Patricia Kehoe

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Name: Patricia Kehoe
Alias(es): Patricia A. Kehoe, Patricia Anne Kehoe, Trisha Kehoe
Type: artist, writer
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
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Patricia Kehoe is a gen and het Beauty and the Beast writer.

According to one reviewer: "The word "prolific" was invented just for Trisha Kehoe! Writer, editor, - she did it all, wrote it all, and lived to tell about it! A brief survey of her work as writer and editor will illustrate the point: the Vincent's World anthology series, Coming Out of the Dark, Walk the World for Me, Rightfully Mine, In Search of Angels, The Heart's Best Treasure, Passion!, and White Cover." [1]

She passed in 2006 after a short illness. Shortly before her death she as part of the 2006 Winterfest:
I seem to work strictly on instinct or gut reaction, call it what you will. If a particular subject "grabs" me, I write from that premise. I've always loved books, and devoured them whenever I could scrounge the time. Then I found fandom and fanzines. On that day, a new world lay before me, ready to be explored. Some of the books/stories were very well done, and others left me wanting to change just about everything I'd read! Vincent with a tail, with a...a... retractable penis, and he shed like a great big cat? What?! Catherine was dead? No! No way! Not in my world! So, taking a deep breath and summoning up the courage, I crossed the threshhold. Plunking my fanny down in front of my trusty old typewriter, I began to draft my first Tunnel story. And the rest, as it's said, is history. [2]



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