Remember the Magic (Beauty and the Beast zine)

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Title: Remember the Magic
Editor(s): Carol Kyne
Date(s): July 2006
Medium: print zine, charity zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Remember the Magic is a 166-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology edited by Carol Kyne. Art Information: b/w cover: Sandy Chandler Shelton. Interior: Jackie Kapke, Sandy Shelton, Sandy Tew, Lynn Wright.

It is a 2006 con zine. It was published in connection with the Remember the Magic (Beauty and the Beast convention). Includes remembrances by some fans and tributes to Nan Dibble and Patricia Kehoe.

  • In Memorium by Lynn Wright (6)
  • In Memorium by Stephanie White (7)
  • Remembering the Magic... assorted memories from the fans (9)
  • For the Greater Good by Pearl Anderson (17)
  • Arthur Interruptus by JoAnn Baca (The sweetest first kiss after an accident with Mouse's raccoon.) (37)
  • Our Favorite Couple by Sandy Tew (48)
  • Sonnet Twenty-Nine by William Shakespeare (50)
  • Special Needs by Beth Gray (51)
  • Beautiful Phantom by Goldie Jones (61)
  • Lion in the Sun, poem by Jackie Kapke (68)
  • Something in the Night by Jackie Kapke (69)
  • The Bells by Betty Neiswender (75)
  • A Life in the Sun, part 2 by Kay Simon (101)
  • Double Trouble by Joan Stephens (123)
  • Beauties and the Beast by Becky Bain (129)
  • Sonnet Fifty-Five by William Shakespeare (163)
  • Acknowledging our Helpers Above (165)
  • Let's Continue to Remember the Magic by Kay Simon (166)