Beauty and the Beast International Quilt

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Title: B&B International Quilt
Date(s): 1990
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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presented in July 1990 at the first TunnelCon
Jay Avocone (Joe Maxwell) and Ron Koslow in front of the quilt at the first TunnelCon
Ron Perlman (Vincent Wells) standing in front of the quilt at the November 25, 1990 Creation Con, photo by Karen Witkowski, printed in Once Upon a Time... Is Now #29 (Jan/Feb 1990)
Edward Albert (Elliot Burch) with the quilt at Great Expectations con in 1993

The B&B International Quilt was created by fans. The project was organized by Sally Newman.

The quilt was presented to Ron Koslow at TunnelCon and returned to fans for their enjoyment, and appears to have been displayed at other cons thereafter.

A zine was proposed, but it is unknown if it was completed. From a flyer: ""Momentum of Love/Story of a Quilt" should be out soon. Please send a SASE if you are interested."

a flyer

Its Beginning

In an October 1989 note in Once Upon a Time... Is Now #15: "Interested in helping make a quilt to be presented to B&B? Cotton (chintz) fabric & quilters needed."

Sally Newman of Mason Neck, VA is coordinating the B&B Quilt Project. The quilt, which will contain nearly 400 separate fabric blocks, will be presented to Ron Koslow or Witt-Thomas Productions at an upcoming event, perhaps TunnelCon I. (Anyone who saw Sally's baby quilt for Dalton Abbott (born October 4th to Linda Hamilton and Bruce Abbott) at the October convention in Virginia can tell you she is truly an artist.)

Fabric donations are being solicited from fans worldwide. Those who wish to participate should send a 7 by 7 (18 cm x 18 cm) square of fabric (perhaps from an old article of clothing) Please staple a small sample of your fabric to a 3x5 card with your name, address and telephone number on it. This donated fabric, along with plain fabric embroidered with quotes will cover the front of the quilt. The back will be plain fabric in which will be worked the names of all who contribute fabric, supplies, and/or time. Donations to help cover the cost of supplies, such as baiting, backing, etc, are also needed.

Sally is also seeking help in piecing together the quilt and embroidering squares. If you wish to put several squares together please so indicate (and include an extra large SASE). Helpers in the Northern Virginia area are especially needed to help with border work, large piece work and the actual quilting. She is also looking for favourite/appropriate quotations. [1]

The First Presentation

...piece-work quilt assembled from fabric donated by hundreds of B&B fans from around the world. On the back are the names of all the contributors and an appropriate sentiment. The quilt project was organized by Sally Newman and displayed at the 1990 TunnelCon Convention in Las Vegas. The quilt was presented to Ron Koslow and returned to fans for their enjoyment. Pillows were made of the leftover material and presented to guests. [2]

Calling All Beauties for Transportation

From a flyer:

The Beauty and the Beast quilt is now on international tour. (Know of any quilt shows, etc. where it might be displayed?) It costs @ $200.00 for me to ship it round trip from VA to NY. If you know of a beauty who might be willing to help us transport the quilts, please let me know. We will also need help getting the FRIENDSHIP QUILT around the globe from one beauty to another.

If you would like to suggest someone who is especially deserving of receiving the quilt (on loan), please let me know. We need beauties to help carry the quilt when they are on travel. Any donations (Should we call this group Keepers of the Quilt?) to help the momentum of love continue are appreciated.


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