Beauty and the Beast Concordance

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Title: Beauty and the Beast Concordance
Publisher: Artemis Press
Editor(s): Barbara Storey
Date(s): December 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast
Language: English
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Beauty and the Beast Concordance is a 310-page Beauty and the Beast resource. It also contains some fan fiction and art. It is unclear in many instances if the art and fic is reprinted from other zines or is original to this zine. Examples of the art appear on Fanlore with the publisher's permission.

front cover, uncredited but perhaps by Pat Horowitz
back cover, uncredited but perhaps by Horowitz

From the Editorial

To say that the BEAUTY &THE BEAST CONCORDANCE has been along time in coming is surely the understatement of the decade. And, in the interests of getting it out during this decade. I'm going to be brief here. I would like to thank all of you who have shown the patience of saints in trusting me and just waiting,patiently. I appreciate your faith in me more than I can say. I hope my interpretations and analysis of B&TB will bring you pleasure, give you something to think about, and even disagree with me about, too. I welcome discussion on any and all philosophical points.

I would never claim that the notes, references, etc. in the CONCORDANCE are complete and exhaustive even after all this time. But I have tried to be as complete as possible—if you find some literary reference or whatever that I've missed, let me know that, too. Other similar reference zines have appeared in the last couple of years, covering a lot of the technical and production ground that I had intended to, so what I have tried to do is slant this zine more toward fannish interests, involvement, and contributions to this incarnation of the B&TB myth, feeling that this would help make my contribution a little more unique.

I have also made a very difficult decision about the contents of the CONCORDANCE, in that I have decided not to include any material on the third season. Those of you who know me are aware of my feelings about this controversial part of our show; for those of you who don't, I can only say that,/or me, the third season was not B&TB, and I literally could not bring myself to write about it. My understanding of Vincent and Catherine's dream simply couldn't be stretched to include so much pointless pain, suffering, separation, and death I understand that some did not perceive it that way, and—as I have said elsewhere—I am envious of your ability to enjoy all that the show had to offer. Nonetheless, as the author of this work, I had to follow my own heart I believe that the CONCORDANCE still offers enough material about B&TB that can be appreciated by all fans to make it a valid contribution.


  • First Season (episode descriptions) (5)
  • Second Season (episode descriptions) (66)
  • Commentary (176)
    • Some Notes on Vincent by Mabel Blackburn
    • Made with Love by Jackie Paciello
    • Some Things to Remember When Writing "Underground" Stories by Caro Hedge
    • The Religious Significance of Beauty and the Beast Dorothy Sconzo, O.P.
    • Sharing the Lights of Winterfest by Dorothy Sconzo, O.P.
    • The Geology of New York City by Karen A. Swanson, Ph.D. (contains some diagrams)
  • Zines, Clubs, and Merchandise (204)
  • Literary and Musical References (230) (many reprinted articles from books)
  • Fan Fiction and Art (270)
    • Two Valentines by Barbara L.B. Storey
    • chapter from All That Matters: A Story of Catherine's Return, an alternate third season novel by Sally Wright
    • Magic by Lynette Combs
    • art by Nancy Stasulis
    • No Shadow of Another by Dot Sconzo
    • Whispered Promises by Dot Sconzo
    • Art Appreciation by Sue Glasgow
    • The Storyteller by Sue Glasgow
    • a chapter from What My Heart Will Be by Barbara L.B. Storey
    • a chapter from Unmasqued by Barbara L.B. Storey
    • art by Horowitz (?)
    • art by Rita Terrell
    • art by HG
    • art by Horowitz (?)
    • art by Hauer
    • art by Horowitz (?)
    • art by Rita Terrell
    • art by Cynthia Hatch, reprinted from Kaleidoscope #3
    • cartoon by Nancy Stasulis, reprinted from Masiform D
  • In the City of New York (296) (clippings and maps)

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