Riders to the Stars

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Title: Riders to the Stars
Publisher: T’Elfie Press/T'Ciao Press
Editor(s): Cathi Brown (T'Catrina)
Date(s): 1982-1987
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Riders to the Stars is a gen Star Trek: TOS (with a fantasy slant) anthology.

The title of the zine series comes from a Barry Manilow song.

Issue 1

Riders to the Stars 1 was published in 1982 and contains 199 pages.

The original cost was: $9.86 in person, $10.86 bookrate, $11.86 bookrate special handling, $14.86 overseas.

The entire zine's pages are printed on only one side, something the editor noted will be remedied in the next issue, also see "Kor's Folly" below for more on production woes plus a plea:

... to let you all know that I go the one-side problem solved for future issues to be put out by the T'Elfie/T'Ciao Press. It just took a while for this old, tired mind to clank over. But one side will be done via the DC-131 (along with all the art-work) and the other [side] via the mimeo.


Now as to the way RIDERS is laid out; it's either going to be back-to-back like everyone else's zine—or one-sided. The one sided bein' due to the fact of the Mita DC-131 drying out the paper the second time through (to get the back side, see). Am trying the technique of setting it aside to regain moisture, with a vaporizer going in the same room. If it works fine — if not, I tried. Believe me — you wouldn't like the wrinkles! But with the paper running me only about a penny per sheet... And the "other" machine ran 2-3 thousand bucks more, (I just couldn't see borrowing that much more — I just couldn't...) Plus I just couldn't afford to continue my "poor house" relationship with THE printer. Besides, barring that one complication, Mita makes darn good copies.
front cover of issue #1, Bonnie Reitz
back cover of issue #1, Vel Jaeger

The art is by Bonnie Reitz, Christine Myers, Nadya Emanuel, Virginia Lee Smith, Kathy Carlson, Evallou Richardson (ERIC), Elaine Tripp and Vel Jaeger.

From the editorial:

As you can see (well, if you're reading this, obviously you do...well...right? Uummm...hey, Spock...was there something you failed to tell me? Oh...my humor's off, is it! Well...I never...) somethings have been continued over from the TREK CONTINUUM. Actually, I just couldn't come up with a more suitable heading for this section. It fits to a "t".

KOR'S stuck around too, you will notice when you reach the end of this... this... thing. And, speaking of Kor, have any of you noticed his losing streak? I mean, the dear Klingon struck out with Kirk, the Cylons (BG), and later still with the weather machine (General Hospital; Luke iced him). Makes one wonder why he keeps trying... uummmm...for that matter, why do I? I don't think I shall ponder that thought. Nope. No way. I'm still trying to figure out why I'm attacked to tall, brown, and shaggy—Chewbacca. Course there's tall, dark, and feathered, too—Hawk.

I shall drop the subject. Prompto!
The poem, "Joys of Being The Trek Lit Writer"


Me trying to write in the bedroom
Kids blaring TV in the den
How to write about Spock
When you're watching the clock
So you won't forget dinner -- again.
Clothes piling up in the hamper
Dishes stacked up in the sink
But how can you stop
And take care of these things
When you've left Kirk and Spock on the brink?
So I rescue them while I cook dinner
I have Bones heal their wounds while I eat
While in the shower, they warp out of orbit
Hell, I'm going to bed now --
They're safe but I'm beat!
  • Dedication (i)
  • To Dree One's Weird, editorial by Cathi Brown (iii)
  • In a Lilac Time — With Dragon by Sharron Crowson (A crystal takes Spock into fantasy) (1)
  • Scotty's Lament, poem by Judy Darnell (34)
  • Saga of a Scottish Vulcan by T'Catrina (35)
  • Outward Bound, poem by Carol Hansen (38)
  • Child of Light and Darkness by Denise Habel (Kirk shown worthy of being in the stars) (39)
  • Joys of Being The Trek Lit Writer, poem by Denise Habel (55)
  • Snow Job by Cathi Brown (55)
  • Countdown to Destruction by Crystal Ann Taylor (62)
  • Time of Returning, poem by Carol Hansen (64)
  • Vampyre of Alann by Sandra Dennis Gray (Star Trek vampire story) (65)
  • A Glimpse of a Wish, poem by Elaine Tripp (91)
  • Changes, poem by Linda Neel (92)
  • Mirrored Yesterdays by Lori A. Paige (93)
  • Zarabeth, poem by Linda Hansen (98)
  • Sleep, My Child, Dream of Stars by Nadya Emanuel (Spock procured an artifact on a distant planet. Due to the alterations it wrought in his consciousness, an alien was able to capture the mentalities and propel them beyond the confines of physical bonds. The experience was fascinating, but lives were affected.) (99)
  • Kor's Curio Shoppe (191)
  • Contributors (197)
  • Ode to the Columbia, poem by Cathi Brown (198)
From "Kor's Folly":

