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Name: A Distant Shore
Dates: 1995 & 2000
Location: Los Angeles, CA.
Type: fan con with guests from the show
Focus: Beauty and the Beast
Organization: Carousels & Caverns Community ("CCC")
Founding Date:
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flyer for A Distant Shore II

A Distant Shore was a series of Beauty and the Beast conventions held on the West Coast.

It generated the con zine A Distance Shore.


"A Distant Shore I" was held in 1995 in Los Angeles, CA. It was subtitled The Fairy Tale Continues…. The convention also published a charity zine under the same name: A Distant Shore (Beauty and the Beast zine). A convention report can be found here [1] and additional photos, memories and videos can be found here [2] and here.[3][4] The 1995 Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards were also handed out at the convention. Various contents were held, including a music video a contest for design of the centerpiece for the banquet, a content for designing "A Distant Shore" convention T-shirt, front and back, and a contest for designing for the convention's official letterhead. A panel on "cyberfandom' was held on Saturday titled: "Fandom in Cyberspace".

The event was organized by members of the Carousels & Caverns Community: Mike Maloney, D'vora Pariente, Erick Jonasson, Rose Badgett, and Diane Jonasson.

From Of Love and Hope vol 2:

The designated charity for A Distant Shore will be "Laguna Shanti", an outreach program for persons infected with HIV and other serious illnesses.

They also have a side charity, PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), which works with Laguna Shanti by helping the pets owned by the persons Laguna Shanti is helping. We are asked to bring canned pet food or pet supplies to the con as

a donation to this wonderful charity.
An expanded as was placed in volume 2 Of Love and Hope:

If you choose to come early, your fantasy may start with Disney's Pocahontas Thursday afternoon. On Thursday evening you may want to visit our media room where episodes will be starting hourly throughout the convention. It's a real 200 seat movie theater serving popcorn and soft drinks. "Republic Pictures" has agreed to loan us the 3/4" broadcast master tapes of the show. We also have a 10 x 14 ft. movie screen! When was the last time you saw a crystal clear image of Vincent TEN FEET HIGH?

Then, on Friday morning join us for our spectacular opening ceremony! A Distant Shore will also have the usual dealer's room and art show, but this time they are bigger and better than ever before...and another attraction you have never seen before...a Beauty and the Beast Hall of Fame museum!!! This room will be jam-packed with articles from, or connected with, the TV show. Featured will be award-winning art, props and costumes, promotional literature and a tribute to the hard-working people who have kept the dream alive, such as fanzines, letterzines and newsletters from the past.

Imagine this...you exit the elevator 7 p.m. Friday evening to attend the Grand Masquerade Ball! Making your way through the lobby lounge, you notice a small jazz combo with a skeleton leaning against the piano and jack-o-lantern at it's side. Then, looking around you notice everyone is in costume or wearing a mask...(shades of masks...it's Bridget O'Donnell herself!...just kidding!)...and on to the ballroom foyer to rekindle friendships with those you have not seen for a year or more.

Then...at 8 p.m. the ballroom doors open and you are intrigued by the stage. Center stage, a beautiful reproduction of Catherine's Balcony. To the left, Father's Chamber and to the right, a detailed replica of Vincent's Chamber. Then a real symphony orchestra begins to play the "Beauty and the Beast Theme". Throughout the rest of the evening the symphony plays, punctuated by the costume contest...close ups of which can be seen on the big screen monitor above the stage.

Saturday evening we have a special surprise event...followed by the Talent Show and on Sunday evening the Summerfest Banquet, awards and closing ceremonies. There will be more star Q & A than ever before...simply because we have more stars then ever before!!!

