Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights

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You may be looking for Dancing Lights, a Beauty and the Beast letterzine.

Title: Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights
Publisher: Roxanne Koogler
Date(s): 1993
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Great Expectations: A World of Dancing Lights is a 202-page gen and het Beauty and the Beast convention zine.

Art information: Barb Gipson, Sandy Chandler Shelton, K.G. Miles, Renate Haller, Bruce Holroyd, Inez Brown, Michele Sayles, Lena Wood, Anna Deavers-Kelley, Rosemarie Hauer, Terrie Milliman, Lynette Combs, Jan Durr, M. Young, Dragon, Pam Tuck, Phyllis Berwick, P.S. Nim.

  • Guest Biographies (8)
  • Great Expectations by Pat Leslie (18)
  • Beast Wishes by Cheryl Duval (19)
  • Unspoken Guardians by Rebecca Marcus (23)
  • Vincent by Marilyn Oakavik (30)
  • Vincent and Catherine's Excellent Adventure by Sandy P. Shelton (31)
  • Ode to Impatience by Catherine Edwards (35)
  • Letter From the Fireplace by Ann Brown (37)
  • Vincent's Secret Friend by Peggy Garvin (47)
  • Dear Mr. Koslow by Lynette Combs (48)
  • Never Giving Up by Deborah Martin (49)
  • "You are not, I think" by Roxanne Shearer Koogler (58)
  • Tunnel World by Marilyn Oakavik (59)
  • The Faded Rose by Catherine Edwards (60)
  • Tempest On the Green by Carol Kyne (61)
  • Touched By Love by Wayne Kelley (69)
  • Excuses by Catherine Edwards (71)
  • When the Wait Is Over by Catherine Edwards (73)
  • Winterinfesiation by Jim Wible & Jana Ondrechen (74)
  • Sanctuary by Margaret Davis (75)
  • Unworthy Knight by Rhonda Collins (Explanation of Arabesque, Vincent feels unworthy of Catherine’s love.) (also in Friends and Lovers and Of Things That are Not but Should Be) (81)
  • Idylls In a Kingdom by the Sea by Lynette Combs (88)
  • Not Me by Sandy Dapoz (90)
  • I Am Made Finer by Melissa Cook (92)
  • Surprises by Jacqueline Kapke (93)
  • Only a Dream by Carla McRorie (98)
  • A Visit from St. Vincent by Cynthia Hatch (99)
  • A Winter's Tale by Sandra Burrows (101)
  • Lullaby by Sue Glasgow (107)
  • Early Riser by Melissa Cook (110)
  • Dancers by Carla McRorie (112)
  • Much Ado About Very Little by Catherine Edwards (113)
  • Honeysuckle, Lilacs and Roses by Linda Mooney (123)
  • Decisions by Trisha Kehoe (129)
  • The Greenhouse Effect by Betty Nieswinder (135)
  • "Come to me out of time" by Roxanne Shearer Koogler (140)
  • Fall Symphony by Helen Commodore (141)
  • Dreaming of You by Catherine Edwards (144)
  • Pilgrim by S. K. Dapoz (147)
  • Waterfall by Carla McRorie (148)
  • A Lion Rampant by Stephanie Davis (149)
  • Choices by Michael Beacom (157)
  • Fairy Time by Becky Bain (171)
  • There Is a Season by Cynthia Hatch (181)
  • A World of Dancing Lights (203)

Reactions and Reviews

Notable in this vast catchall of a zine are Rebecca Marcus' thought¬ful essay, “Unspoken Guardians,” on the relationship between Vincent and Father as shown throughout the series;mong the fiction, a notable item is Cynthia Hatch's “There is a Season,” in which V is unwilling to debate with Father the mysteries of fate vs. free will...on the night he first finds C. Among the poetry, the work of Sandie Dapoz and Melissa Cook stands out.[1]


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