As no doubt you have all noticed by this time this zine is printed on only one side of the page. I tried the vaporizer but alas...to no avail. They looked as if a sehlat sat on 'em, scrimmed a bit, then plopped down. (Do sehlat's plop you ask. T'Elfie does. Does T'Elfie ever..,!) Okay. This factor only ran the cost of the zine up a dollar. True...a dollar is a dollar is a dollar. But—and I always have a 'but' available—if I had went to the printer with this issue each page would have run 14¢ page, to my 10¢ page. You figure out the cost difference. Once the copier gets paid off—the zines should drop about $5.00 a issue, barring inflation.

Now, if ya don't like that particular kettle of fish. T'Elfie's willing to take donations toward the cover price of $2000.00 — the cost difference to purchase a copier that prints both sides, with this one as a trade in.

The only other justifications I plan to make about this issue, are that the extra bindings are free of charge. And my apologies for the lightness of certain pages. My fault intirely [sic] — I didn't change my typer ribbon soon enough. I'll have that corrected next time out. I also plan to have something done about the letter "k" on this machine. It doesna hit hard enough. As for that, I believe, that the contents of the zine should have made up for its non-conformity.

So if T'Griffin no likes, may Ti' go suck an egg...an Klingon..or an whatever!

Next time out I also plan to use heavier paper for the covers.

Course, if I make this long enough I'll be able to show you what I mean by the term wrinkles. That is, unless, the DC-131 decides to make me eat my words. I put nothing past a machine. At least none that are within my possession.

Issue 2

Riders to the Stars 2 was published in September 1983 and contains 123 pages.

The art is by Barbara P. Gordon, Kathy Carlson, Melody Rondeau, Cathi Brown, Catherine Schlien, Shona Jackson, Sherry Veltkamp (over), Carol Hansen. It contains a Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan art portfolio by Gennie Summers.

cover of issue #2, art by Sherry Veltkamp
table of contents issue #2
back cover issue #2, art by Shona Jackson
From the editorial:

I think this issue of RIDERS is better than the last. (And, believe it or not, RIDERS #3 is filled already; it's just a matter of artwork and of me finding the time to get to it. And, not only that, but, we're working on filling up #4) First off, this zine's been proofed by eyes other than my own. Second, there's no mimeo, which might leave a few wrinkled pages. I tried it out on THE MacSHANNON CHRONICLES, but did like the company said and let the paper sit for a few days after the first run through the machine; found out it worked better just to turn around and run it through. And third, the material itself--'course we all have our favorites, including me.

I want to thank all who helped with this issue, contributors and proofreaders alike. And a round of applause for Gennie who supplied me with the material to make up the border design. Not to mention her "Wrath of Khan" portfolio.

Shelly, Elaine, Carol, and mom. Thanks. (They came through when I asked them to proof for me.; As with the last issue of RIDERS there is a Contributor's Page toward the end of the zine. So write your comments. That's how we all learn. And let me know what you thought of this issue too. LoCs are welcomed.