Monday is Catherine and Vincent's Excellent Adventure...starting with a bus tour of some of the "Beauty and the Beast" filming sights in Los Angeles, including Catherine's apartment building. Then on to Griffith Park for a catered picnic, a group photo in front of the tunnel entrance and a ride on the carousel...a short drive to Topanga Canyon for a private Shakespeare performance of Richard the III by Ellen Geer and her troupe of thespians at the Will Geer Theatricum Botanicum...dinner in the Canyon at your choice of "Rocco's, a home style Italian restaurant with very affordable prices or "The Inn of the Seventh Ray" a gourmet health food restaurant where you can eat under the oak trees alongside Topanga Creek (this is definitely a California experience).

On Tuesday more than 100 of us "Beauty and the Beast Fans" are going to tour Universal Studios and, if you so chose, your evening will be filled with music as singing waiters serenade you at Micheli's, a fine Italian restaurant.

This brings your "Beauty and the Beast" fantasy vacation to a close. I sincerely hope you join us at "A Distant Shore"...I promise a wonderful time will be had by all!!!

The convention organizers also released an open letter to fandom addressing the Beauty and the Beast Classic Wars. Also see Beauty and the Beast: The Classic vs. Season 3 Fandom Split.

After the event Linda Moore floated the idea to pool convention photographs and create an ordering catalog. From volume 2 Of Love and Hope:
"Let's face it, for those of us who were fortunate to go to "A Distant

Shore", it was REMARKABLE. I took 7 rolls of film and couldn't wait till I got to see the pictures so I could prolong the euphoria I felt. As I looked through my photos, some I was very happy with, some not so happy. But what's worse, as I talked to other folks, I realized that there were people who did not go to the con or did not have a camera and therefore would miss out on seeing what we saw.

So, I came up with an idea I now call "ADS Photo Sharing Catalog." I've bounced this off my GEnie friends and others and the exact details are not finalized but let me tell you what I'd like to do. Basically, I've volunteered to coordinate this.

Already, several people who took pictures have agreed to send to me the BEST of their photos--NOT the negatives (they're too precious and I don't want them to be lost in snail mail or worse yet, lost by me). We'll call the folks who send me their best photos CONTRIBUTORS. Once I get the photos from all contributors, I will make photocopied catalogs (I think it will have to be good black-and-white copies to keep the cost down; I already have a lot of contributors). Each photograph in the catalog will be coded with the contributor's initials and a number (preferably for the ease of the contributor we'll use a code like LM1-5 where LM are my initials, 1 is the roll number and 5 is the frame number of the negative).

Along with the catalog will be INDIVIDUAL ORDER FORMS for each contributor. Since I won't have the negatives, it will be the responsibility of each contributor to get reprints made for each person who orders."

The catalog was published in Sept 1995 with contributions from 4 photographers and consisted of 36 pages of photos that that fans could order as reprints. It sold for $2.5 to cover printing costs.

Art Show

Winners as reported in Volume 2 Of Love and Hope:
"Amateur - Color
  • 1st - Lew Place, "Waiting for A Happy Life"
  • 2nd - John Sies, "Garfield/B&B Cartoon"
  • 3rd - Kathy Fidge, "Vincent #2"

Amateur - Black and White

  • 1st - Marietta K. DeWitt, "The Power of Love"
  • 2nd - A. V. Wilde, "Vincent"
  • 3rd - Michele Sayles, "Elliott"

Professional - Color

  • 1st - Clare Sieffert, "A Distant Shore"
  • 2nd - Patricia Davis, "Vincent"
  • 3rd - Jamie Murray, "Study of Jo"

Professional - Black and White

  • 1st - Sally Perkins, "Love"
  • 2nd - Kevin Barnes, "Shadow Dancer"
  • 3rd - Pam Tuck, "Pic Nic"

Three Dimensional

  • 1st - Clare Sieffert, "Crystal Cavern" (Faberge Egg)
  • 2nd - Renee Lang, "Vincent's Chamber" (Miniature Setup)
  • 3rd - Jean Tranum, "In the Sunshine Together" (Egg)

Best of Show

  • (Tie)
    • Kevin Barnes, "Song of Songs" (oil painting)
    • Kevin Barnes, "Beyond Words, Beyond Silence" (oil painting)"

Convention Reports

From volume 2 Of Love and Hope:
"I forgot to say that the cyber-buddies meeting was one of the highlights of the convention.....

