'll find further stories of Vincent and Catherine as they experience the magical beauty of that special night; a presentation of the legends and traditions of Samhain; a fascinating exploration of the concept of "soulmates"; a celebrity interview with Caitlin O'Heaney, B&B's Brigit O'Donnell; beautiful art; and much more.

Are you interested in exploring and enjoying the newest Classic publication in B&B fandom? If so, then please join us in "Sanctuary"!

Yearly subscriptions to "Sanctuary" will consist of two issues (including postage) at the following rates:

$20 for current CABB members. $23 for non-members.

$30 for a combination subscription and annual membership to CABB."

Issue 1

Sanctuary 1 was published in the fall of 1996 and contains 105 pages. The cover is by Teri Milliman.

cover of issue #1, Teri Milliman

Issue 2

Sanctuary 2 was published in the spring of 1997 and contains 95 pages. Covers by Terrie Milliman.

cover of issue #2
Table of Contents
  • A Commentary by Elaine Landman (1)
  • Dancing Lights by Peg McNabb (4)
  • Central Park, a City Within the City by Rosemarie Salvatore (5)
  • Memories of Childhood by Jessie Gurner, art by Terrie Milliman (8)
  • Girlfriends by Jessie Gurner, art by Terrie Milliman (11)
  • Excerpts from a Diary by Edith Crowe (12) (reprinted in Dancing Waters)
  • A Deeper Joining by Rosemarie Hauer, art by Hauer (28)
  • Double Talk by Lady Uhnde Tramp, art by Pam Tuck (35)
  • Episode Notes to "Temptation" by Terry Pepe (38)
  • The Classic Collection: Zine Reviews by Linda Barth (51)
  • On Her Side of the River by Sue Glasgow, art by Sandy Shelton (53)
  • Linda Campanelli, Behind the Scenes by Linda Barth (96)
  • Easy Does It Vincent T-Shirt by Terrie Milliman (96)
  • Classic Classifieds (97)

Issue 3

cover of issue #3

Sanctuary 3 was published in fall of 1997 and contains 115 pages. Contents: stories, articles & interviews. The interviews are conducted with Jay Acovone, & Margaret Bessera-Prentice. There is a "lost scene" from Linda Campanelli & Shelly Moore from their episode "A Gentle Rain" (originally titled "Above the Scepter'd Sway). Avril Bowles has written an article about 'Elliot Burch', Terry Pepe has Episode Notes on "Remember Love", and there are stories from Pat Paone & Linda Barth. There is several pieces of art from Rosemarie Hauer, including 1 of V&C, and 1 of Devin.

Issue 4

Sanctuary 4 was published in the spring of 1998 and contains 120 pages.

  • Different Worlds by Jessie Gurner
  • Dreams by Jessie Gurner
  • Secrets by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp

Issue 5

Sanctuary 5 was published in the fall of 1998.

Issue 6 or 7

This issue of Sanctuary was published in July 1999 and contains 90 pages. This deviates from the previous publishing dates by coming out in the summer. This complication means it may be issue 6 (a late spring issue) or issue 7 (an early fall issue). In any case, it was the last issue.

cover of issue #6 or 7

Contents: articles, poetry, art, an article profiling Vincent, reprints of "Celebrity Doodles" that were created during a charity project at the B&B Con in 1997. The Doodles feature several of the series regulars, including Jay Acovone, Edward Albert, & Tony Jay. The stories range from 'G' to 'Adult', including an "X-Files/Beauty and the Beast" crossover, and also a filksong from Julie Pike.