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Creating and using fannish stationery was a popular activity back when fans corresponded by letters.

Also see The Postal Service.

For Sale

Stationery was sometimes offered for sale in zines: "Kirk, Spock, McCoy, K/S, and other characters of both TV and Movies. Features fantastic artwork by [L L] (remember her Spock in Parallax Ring?) and Emmanuelle Briton. You've killed for their artwork at past conventions and in fanzines. Now you can honor your friends by writing to them on this beautiful stationery." [1]

Another example: "ST Stationery for sale: Comes in two attractive styles; Spock in meditation pose from ST:II or Kirk and Spock in leisure garb from ST:III. Spock is available in white, Kirk and McCoy in ivory. Styles available separately or combined. Fifteen sheets for $2.00." [2]


  • "... I want to remember how things were. Yes, the net is ephemeral. I get e-mail — short thoughts — and erase them. In former time I got letters on beautiful stationery and I still keep and treasure them." [3]
  • "So many of you write to us using such great stationery, we just thought we’d let you know that we love it! Like Ivonne from Italy with a full page Spock illustration showing him looking very young and wearing an unusual Vulcan-type robe; and ME Carter with the beautiful bronze smiling Kirk on the letterhead." [4]


There were some issues regarding the separation of "official" and "personal" opinions that the chairperson of Star Trek Welcommittee felt she needed to address: "Members of STW ARE entitled to their own opinions! Others should not feel that an STW opinion is being expressed when I or someone else tries to express one in a Fannish debate. We do ask our members not to use STW stationery when writing personal opinion letters, but sometimes they forget. They are human, after all!" [5]



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