We attended good sessions on Beauty and the Beast in Cyberspace (Lisa Howard and Eric Tullis gave out T-Shirts and a nice booklet on how to access the Of Love and Hope Discussion List) and on how to write for fandom etc. by Nan Dibble and Barbara Hambly.

Over the three days, convention stars were Kipper (all grown up!), Michael (from A Fair and Perfect Knight--cute guy with girlfriend in attendance), Edward Albert (he was terrific--gave everyone hugs, posed for photos, put on shirts etc, to be auctioned off), Roy Dotrice (he looked frail to me--his mother had just passed away a month ago and he told some wonderful stories about her), Jay Acavone (who was in terrific spirits and looked great--his wife Fonda was at the banquet--gorgeous foxy red-head), David Greenlee (Mouse--he was terrific--mingled with fans a lot), John Franklin (he played young Vincent--very nice guy who does terrific imitations), Terri Hanauer (Catherine's friend, Jenny) and Caitlin O'Heaney (Brigit--both beautiful, very slim, warm people who may now become convention addicts--they were first timers and loved it.)

Two Tunnel people were there, both of whose names I forget. One lady was older, married to an LA cop and full of beans--she had great Tunnel stories (like invading Vincent's bed at every opportunity.) The other was an Asian lady--quite lovely who was in a lot of shots (she was with her "father" in the Winterfest show.)

David Schwartz, producer, came to the Fri. night masquerade just after the costume judging (funny stuff--in the "other" category, we had a Green Man; in the Tunnel category, the winner was The Mirror Pool Cleaner.) He introduced the Special Guest Star--yes, it was Ron Perlman!!! He stayed for ten minutes while we ran up to the stage but we were very polite--not too much screaming and no rushing the stage, and hushed silence when he talked. He just thanked everyone for believing in the show and what it said enough to continue the dream and try to help people less fortunate.

After that, two "circulating" Republic Pictures guys talked to fans at various tables and got earfuls on what we wanted to see in a movie (V & C together for most of it, no lava and roses, all of the Tunnel people). From 10:00--12:00 we were entertained by a great LA medieval singing/acting troupe but most people were too tired (overwhelmed by Ron's appearance) to stick around.

Sat: Our host was Myrh (an artist, Jamie Murray.) This was my first exposure to a non-BATB character hosting a con and he is a terrific guy (has a CATS face and a great personality--his art is wonderful.) He introduced the game "Call My Bluff" where two teams (Roy, Myrh, & Kipper vs. Jay, Terri & John) tried right and wrong definitions of difficult dictionary words--hilarious! Then David Schwartz had Producers Hour where Ron Koslow, Howard Gordon (of X-files Gordon and Ganza also) and Steve Kurzfeld answered questions on the show. Koslow wants a 4-hour mini-series to start with ALL of the characters from season 1 and 2 ("I wouldn't have it any other way") with Linda returning as Catherine. He didn't say he had a script, he didn't say he had Linda; he did say he had to raise a lot of money to reconstruct sets etc. (remember, he had all this financial backing, esp. foreign five years ago when the series was popular overseas) and that he was meeting with Republic the following week. He had just finished producing a movie with Sharon Stone. So--cautious optimism on this one!

The talent show was very interesting as the LA people, esp. Mike Maloney, had produced a musical with scenes from BATB after the talent show (which featured a very talented jazz-blues singer with her own band!--Edie, Catherine's friend in first season who can sing up a storm--she SHOULD quit her day job!)

What can I say about the musical? The girl in it was a Catherine look-alike and Mike made a very effective non-made up Vincent and the Father lookalike was very effective and a good singer. However, the sound quality was poor and the songs so so as well as most of the singing. The addition of voice overs from Roy and a singing duet of Edie and Brigit and a very funny cameo by Mouse upstaged by Arthur all played by the originals helped a lot. I actually missed the amateur talent session so will leave that to the list.

