Vincent's World

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Title: Vincent's World
Publisher: Vincent's World Press
Editor(s): Patricia Kehoe
Date(s): 1990-1995
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Vincent's World is a explicit het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Patricia Kehoe.

From a flyer: "No third season storylines. We're still crying over them too much to write of them!... Our books are on the 'must read' list of Helpers Network, U.K,, thanks to the kindness of Gwen Lord and her staff."

These are NOT the same as The Vincent's World Novels.

Issue 1

Vincent's World 1 was published in June 1990 and contains 326 pages (first printings) or 291 pages (later corrected printings). Art by Bernadette (prime artist), Lisa, Sean, and Angel. All of the fiction is by Trisha Kehoe.

front cover of issue #1
[Author's foreword]: Hi! Welcome to the first issue of the publication entitled Vincent's World. I'm very glad to introduce you to characters you have never before met, and enlarge the scope of some you know with much intimacy; This whole enterprise began with a great frustration; after watching the Beauty and the Beast episode, "Remember Love"... I WANTED Vincent and his Catherine to HAVE that time in the woods. So, I with the innocence of one new to the world of 'zines, started writing, trying to give them the time denied them by the T.V.-"people". Foolhardy? Maybe. Impossible? There is no such thing -- 
remember? I sat. Twenty-five years had gone SOMEWHERE since I had last written anything. I dove in with both feet, and am happy I did. I have not regretted it; even after all those sleepless nights when a story or new character or idea DEMANDED to be let "loose"; interrupting my sleep as well as dreams. I helped give them their lives; they gave me back a wealth of fantasy as never, ever thought of: Now, they are REAL, will never die. As for us, the "believers"; Vincent AND Catherine will never die. Each of them dwells in our thoughts and hearts now and forever as you are introduced to them. Some are new to our world, especially of Above. Be kind and gentle? I welcome comments, but please? Remember, things already in print I cannot change. Forgive me the typos I tried to edit out? Book II can only get better as I get smarter!! I am not perfect -- but maybe someday, will be a tad closer. Have the patience of one we ALL love? Vincent. I will rely to all comments and mail, both pro and con, good and bad. Simply enclose a SASE. Vincent's World Book II is already in the "Fire." New works are always welcomed; if you don't make Book II, don't fret. Book III is also in a "pre-birth" stage... I truly hope you will enjoy the contents of this first 'zine. It was sweet agony getting it written and I'm glad to share it with all of you out there who still believe in the "Dream." We must all have faith and courage that it will continue; in one form or another -- FOREVER as Catherine says. My new artist and illustrators works are shown in the picture, Free all your Dreams to me tonight; I've come along way with her help. The pictures will begin to smoulder more and more; I can promise you!!!

Many of you will "accept" Vincent's new, freer way of life, and some won't. That is your choice. I wanted him to LAUGH, to JOKE, to LOVE fully and to become... REAL. To make mistakes, to feel the things we ALL feel at times. Jealousy, anger, hurt, pain and a devilish sense of humor! I think Vincent always had this; do you? Couldn't you just SEE it, lurking behind those beautiful eyes? I did! I hope you will/can accept him this way; as well as changes I've made in Father, Catherine and Devin. I tried to crawl around inside their brains, as well as their hearts. Only you can tell me how I'm doing -- so let me know! Sharing the dream.
  • To See the Unicorn, fiction (1)
  • The Solitary, poem (84)
  • Through Catherine's Eyes, poem (84)
  • Calling, poem (85)
  • Loves Promises Fulfilled I, fiction (86)
  • Forever, poem (120)
  • Something That Has Never Been, poem (121)
  • Tunnel Life -- Ah! Young Love!, fiction (122)
  • A Prayer of a Different Kind, poem (132)
  • Ivory Rose, poem (133)
  • Tunnel Life -- The Masquerade, fiction (134)
  • Everything?, poem (171)
  • Loves Promises Fulfilled II, fiction (172)
  • Tunnel Life -- Things That Go "Bump", fiction (205)
  • Loves Promises Fulfilled II, fiction (217)
  • Where is My Chamber, poem (298)
  • Tunnel Life -- Rightful Owner, fiction (299)
  • Kiss of Promise, poem (309)
  • Tunnel Life -- Culinary Challenges, fiction (310)
  • Remember?, poem (326)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

