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Title: Tasmeen
Publisher: Simone Mason
Date(s): 1981-
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Tasmeen is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology by Simone Mason. It is a British fanzine and has at least seven issues.

Regarding the title: Tasmeen is the name of a Vulcan month in the animated episode, "Yesterday."

Issue 1


Tasmeen 1 was published in 1981 and is 62 pages long. Short stories by Simone Mason. Poems by Ann Smith. Cover by Lesley Smith & Alan Mason. Illos by Linda Brough, Lesley Smith & Alan Mason.

  • Sea World (19 pages)
  • Problems On Adrar (24 pages)
  • The Flowers Of Light (15 pages)

Issue 2

cover of issue #2

Tasmeen 2 was published in 1982 and is 62 pages long.

  • Monsters of the Mind by Simone Mason (21 pages) (reprinted from Enterprise Log Entries #10)
  • Hugor Revisited by L. Smith (15 pages)
  • Fire Crystals of the Unknown by Simone Mason (22 pages) (also in Emanon #5 and Riders to the Stars #2)
  • poems by L. Smith

Issue 3

cover issue #3

Tasmeen 3 was published in Feb 1982 and contains 64 pages. Short stories by Simone & Alan Mason. Poems by Ann Smith & Simone Mason. Cover by Lesley Smith & Alan Mason. Spock portrait page 21 by Linda Brough. Illustrated Poem page 30 by Ann Smith. Illo 'Birds of Paredise' by Linda Brough. Other illos by Alan Mason.

  • Encounter by Simone Mason (author's notes: "'Encounter' is a sequel to 'Music of the Spheres', a short story now out of print, but can be read on its own. Anyone wanting a xerox copy of 'Music of the Spheres' can get one from me."
  • Peace by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Space Vision by Simone Mason
  • Practice by Alan Mason
  • Lost and Found by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Alien Music by Simone Mason (poem)
  • The Birds of Paradise by Simone Mason
  • The Smile by Simone Mason (poem)
  • First Contact by Ann Smith (poem)
  • For Leonard...And Spock by Ann Smith (poem)
  • Zine ads

Issue 4

Tasmeen 4

Issue 5

Tasmeen 5

Issue 6

Tasmeen 6

Issue 7

Tasmeen 7