Sunday featured a long but well-run, very funny auction thanks to Caitlin, Jay, David Schwartz, David Greenlee and esp. Edward Albert, which raised money for Laguna Shanti--Pediatric AIDS research and hospice groups in LA--the Virginia people snapped up Catherine's dress from Masques for a cool $2300! --other big items were Catherine's dress from Dark Spirits and a crewcap and jacket.

The banquet was wonderful--Mike had plaster molds of his beautiful brass? statuette of V&C on each table and we lit the candles around this after the Winterfest speech given by Father and Cast with additional guests. Mary (Ellen Geer with hair long) and William (Rich Brinkley and his wife, fan-writer, Catherine) were also participating at the head table which ran length-wise surrounded by our round tables. Ron Perlman's only appearance was Fri. night--he was in town to take Opal and his daughter to the musical BATB. He never appeared in costume

or voice."
"I cannot tell you how pleased I was with the Fandom in Cyberspace panel. I

just wish it had been filmed so we could go over it and share it with all of you. If it wasn't for JFKLEIKAMP and Becky Bain, it just wouldn't have worked. They have my undying gratitude!

The Masquerade Ball was fabulous with everyone dressed in some of the most beautiful costumes I have ever seen. Even tho I missed the Ron Perlman entrance, those particular few minutes that he was on stage were just so special. Ron Perlman, in person, right in front of us! Only if he had shown up as Vincent would the moment have been better. When I got back from "powdering my nose" (which is where I was when he made his entrance), I raced to the front of the room with my camera - tearing my dress in the process, which was worth it! - to try to get some good shots in between my tears of excitement and happiness. I have access to an audio tape of the moment, which after it has been transcribed, I will share with everyone.

Ren Woods was such a knockout at the talent show! That girl can really belt out a blues tune! She was the hit of the evening.

I think the Q&A on Sunday was really the best. All the stars on stage, the producers, Mr. Koslow, it was truly overwhelming to see them all together. Cyberfandom was mentioned at one point and I raced up to my room to get an extra copy of the panel booklet and, at the end of the session, handed it directly to Howard Gordon, who's eyes just lit up when he realized what the cover said. So maybe we'll see him online one of these days. Mr. Koslow couldn't have been more gratious and did seem to be a bit overwhelmed at the thought of all of us die hard fans still out there, just waiting for the news that he would do some kind of movie. What especially pleased me was the fact that he said that everyone previously associated with the show (and we know who we're talking about in particular!) were all agreeable to doing a movie and all that he was basically waiting for was the money. Made us all want to run up there and hand over every penney we had for the cause! I trust Mr. Koslow's judgment and know that he will produce a movie in the highest standard possible.

I didn't stick around too much for the art auction because it was too depressing that I couldn't afford to bid on what I wanted but the celebrity auction was fun. And to see those costumes from the show! And Caitlin modeling that Masques dress! A friend and one of our new people here on AOL - new since the con - won first place in the amatuer black and white art contest. Nice to know we actually have an artist in our midst! ;-)

[For Beauty and the Beast Fan Quality Awards winners see that page]

Throughout the entire weekend, the stars were pretty much hanging around here and there. There was no autograph line as such, but occassionally word would be spread that someone was signing in this room or that room. I did manage to get everyone's autograph except Ren Woods, Corey Danzinger "Kipper" and Bill Calvert "Michael". Being a smoker, I did have the pleasure of a small conversation with Jay Acovone (about how much we didn't understand Shakespeare!) on Sunday night during the banquet and occassionally ran into Edward Albert and David Greenlee catching a smoke here and there. And for those of you who regularly watch Sci Fi Buzz, I managed to get Susan Hyman's autograph too! She was shocked that I had asked her but gladly signed her name to my "Vincent". She is such a doll! Sci Fi Buzz will be airing that footage on August 13.

