Affiliation Pins

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Title: affiliation/faction pins
Creator: Susan M. Garrett and Calliope Monsoon
Date(s): 1995
Medium: badges
Fandom: Forever Knight
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In Forever Knight fandom, there used to be affiliation pins that fans could wear to identify themselves as members of one of the various factions. The symbols for the factions were laser printed onto labels, which were then attached to pieces of bevel-cut foam-core board with pin-backs glued to them.

The first set of pins was constructed by Susan M. Garrett and Calliope Monsoon on New Year's Eve for distribution at Dead of Winter Con in January 1995. The pins were originally designed to help people find their fellow Forever Knight fans at the convention. Each was decorated with a symbol representing one of the factions that had emerged through the ForKNI-L mailing list.

The pins were later made available through a page on Susan Garrett's website (archived). To receive a pin, fans were told to send her a padded, stamped, self-addressed envelope, with a note stating their affiliation. Up to five pins were free; however, those who wanted more were asked to make a small donation to the Pediatric AIDS Foundation. Anyone who wanted a full set of pins (representing all the affiliations) was asked to donate US $15.00 to the same charity.

The following factions had pins with their symbols on them: Knighties, Cousins, Ravens and Ravenettes, FoDs, NatPack, FoSiLs, Die-Hards, Myras, Cohen-heads, Mikies, Nick & Nat Packers, Immortal Beloveds, Cousins of the Knight, Archivist's Assistants, Perkulators, Ratpack, Vaqueros, Reese's Pieces, Valentines, Dark Knighties, the Lurkers, Diviants, Light Cousins, the Unnamed Faction, and Mercenaries. Additional factions were specifically named as not yet having pins designed for them: the Urchins, Lonely Hearts, Graces, INCArnates, CERK, Fleur-Boosters, and Faithfuls.