Catherine Edwards

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Name: Catherine Edwards
Type: editor/author
Fandoms: Beauty and the Beast
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Catherine Edwards is the editor/author of a series of Beauty and the Beast Overtures fanzines and the related publication, Once and Forever. Her other B&B writing includes: My Brother's Keeper, TunnelCon I zine; A Time To Dance, TunnelCon II zine; Now I Know (poem), TunnelCon III zine; and Surprises, Tunnelcon III zine.

Her non-Overtures/Once and Forever Stories include the following crossover stories, "Chivalry is Not Dead--It's Just Passed Out Under the Table," (ST:TOS and B&B) in , "Choices" (ST:TNG and B&B)in CrosSignals, and "Some Encumbered Evening" (B&B and Batman) stand-alone.