United Friends of William Shatner (fan club)

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Fan Club
Name: United Friends of William Shatner (UFOWS)
Dates: August 1975 to at least 1977
Founder(s): Maxine Lee Broadwater (later Maxine Frantz)
Country based in:
Focus: William Shatner, Star Trek
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United Friends of William Shatner was a fan club for Shatner and his roles.

It was, in 1977, advertised as "Mr. Shatner's only authorized club." At that time it had about 300 members.

The club's motto was "Love, Honor, Respect, and Support." Its logo was a maple leaf (symbol of Shatner's native Canada).

In a 1977 interview, the club president said that Joan Winston (who got clearance for the club) "cautioned her from the beginning about the challenge of starting an official club. The stars are so often disappointed and taken advantage of." [1]


  • President: Maxine Lee Broadwater, then Franz
  • Vice-President: Ron J. Frantz
  • Treasurer: Ann J. Lopiano
  • Secretary and Charities Specialist: Ruth Ann Wain
  • Legal Counsel: Nancy Noyes Polio
  • Official Photographer: Ann C. Teipen
  • "honorary officer and general Trouble-Shooter": Joan Winston


From club president, Maxine Lee Franz:

When my membership in the William Shatner Appreciation Society ran out, I began tot think that I should do something more for this wonderful man. I began to seek out help from other admirers of Mr. Shatner. I went to Discon II in Washington in 1975 and there I met Jacqueline Lichtenberg. She then put me in touch with Joan Winston. Joanie and I went to the Chicago Con and thanks to Joanie, we received our authorization on August 23, 1975. [2]



From "Diplomacy": "I would like to give information which concerns the different divisions of "United Friends of William Shatner" that I have authorized so far. I am hoping that more divisions will be springing up. In this way, all of Bill's fans will be able to keep abreast of what this fine man, and fantastic craftsman is doing. Hopefully, in this manner, no one will have to miss even a precious once of any William Shatner performance."

The different divisions were listed, as well as their leaders and addresses: The California Division, The English Division, The Indiana Division, the Japanese Division, and The Virginia Division.

Fan Complaints

The leaders of the fan club Star Trek Prospers complained about this club in their zine in May 1977, citing problems at that time, and going back to early 1976:

Now Maxine may have good intentions, which hasn't been showing, but we at STP have gotten many complaints. It seems that it takes 4-6 months to receive the membership packets, some even longer. Granted the club may be a large membership (how many I don't know) but that amount of time seems to me really unnecessary!

I myself joined the club on May '76 rec'd my packet in Oct. '76 and since have rec'd nothing. I have sent many (I have the dates recorded) letters with sase's, still no reply. Is that for real? Now many of you like myself, don't have alot of money to throw away for something you don't receive!

Now if Maxine can't handle this responsibility she shouldn't have taken it on! If this is an ego trip for her, isn't a shame we the fans must suffer? Since Bill did authorize the club, it makes it even worse! It reflects on fandom and Bill as well, though he is not personally responsible for this.

She has had fancy paper done up with a leaf as a logo for the club -- that's great, I know where my money went, but I see little enjoyment in it since I receive nothing to enjoy!

Maxine calls herself acting pres., that's good too, but the acting part should be left off, since little in that area is done. For those of you who aren't members, save yourself an ulcer...


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