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Name: Roy Dotrice
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Occupation: Actor
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Roy Dotrice is an actor.

One of his roles was Father in Beauty and the Beast (TV).

Fan Memorials and Photos

Dotrice passed away in 2017.

In October 2020, Gwen Lord wrote of her memories of Dotrice. See Dotrice aka FATHER.

Some memorials and fan photos about Dotrice are at The Father Project.

Interactions with Fans

See Beauty and the Beast Fans and TPTB.

See Roy Dotrice Reunion.

Dotrice in Beauty and the Beast

Dotrice portrayed the character Jacob Wells aka Father.

Dotrice in Space: 1999

Dotrice portrayed the character Commissioner Gerald Simmonds.

Dotrice in Game of Thrones

Dotrice portrayed the character Hallyne the Pyromancer.

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