Although this con had numerous "glitches", I know that everyone had a good time and we are all grateful to the Carousels and Caverns group for

offering up such a chance of a lifetime."
"A Distant Shore was one of the most exhausting and wonderful things I've

ever, ever done! Every day was a complete sensory overload. From the wonderful Q&A's to the panel discussions to the talent show and masquerade ball to the bus tour to talking with friends in the hotel lobby until the hours - I didn't want to sleep! I didn't want to miss a moment of this wonderful departure from my reality...this far away fantasy world I found myself in!


On Friday we did the cyberfandom panel discussion. Like Lisa, I have to send my appreciation to Becky Bain and Joyce Kleikamp; they were stellar! Thanks to all who sat there patiently while I blabbered on about who- knows-what! I don't even remember what I said! I hope it made sense! ;)

Then it was on to my first Q&A, which I liked a lot. I think the Q&A's were consistently interesting all through the weekend, actually. I think I saw pretty much all the Q&A's except for Roy Dotrice's, which was probably a bad one to miss! Ah well, I just couldn't seem to be in two places at once, even though I tried to do that all weekend long!

That first Q&A was also my first glimpse of the very lovely actress Caitlin O'Heaney, who played Brigit O'Donnell in "Masques." Some have rumored that I was overly obsessed with Ms. O'Heaney over the course of the weekend. Indeed, some maintain that I was smitten with a schoolboy crush over Ms. O'Heaney! All of this, of course, is simply rank exaggeration! (yeah, right! ;)

We all had great fun Friday night during the costume contest and the masquerade ball. There were some really creative and elaborate costumes there! Plus, we all had to go through the ritual of taking pictures of every possible combination of people with every possible camera! Chaos!

Saturday featured some of the most intensely interesting Q&A of the con. They had something they called the "producers panel" which featured Ron Koslow, Howard Gordon and Steven Kurzfield. It's always great hearing the stars talk, but for me, it was probably more exciting to get to listen to these men from behind the scenes. The creators, the writers, the ones who created the world, created the scenarios, created the wonderfully rich Vincent and Catherine relationship. I just loved listening to them talk.

Seeing and hearing Koslow was very special. He seemed to have such a big heart. He had a manner about that I can't describe that really made me guess that he put a lot of himself into Vincent.

The Sunday auctions were quite a treat as well. The celebrity auction was very entertaining, despite it's length! The bidding on Catherine's dress from "Masques" was something to see! I think the Dreamseekers from Virginia ended up with it, paying something like $3200!! Their competition was a fellow in the audience who wanted to buy the dress for his girlfriend...and he stuck with the bidding until the three grand mark!! Edward Albert seemed to be so struck with the gesture this guy was making, that he made a point to come down and shake the guy's hand! It makes me wonder what the Dreamseekers would have ended up paying if this guy hadn't wanted the dress so bad!"

Videotape Dispute

Reported in Volume 3 Of Love and Hope:
"In regard to the convention tapes for A Distant Shore, there's a dispute, which may even become a legal dispute, between the [convention organizers] Carousels & Caverns Community and NovTek over whether NovTek has the right to sell convention tapes, since they weren't the official videographer for the convention. C&CC contends, we gather, that any footage of the convention is their property (although they did shell out considerable money for the Ron Perlman footage NovTek had captured, and they hadn't--Ed.) whereas NovTek contends that by not forbidding filming (the NovTek crews weren't exactly inconspicuous, with all their equipment), C&CC tacitly gave permission to film and therefore can't legally object to their making the resulting tapes available. Until this matter is settled, it's not certain that NovTek's set of tapes will continue to be available."

Post Convention Split

Following the convention, Carousels & Caverns Community, the club that organized the event, split into two groups. Serendipity, headed by D'vora Pariente who had led the marketing arm of the club and Carousels & Caverns Community. Two open letters were published to the Of Love and Hope mailing list volume 3 outlining the split and the underlying dispute.

