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Name: New Eye Studio (also "New Eye Studios")
Date(s): 1970s-2008 (became Intergalactic Trading Post)
Profit/Nonprofit: profit
Country based in: US
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While the vast majority of fanworks were/are given away or traded, some fans set up organized systems to sell fannish goods. This ranged from very small-time, under-the-radar affairs, to formal, bigger outfits.

Items sold included: t-shirts, fanart, buttons, stationery, fan films, doujinshi, zines, clips, calendars, jewelry, scripts, and other merchandise. See Fandom and Profit.

New Eye Studio sold fanzines and other fan items. It started out in the 1970s as mainly a Trek merchandiser, but moved into other goods and became a major for-profit company which sells science fiction collectible and memorabilia on eBay.

In March 2008, it merged with Intergalactic Trading Post:

New Eye Studio and Intergalactic have merged into one company. New Eye Studio had been a major mail order and internet seller of Star Trek, Star Wars and Disney collectibles for over 30 years. We have recently merged the day to day operations of theirs into ours. The website is still there but Intergalactic will be processing all of their orders until we have fully merged the two companies. Immediate changes to our website will be the addition of several product lines and the expansion of our selection on others. Current changes include an expansion of our Star Trek cloisonne pin and Star Trek jewelry selections. Prices have been adjusted to reflect the combined inventories of the two companies and many new items have been added to our selection. Future additions will be to the model kit sectons and Star Trek Playmates toy sections. [1]

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