Coming Out of the Dark

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Title: Coming Out of the Dark
Publisher: Vincent's World Press
Author(s): Patricia Anne Kehoe
Cover Artist(s): Rosemarie Hauer
Illustrator(s): Rosemarie Hauer, Pat Wallerius
Date(s): August 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Coming Out of the Dark is an explicit het 140-page Beauty and the Beast novel by Patricia Anne Kehoe. Art Information: The interior art, mainly by Rosemarie Hauer, includes side nudity. She also is the front cover artist.

cover by Rosemarie Hauer
sample text


The Beauty & the Beast Buyer's Guide to Fanzines:
This novel finds Vincent and Catherine happily married with a rambunctious set of twins going through the terrible twos. Mitch Denton reenters their lives, unfortunately, capturing Vincent and causing much suffering. Explicit Sex. [1]
From the zine's introduction:

COMING OUT OF THE DARK is a story of life as it IS; with all the pain, the joy, as well as the passion. You will find humor in this book, hopefully, as well as romance. And a resolution of a long ago, bitter hurt done to Vincent and Catherine. We hope to unfold for you a journey into a world we have all come to love. A world we wish could BE, in a life that should have been lived with happiness and never was. Here in these pages, we attempt to give that life -- BACK. COMING OUT OF THE DARK is a tale of love and torment, delight and sorrow. Come -- share the wonder and all the magic with us.

The Legend endures. The dream shall never die.


  • Days in the Life
  • Memories and Revenge
  • Resolutions & Recovery

Part of "The Vincent's World Series"

Sample Interior Gallery

Reactions and Reviews

This short novel, second in the series by the author of the Vincent's World series, is a serious work dealing with pain, retaliation, and healing. Mitch Denton, now in command of the surviving members of the “Silks” gang, captures Vincent with the intention of selling him as revenge for his own previous humiliation. Those Below, together with Devin and Joe Maxwell, plan a rescue. The ending, though predictable, is still satisfying and leaves the reader with a clear view of V/C's future together. As in the VW series, V/C are married and parents of twins. The interior art, mainly striking portraits by Hauer, includes sidal nudity. Much explicit V/C sex opens and ends the story. [2]


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