Great Expectations (Beauty and the Beast convention)

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Are you looking for Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights, a Beauty and the Beast convention zine?

Name: Great Expectations
Dates: 1993
Location: Austin, TX
Type: fan con with guests from the show
Focus: Beauty and the Beast
Founding Date:
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Great Expectations was a Beauty and the Beast convention held in 1993 in Austin, TX. It was subtitled A World of Dancing Lights. The convention also published a charity zine: Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights.

Photos, memories and videos from the convention can be found here.[1]

"At the Great Expectations con Diane hosted a panel called 'Madlibs' where she had the skeletal outline for a story with a bunch of blanks in it. At the panel she handed out pieces of paper to all in the room and on each there were 3 or 4 terms on it (like verb, noun, proper noun, etc.) and you had to randomly choose words and fill them in. She collected the papers (each blank for a word was numbered) and then read her skeletal story filling in all the blanks with the appropriate words. It was funny at the panel, but I found it tedious in the story, which appeared in the following years conzine."[2]


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