I also did away with the half—space between paragraphs in this issue. It saves on paper, and every little bit helps. And if some of you are wondering why the price is so different with some zines; like the thicker ones being cheaper at times then the smaller ones. It all depends on when the copier goes on the fritts. Or breaks down, in other words. A contingency fund I still haven't mastered.
  • To Dree One's Weird (editorial notes) (ii)
  • Shadows in the Sun - Z'yaan by Bonnie Reitz (1)
  • Viewpoint by Elaine Tripp....16)
  • Coming Home (A Vulcan Ni-Var) by Liz Persic (17)
  • Dreamscape by Carol Hansen (21)
  • It's A Grand Old Ship by Denise Habel (36)
  • My Home by Denise Habel (36)
  • Journal: Forget..by Sharron Crowson (37)
  • A Gambler's Choice...by Liz Persic (39)
  • Could You Understand? by Liz Persic (40)
  • Let the Stormy Moment Fly..by Rosemarie Eierman (41)
  • In the Wave of a Stormy Day...by Rosemarie Eierman (44)
  • Decisions by Carol Hanson (50)
  • Wrath of Khan Portfolio by Gennie Summers (51)
  • The Meeting by Bruce Melton (61)
  • Throw Out the Two Line by K. Huffman (80)
  • Home..by Millie Fabricius (81)
  • Mudd's Wonder..by B.J. Scurlock (83)
  • Story Contest (96)
  • Exasperation by Lucy Cribb (98)
  • Duty Above All by Lucy Cribb (98)
  • Fire Crystals of the Unknown by Simone Mason (99) (also in Emanon #5 and Tasmeen #2)
  • What If....by Carol Hansen and Cathi Brown (120)
  • Fairy Tale by Elaine Tripp (122)
  • Contributor's Page......(123)
  • Ads (124)

Issue 3

Riders to the Stars 3 was published in October 1985 and contains 104 pages.

front cover by Sherry Veltkamp
front page of a flyer for issue #3 (it was printed in issue #2) -- NOTE: about half of the content on this flyer ended up not appearing in issue #3, perhaps it was postponed for issue #4?
back page of a flyer for issue #3 (it was printed in issue #2)

The art is by Sherry Veltkamp, Christine Myers, Carol Hansen, and Kathy Carlson.

  • To Dree One's Weird, editorial (2)
  • Prescription for Madness by Sherry Crowson (The Enterprise has been sent to Beta Darrien where a plague is devastating the planet's children. McCoy works with Dr. Calida Ayalai the resident doctor, to isolate the virus causing the disease and to find some way to save those already afflicted. Just as McCoy isolates the virus, he becomes the first adult victim of the plague. Now the fight is for McCoy's life.) (3)
  • Moonlight by Carol Hansen (58)
  • cartoon by Robbin Mujica (62)
  • Birds of Paradise by Simone Mason ("The Enterprise is ordered to make a routine check on the Terrans Plus colony on Paradise Planet, however, the planet is far from a paradise.") (63)
  • From a Lonely Star by Lisa M. Maitland (86)
  • Be Afraid of the Dark by Carol Hansen (87)
  • A Very Special Dream by Dawn Lawn (91)
  • cartoon by Robbin Mujica (94)
  • The Telling by Bruce Melton (Timothy is Spock's son -- "The second installment of the Timothy Kalomi series, where Spock makes Timothy's previously unknown existence known to his family.") (95)

Issue 4

Riders to the Stars 4 was published in October 1985 and contains 118 pages. Includes novellas by Bonnie Reitz and Nadya Emanuel.

ccover of issue #4

Issue 5

Riders to the Stars 5 was published in November 1987 and contains 224 pages. Novellas by Emanuel and Crowson; stories by Slusher, Smith, others.

cover of issue #5, Gennie Summers
  • Editorial
  • The Quality of Mercy by Linda Slusher (3)
  • Stars and Beyond by K. Huffman (26)
  • The Xythan Link by JoAnn McCoy and B.J. Martiniez (27)
  • The Touch of an Alien Hand by Carol Hansen ((48)
  • May All Your Guesses Be Right by CarolMel Ambassador (50)
  • Klingon Komplications by Diana Smith (51)
  • Kolinahr by Anne K. Monnig (77)
  • A Difficult Task by CarolMel Ambassador (78)
  • Feet of Clay by Nadya Emanuel (79)
  • Final Tribute by Anne K. Monnig (77)
  • Double Visions by Sherry Corson (151)
  • Vitality by K. Huffman (199)
  • White Robed Vulcan by Ann K. Monnig (200)
  • Beauty and the Beast by Carol Hansen ( 201)
  • For All Eternity by Anne K. Monnig (224)
  • art by Gennie Summers (front cover), Teeger, Carol Hansen, Nadya Emanuel and Sherry Veltkamp