All That Matters: A Story of Catherine's Return

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You may be looking for All That Matters: Tales of Beauty and the Beast.

Title: All That Matters: A Story of Catherine's Return
Author(s): Sally Wright
Cover Artist(s): Lynette Combs
Illustrator(s): Lynette Combs
Date(s): 1991
Medium: print
Fandom: Beauty and the Beast (TV)
Language: English
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Lynette Combs

All That Matters: A Story of Catherine's Return is a gen Beauty and the Beast 132-page alternate third season novel by Sally Wright.

The cover and interior art is by Lynette Combs.

A chapter of this zine was reprinted in Beauty and the Beast Concordance.

The Author Thanks

The author thanks many people and includes this:

Nan Dibble, God bless her, made me tapes of no less than twenty- one episodes, at no charge but expenses . This lady advertises in Pipeline to find people who need her help!! Her comment "If I charged even a little for the tapes, Sally , there are some people who couldn't afford them" was my first taste of the generosity of B&B fandom.

Lynette Combs , Barbara Storey and Karen Philippi, my closest B&B friends, provided the most sustaining friendship and assistance any aspiring 'zine writer could wish for. Lynette's exquisite artwork has illuminated these pages, just as her presence in my world has illuminated my life.

The Author's Foreword

The death of Catherine Chandler quite literally shattered me. I have learned only in retrospect how closely I identified with her struggles and joys, how deep was my psychological enmeshment with her unfolding life, how dearly I held, in my own heart, the love she shared with Vincent. This story was begun the day after I wept through "Though Lover's Be Lost," conscious that something very beautiful was gone from my life. I couldn't let her go. I have been told by those who have previewed this work that the early chapters, segued tightly into the on-screen events of early Season Three, are painful to read, even though Catherine is alive. Some wounds are so deep that they defy the best of reparative intentions. I would not, for all the world, take anyone back to "TLBL" without purpose. My desire was to construct a story so connected to the events of Season Three that it would actually be what occurred, had we only seen the rest. To this end I bent my efforts, weaving the threads of the story as we watched it take place with my own, personal view of what happened, trying to loom it all together with as much love and care as unknown hands once loomed the tapestries in the Great Hall.

I hope in some small measure I've succeeded. Be well.


During the autopsy, urged by Joe to check, the surgeon detects a heartbeat. At first comatose and selectively amnesiac (remembering nothing about Vincent or Jacob), Catherine is reunited with Vincent through Joe's and Diana's help and gradually recovers.[1]
Well done novel rewrites the events of 3rd season so Catherine survives. Unfortunately, the captivity and morphine injection leave her severely traumatized, with Vincent's love and devotion her only hope of recovery. Joe and Diana appear. Buyers should be aware that the events of 'TLBL' are relived in great detail.[2]

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