Nine stories, twelve poems. Plus pictures and artwork. Come and share the love, the hope and conclusions/struggles of acceptance of just living your life. And the pain and passions living brings! Life through the eyes of all our favorite people and their world as it SHOULD have been --but never was allowed to BE. [1]
The zine begins with a belated trip to Connecticut, ends with V/C's wedding. Also includes some stories of Vincent's youth. Some poetry relates to 3rd season, but the fiction is Classic and Continued Classic in a loosely connected storyline. The author begins several storylines and introduces characters that continue in future volumes. Lots of sibling rivalry between Devin and Vincent. All stories by Kehoe. Occasional explicit sex.[2]
The copy we read suffered from poor editing (lack of paragraphs) but this was corrected in future reprints which, as a result, may have a lesser page count than listed here. First in a series that strives to give Catherine and Vincent their Happy Life. The author begins several story lines and introduces characters that continue in future volumes. We have our first-time story that culminates in a wedding. Devin resides Below and is a prominent character in the zine. Tunnel Life" includes a variety of stories, childhood to present, centering on life in the Tunnels and is often very amusing. Lots of sibling rivalry between Devin and Vincent. The author makes it a point to state "No Diana" and "No 3rd season" stories in these zines.[3]

Issue 2

Vincent's World 2 was published in September 1990 and contains 306 pages. Art by Bernadette, Sean and Angel.

  • Allegra, Her Story by Elani Hudson and Trisha Kehoe
  • Diet is a Four Letter Word by Trisha Kehoe
  • Becoming Real by Trisha Kehoe
  • Bitter Christmas Snows by Trisha Kehoe
  • Cravings by Trisha Kehoe
  • Cold Turkey by Trisha Kehoe
  • Devin the Runaway by Elani Hudson and Trisha Kehoe
  • Journals by Trisha Kehoe
  • Love's Promises Fulfilled, 2 by Trisha Kehoe
  • Somewhere I Have Never Travelled by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Pizza Party by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Sounds of Alone by Trisha Kehoe
  • Tisha by Trisha Kehoe
  • A Quickening in the Blood by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

This second volume includes work by Michele, Melanie Wells, and Elaine Hudson as well as Kehoe. One story deals with confessed chocaholic Vincent grumpily dieting; in another, V/C, Devin and Father sneak into a helper's pizza parlor. Also contains stories of Vincent's youth. Devin's around quite a lot here, as well as returning tunnel kid 'Allegra,' carried over from VW-1.[4]
Volume 2 has been reworked and is easier to read, which may result in a different page count. This zine contains a variety of story lines. There are alternate universe stories, including another very tragic ending to 'TRIS,' and several where in Catherine is pregnant. Vincent is put on a diet in one short story. Tunnel life is again explored. A new character, Allegra, appears and we learn that she (having grown up in the Tunnels) and Vincent shared a teenage sexual romance. Devin also appears and this story continues in Volumes 3 & 4. No 3rd season except in poetry. Sex scenes are strong R at times. [5]

Issue 3

Vincent's World 3 was published in January 1991 and contains 284 pages. The front cover is by Pat Wallerius. Other art is by Bernadette, Angel, Ingrid, Kaja-Pristo, and at Wallerius.

  • Awakening by Trisha Kehoe
  • Battle Lines by Trisha Kehoe
  • Great White Hunters by Trisha Kehoe and Rae Williams
  • Rites of Passage by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Superb Breakfast by Trisha Kehoe
  • Watch Closely Now by Trisha Kehoe
  • Another World by Trisha Kehoe
  • Allegra, Her Story by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

This volume has stories of the interactions among two couples: Vincent/Catherine and Devin/Allegra, with Father occasionally taking a prominent part. The emphasis is on bickering, practical jokes, male or female solidarity, and moments of honesty and poignance. There is quite a bit of explicit sex. This volume offers a story in which Vincent died, not Catherine. There are further developments in the Allegra/Vincent shared past which Vincent gradually remembers and comes to terms with. There is a story in which V/C become lovers after 'The Watcher,' and another in which Vincent recalls how he and Devin, as children, prepared and delivered a memorably bad breakfast to Father as a special surprise. Also poetry by Michelle and Kehoe, recipes and a puzzle.[6]
In this third volume of the series, Allegra once again appears as does Devin. In the second installment of this story line, Vincent remembers his long-forgotten (amnesia due to illness) teenage affair with Allegra. These memories force Vincent to rethink (which strengthens) his relationship with Catherine. The story line concludes in Volume 4. Readers should note in the alternate universe story, Catherine is married to Joe but learns, after her death, Vincent died to prevent 3rd season's events. Explicit sex. [7]

Issue 4

cover of issue #4, Pat Wallerius

Vincent's World 4 was published May 1991 and contains 278 pages. The art is by Bernadette, Pat Wallerius, Drog, T. Mazzola. The front cover is by Pat Wallerius.

