Once Upon a Time (Beauty and the Beast zine by Patricia Kehoe)

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Title: Once Upon a Time
Publisher: Vincent's World Press
Date(s): September 1992
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Once Upon a Time is a 225-page het Beauty and the Beast anthology of fiction by Patricia Kehoe. Art Information: The color cover is by Rosemarie Hauer. Includes some including some side nudity, Rosemarie Hauer, Inez Brown, Jane Curtis, Alexandra Fossinger, Renate Haller, Shirley Leonard, Terrie Milliman, Pam Tuck, Pat Wallerius.

cover by Rosemarie Hauer

Part of "The Vincent's World Series"

Reactions and Reviews

A collection of fanciful short stories, primarily by Kehoe. The first section, called “The Fantasies,” includes four stories. “The Legend of the Unicorn” tells of V, heir to a kingdom, whose dearest companion is Kitera, the last unicorn, who is finally called upon to make a great sacrifice for him....and given a magical reward. “Love on Distant Shores” is ancient traveler V's account of his adventurous life, including his encounter with a mermaid. The long, detailed “The Stuff that Dreams Are Made Of” tells of C's inheritance, in contemporary reality, of a house and grounds from aunt and her discovery of the estate's very unusual-furry-gardener. “Thief of Hearts” combines a childhood V/C encounter with their present meeting and romance, in an alternative to the pilot. The second section is called “The Faerytales.” In “Reflections of Ithra,” by Kehoe and Rita Hazlett, medieval Lady C learns V has been bespelled within a mirror by a wicked queen. The mock-archaic wording gets a bit thick in places here. In the brief “Roses and Remembrance,” dying Pharaoh V is comforted by commoner lover C as they look to new lives beyond death. “And This Is My Beloved” forces unwilling Lady C into marriage with warrior lord V. Once she sees him, she warms up to the prospect. More storytelling than graphic sex in the zine...but the sex, and often the accompanying artwork, are pretty graphic when they come. Charming, frameworthy child Vincent portrait, by Rosemarie Hauer, opposite p. 48. Other excellent art, including some sidal nudity, by Hauer, Inez Brown, Jane Curtis, Alexandra Fossinger, Renate Haller, Shirley Leonard, Teri Milliman, Pam Tuck, Pat Wallerius. [1]


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