The Carousels & Caverns Community alleged that D'vora Pariente had transferred all of the convention funds to her own accounts, along with the licensed merchandise, and had failed to pay both the convention debts and the fan artists. The club had also not received any of the financial records that would allow them to help determine what debts remained. As a result, they announced they would not be liable for any debts.

D'vora Pariente responded by stating that she had personally paid the artists and had given them over $20,000 in her own money. She explained that she would not be addressing any of the other issues (such as the transfer of funds, licensed merchandise or the outstanding debts) and that she had already turned over the financial records. She then indicated she would be "taking legal action" against the club for slander.

It is unclear if the matter was ever resolved. In a later letter to the Of Love and Hope newsletter the club indicated that D'vora eventually paid all the artists except for two who were still owed $2,600. The club then offered to help raise funds to pay the artists. At the 1996 Beauty and the Beast convention "A Kingdom By The Sea", the Carousels & Caverns Community auctioned off donated costumes for that purpose.

The fallout for the unpaid artists led the 1996 "A Kingdom by the Sea" convention organizer to send the following announcement to the Of Love and Hope newsletter:
"I'm sure everyone is aware of the ongoing financial difficulties experienced by The Distant Shore committee. In light of that, I would like to state the financial position of "A Kingdom by the Sea." To avoid any possible confusion, I want to make it clear in advance that I have sole financial responsibility for the convention. As a result of "A Distant Shore's" problems, a number of artists have expressed concern as to how and when they would be paid. I fully understand that the convention acts only as an agent for the artist and I personally guarantee that they will receive full payment as soon as checks clear the bank or within 3 weeks of the convention."


convention shirts with black and white postage stamp graphic, from B&B "Distant Shores II: Remember Love" convention in Los Angeles, 2000
tote bag

"A Distant Shore II" was held in 2000 in Los Angeles, CA and was subtitled Remember Love. It was organized by The Carousels and Caverns Community (CCC) fan club. The archived website can be found here.[5] Additional photos, memories and videos can be found here.[6][[7]

One of the proposed convention projects was "Distant Shore II: Remember Love Calendar Project", a 365-day Beauty and the Beast day calendar. It is unclear whether the calendar was ever published. From the online flyer:
"The Convention 365 Day Calendar.

Artists and Writers - our Project needs your art, stories and poems!

In the spirit of Beauty and the Beast, the convention committee dreams big. In addition to the usual convention zine, it is our intention to publish a 365 day calendar on our favorite television program. With the help of persons like yourself throughout fandom, it will contain dazzling artwork, sensitive, thought provoking poetry, short stories, unusual information, birthdates of cast and and crew, program trivia, as well as space for the proud owner to record important dates and events occurring in the year 2000.

Be A Part of the Magic!


Dimensions: The overall page size will be approximately 8½ inches long by 5½ inches wide. (The size of a day planner.)

Contributions: Three hundred sixty five pages is a lot to fill and there are, at this point, no limit to the number of contributors or the number of articles (art work, stories, poems, trivia etc.) any one individual may contribute. However, the editor(s) have the final say as to which contributions will end up in the final publication.

Art work: At the preliminary stage, art need not be camera ready if you are submitting a sample of the work you would like to submit. If accepted you will be asked to resubmit them as camera ready art. (camera ready denotes material that is ready to go to the printer.) Color art will be accepted as long as it can be rendered in black and white for the final publication. Unfortunately, color processing is still expensive for small print runs like convention books.. but by the year 2000 who knows?

Written contributions: Self generated - stories and poems - because of space limitations all like contributions must be limited to 175 words. Poetry of slightly greater length can be accommodated because they can be formatted into two columns in a smaller font. Please do not submit anything more longer than half page of text. Trivia lovers, include with your submission the source for any information you send us.

How do I enter a submission? You may send submissions typed and/or on 3.5 disks, Microsoft® or IBM formats only, in plain text, or by email to xxxxx."[8]


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