  • The Promise Beyond Forever by Trisha Kehoe
  • Going Hawaiian by Trisha Kehoe
  • Poetry Can Be Dangerous by Trisha Kehoe
  • Walls of Love by Trisha Kehoe and Rae Williams
  • Allegra, conclusion: Gotcha by Trisha Kehoe
  • Happy Birthday, Devin by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 4

The alternate universe story this time is one in which Catherine, as a college student, visits Egypt and encounters the immortal spirit of her beloved. There is a continuation of the Devin/Allegra romance, and a spin-off from the end of 'Nor Iron Bars a Cage' by Kehoe and Rae Williams wherein V/C become lovers. Another story concerns Devin, recuperating after being severely injured in an explosion. Still another is about Vincent, Catherine, Devin and Allegra vacationing (by boat) on an island off Cape Cod. Also poetry by Kehoe and others.[8]

Issue 5

cover of issue #5, Rosie Hauer

Vincent's World 5 was published in July 1991 and contains 238 pages. The front cover is by Rosie Hauer. Other art by Fran, Drog, Shirley Leonard, Pat Wallerius and Rosie Hauer.

  • Devin's Miserable Mess by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Blackout by Betty Reardon
  • The Bull Session by Trisha Kehoe, Pat W, and Rita H
  • Eastbound and Down by Trisha Kehoe
  • Okay Finally by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Circus is Coming, The Circus is Coming by Trisha Kehoe
  • To Melt a Heart by M.B. Frazier

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 5

Stories include one in which Vincent and Devin travel cross-country in an 18-wheeler hauling a gorilla which has developed a crush on Vincent. Another is an account of Devin's finally acknowledging how much he resents having been required to be Vincent's 'keeper' in childhood and how much it still rankles that Vincent came first in Father's love. In 'To Melt a Heart' by M.B. Frazier, Devin/Allegra become parents. Kehoe has a story in which folk Below attend the circus. The love scenes in the zine are explicit.[9]

Issue 6

cover of issue #6, Terrie Milliman

Vincent's World 6 was published in December 1991 and contains 234 pages. The front cover is by Terrie Milliman. Other art by Shirley Leonard and Pat Wallerius.

  • Christopher Hollie by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Rain, The Stairs, and Other Things by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Second Unicorn by Trisha Kehoe
  • Unca Debbin by Elani Hudson
  • Amazing Grace by Elani Hudson
  • All Winter's End by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 6

A Christmas issue. One story is 'A Christmas Carol' tunnel-style, with Scrooge-like Father experiencing a dream orchestrated by a highly annoyed Grace to confront scenes of his unfair treatment of Devin. In other fiction, V/C, Devin/Allegra acquire a two-sided brownstone and settle into private quarters; Devin babysits V/C's twins while V/C spend an anniversary in C's apartment; V/C have a third child; V/C celebrate Christmas Below. Lots of poetry and explicit sex scenes. No 3rd season. [10]

Issue 7

cover by Pam Tuck

Vincent's World 7 was published in March 1992 and contains 243 pages. Art information: Color cover by Pam Tuck, other art, including backal nudity, by Terrie Milliman, Shirley Leonard, Rosemarie Hauer, Pam Tuck, Inez Brown, Fran Buiting, Jane Curtis, Drog, Pat Wallerius.

