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Fan Club
Name: Star Trek Interstellar
Dates: 1968 to perhaps the mid-1970s?
Founder(s): Star Trek Enterprises, later Lincoln Enterprises
Country based in:
Focus: Star Trek:TOS
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Star Trek Interstellar was the earliest official Star Trek fan club, described as "the direct line to Star Trek" by founder Gene Roddenberry.

The fan club published Inside Star Trek, edited by Ruth Berman. Members also received a "personal" greeting from Roddenberry, a certificate of Federation citizenship, a membership card, a notepad, some humorous stickers and six issues of Inside Star Trek.

Star Trek Interstellar was advertised through the Star Trek Catalog brochures which were mailed to anyone who wrote fan letters to the show.

a Star Trek catalog from 1969 which advertises this fan club; this 8 page catalog is printed on one sheet of paper. It is 11 x 34", folded into quarters to have four 8 1/2 x 11 pages printed on both sides. The catalog includes a page which announces that Star Trek had been cancelled and explains how to write to NBC to ask that Star Trek be renewed.

When you wrote to Paramount, Roddenberry, NBC or any of the stars, you received an invitation to subscribe to IST. You received a typewritten copy of the original Star Trek pitch (For the original pilot), a Star Trek Interstellar fan club ID card, six sheets of Trek stationary with illustrations in the upper left corner,, two sheets of stickers reading "It may be logical, but is it fun?", "Happiness is a warm Gorn," "Mr. Spock for President" and "NBC is a Klingon conspiracy" along with a note telling you not to reproduce any of this stuff. Also a welcome letter to Star Trek Interstellar from Gene Roddenberry, talking about "Twisting the Peacock's Tail"[1] and two official merchandise Star Trek Catalog #1s, one original and one "revised 7/68."

Gallery of Fan Club Ephemera


  1. ^ A reference to the Save Star Trek letter campaign, which Roddenberry initiated and directed from behind the scenes.