Friends and Lovers (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Friends and Lovers
Date(s): May 1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Friends and Lovers is a 64-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology by Rhonda Collins. She also did the cover art.


From the Author

In "Dreams of Life," young Vincent begins to realize the limitations of his life. In "To Be Alone," Vincent has a lonely trip after Devil has left...continuing an adventure that Devil had planned. "Unworthy Knight," is a "type" of novelization of parts of Arabesque and When the Bluebird Sings. In "Fever Dreams," Catherine gets the flu and gives it to Vincent (unlikely, but it made an interesting story)...and Vincent's dreams frustrate him. It's an amusing story, light and just a tad out of character.[1]

Reactions and Reviews

This zine gathers together four Classic stories either previously printed elsewhere or excerpted from Collins' earlier novels. In "Dreams of Life" (from Collins' Legend of the Soul), teenager Vincent is uneasy at his waking strength, temper...and awareness of girls, mainly Lisa. His relationship with Devin is also changing as both boys' frustration with their different restrictions become all but unendurable. In the brief "To Be Alone" (from the anthology Flame and Shadow 4), 14-year-old Vincent makes a secret visit to the vast Public Library and finds solace there for his solitude, now that Devin and Lisa are both gone. "Unworthy Knight," from the Great Expectations conzine, recounts Catherine's reactions to Vincent's revelations about Lisa ("These hands are my hands!") and their difficult reconciliation after he visits his "nameless river" to come to better terms with himself...and the Other, setting up the beginning of the episode "When the Bluebird Sings." "Fever Dreams," also from Flame and Shadow 4, tells how first Catherine, then Vincent, come down with a high fever that first puts a damper on, then opens a way to, more uninhibited ardent explorations than they'd ever before allowed themselves. Well written, as one always expects from this author. One of the author's inimitable portraits of Vincent graces the cover.[2]


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