  • Images in the Dark by Trisha Kehoe
  • Lean, Mean, and Hungry by Katya Browne
  • Playing With Fire by Trisha Kehoe
  • Return to Treasure Island by Trisha Kehoe
  • Time in the Country by Pearl Wilcoxon
  • Vincent's Heart by Trisha Kehoe
  • Vincent's Pride by Trisha Kehoe
  • When My World Divides and Shatters by Jo Fredericks
  • When Worlds Collide by Trisha Kehoe
  • Having One of Those Days by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 7

In the opening story, Vincent is briefly dissuaded from the first time by having scratched Catherine. Pearl Wilcoxson writes of a V/C married visit to her cabin during which they ride horses. Kehoe's Alternate Universe section includes a story in which 3rd season is a dream which Vincent has. V/C duel through the bond, sending each other overwhelming sexual images at awkward times. Several stories follow storylines set up in previous volumes. In a sequel to a story in VW-4, Father is shanghaied for a visit to the private island. A lot of explicit sex. Some of Kehoe's poems reflect 3rd season situations, but not the fiction.[11]

Issue 8

cover of issue #8

Vincent's World 8 was published in November 1992 and contins 255 pages. Art by Jane Curtis, Rosemarie Hauer (including one with frontal nudity), Inez Brown, Alexandra Fossinger, Renate Haller, Shirley Leonard, Terrie Milliman, Pam Tuck, Pat Wallerius.

  • Braids by Trisha Kehoe and Rita Hazlett
  • But Why Can't I Go? by Trisha Kehoe
  • Joclyn by Trisha Kehoe
  • Mardi Gras by Trisha Kehoe
  • The Ninth Letter by Trisha Kehoe
  • Weep for the Child by Trisha Kehoe
  • Winter of Discontent by Betty Reardon

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 8

In Betty Reardon's frame story, Catherine listens to Father's account of humorous disruptions in the tunnel community during Vincent's youth. Kehoe and Rita Hazlitt's 'Braids' is a story of drastic childhood hair-cutting...then and now. In Kehoe's 'Joclyn,' a malignant teen attempts to come between Vincent and Catherine...and injures Marca, one of V/C's children; in her 'The Ninth Letter,' Father's delivery of a 'ninth letter to Catherine' Vincent never intended her to see has unexpected results. In her 'Weep for the Child,' a lengthy Continued Classic story, V/C try to deal with a particularly unsettling case of child molestation. The zine's excursion story, 'Mardis Gras' by Kehoe and Rita Hazlitt, takes the foursome (V/C, Devin/Allegra) to that celebration, with many memorable meals and a lot of explicit sex.[12]

Issue 9

cover of issue #9 by Inez Brown
the full art piece. It is unclear whether the art was cropped for issue #9

Vincent's World 9 was published in June 1994 and contains 197 pages. Contributors include Inez Brown, Patricia Devoe, Alexandra Fossinger, Renate Haller, Rosemarie Hauer, Anna Deavers-Kelly, Shirley Leonard, Terrie Milliman, and Pam Tuck.

  • Desperate Times, Desperate Measures by Trisha Kehoe
  • Bar, Bar, Bar by Betty Reardon
  • Daydreams and Farewells by Trisha Kehoe
  • Fatally Flawed by Trisha Kehoe
  • Follow Your Heart by Trisha Kehoe
  • Laying Assumptions to Rest by Kitty Liter
  • Photographs by Trisha Kehoe and Rita Hazlett
  • Right Place, Wrong Time by Trisha Kehoe
  • Waves on Pebbled Shores by Trisha Kehoe
  • A Happy New Year by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 9

In this volume of the Classic adult generally sitcom and humor-oriented series, the principal author is Kehoe.

In Betty Reardon's "Bar, Bar, Bar," returning Devin, on his long truck haul, brings back for Vincent the perfect present: a broken slot machine. Then Mouse fixes it...and the trouble begins. Rosie Hauer's "A Happy New Year" has Vincent pursue Catherine to her snowbound Connecticut cabin, with revealing and romantically satisfactory results. In the brief "Laying Assumptions to Rest," the pseudonymouse [typo intended] author, Kitty Litter, addresses some misinformation concerning Vincent's feline nature as Catherine babysits an insistently affectionate kitten to which Vincent is apparently allergic.

Kehoe's fiction is varied in mood, timeframe, and subject. "Desperate Times Call for DESPERATE Measures!" tells how Devin tries to endure the time while wife Allegra must be away at a conference in the company of a supremely aggravating "neatnick." Anecdote "Right Place, Wrong Time," has Father misinterpret the sultry talk he hears coming from Vincent's chamber (memorable line: Catherine to Vincent: "Hey, have you got a feather up your butt or something?"). "Fatally Flawed" mixes lovers V/C and a playful park snowscape, fun shadowed by V's persistent fear that like Lancelot, he has flaws that could lose him C's love. "A Visceral, Masculine Urge" recounts the bickering and humorous setbacks (Vincent installs wallpaper scrupulously...upside down) involved when (Devin's wife) Allegra's forceful request for a new sink escalates into "Tool Time"-style misadventures as Devin and V install a whole new bathroom. No humor at all, however, in "Follow Your Heart," a substantial story of Vincent actually persuading Catherine to leave him, then deciding, after agonized months of loneliness, that he was wrong and desperately wants her back...but will she forgive him for what he's put them both through? In "Dreams and Farewells," V bids a bittersweet goodbye to C...or does he? Rita Hazlett collaborates with Kehoe on "Photographs," in which pregnant Allegra, most annoyed at being repeatedly ambushed by shutterbug C, finds a piece of memory she didn't know she'd lost, resulting in a specially romantic and memorable gift for V/C.

Kehoe's moving finale, "Waves on Pebbled Shores," returns overpeopled V/C to the private island that's featured in earlier volumes. V now owns it; he and C visit for horseback riding and intense, highly graphic lovemaking. Something about that island makes for excellent fiction in this recurring storyline.

Also good poetry, some by Kehoe, some by classic authors like A. E. Housman and Amy Lowell, and "An Open Letter to Vincent from Catherine" by Kehoe. [13]

Issue 10

Vincent's World 10 was published in February 1995 and contains 193 pages. Art by Pam Tuck (including cover), Inez Brown, Lynette Combs, Neal Farris, Renate Haller, Shirley Leonard, Terrie Milliman; graphics by Shirley Leonard and Unicorn Images, Inc.

  • Coming Home by Trisha Kehoe
  • Hearts and Roses by Lisa Hyslop
  • Just a Touch Too Much by Lynette Combs
  • Perfection and Jelly Donuts by Trisha Kehoe
  • Vision Quest by Rose Alagna
  • The Rose Still Grows Beyond the Wall by Trisha Kehoe

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 10

In a change of pace, the usual adult focus of this zine series is, in this volume, set aside except for Kehoe's finale, as is the series' customary sitcom-oriented humor. Gone are Devin and Allegra. Instead, this zine's five Classic stories focus primarily on new characters who, in one way or another, become involved with married Vincent and Catherine as they live out their Happy Life Below.

In the novelette "Hearts and Roses," Lisa Hyslop follows Catherine's attempts to track down a rapist/killer who leaves on each victim his calling card—a rare kind of rose. The milieu of this story is the world of fashion modeling and the dreams of young women who long to enter it.

In Kehoe's "Coming Home," the author's friend Beverly Gervais visits the tunnels, her childhood home, and enjoys reminiscing with Father and teasing Vincent. In Lynette Combs' "Just a Touch Too Much," a flood in Chicago raises fears of the same thing happening in New York, with the tunnel community especially vulnerable. The tone of this story is humorous, and Mouse and tunnel-tyke Naomi are featured, though the primary focus is on Father.

Rose Alagna's "Vision Quest" tells of another artist named Christopher, a Lakota Sioux whose visionary work is shown in New York. Chris Little Hawk's bitterness, resulting from his father's abuse, is lifted when he finds that sometimes visions are based on even more wonderful reality as he's befriended by Catherine and comes to know Vincent, as well.

The finale mentioned before, "Perfection and Jelly Doughnuts," describes tired Catherine's deliberately picking a fight with husband Vincent, and Vincent's feeling that that method of relieving stress can't be appropriate for him. He much prefers certain other methods of stress relief, which the story dramatizes in explicit erotic detail.

Poetry by p. a. k. (Kehoe) and Alvira Frink; art by Pam Tuck (including cover), Inez Brown, Lynette Combs, Neal Farris, Renate Haller, Shirley Leonard, Terrie Milliman; graphics by Shirley Leonard and Unicorn Images, Inc. Well edited and presented.

In the zine's opening, a letter from Lynette Combs is reprinted taking Nan Dibble (me) to task for footage in the TunnelCon III video, followed by Kehoe's further comments critical of Nan. Since this whole hoo-ha, which has been going on some months now, is based on a misunderstanding, and since I (Nan) had no control over what went into the video anyhow, I'm getting a bit weary of it and hope this material will be removed in future printings as being inappropriate to a zine, which is intended for a reader's enjoyment, not polemics of any sort. I don't engage in personal attacks; I wish other people would refrain from doing so, as well. [14]


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