Light Cousins

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Forever Knight Faction
Name: Light Cousins
Abbreviation: LC
Date(s): 1995 - present
Leaders: Arletta Asbury
Founder: Amy R.
Type: fraction faction
Focus: LaCroix
Wars: 9 & 10
URL: Forever Light Cousins
Symbol of the Light Cousins faction, as it appears on their affiliation pin.

Faction icon for the Light Cousins, created by Greer Watson in 2012.
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The Light Cousins are a faction of Forever Knight fans affiliated with the vampire LaCroix who see him as having a gentler, more humane side. The affiliation was created in 1995, and in the late '90s was large enough to field players in two Forever Knight Wars. Since then, members have played with the Cousins, but continue to consider the Light Cousins to be their primary faction outside War.

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According to the FAQ page on the faction website, the Light Cousins began when Amy R., a confirmed Knightie, saw her first pre-third-season episodes of Forever Knight, which had been chosen for her by Cousin Lisa Prince. Responding specifically to the powerful scene in "The Fix" where Lacroix steps into the sun in order to stress his bond with Nick Knight, Amy asked on ForKNI-L if there was room for a "Light Cousin" among all the many affiliations. Imajiru, assistant listowner at the time, responded affirmatively; and, with the enthusiastic support of Idalia Kakesako, members were recruited to form a viable (if small) affiliation.

Light Cousins are a "fraction" faction, separate from "true" Cousins, and many Light Cousins consider a different faction their primary affiliation. Light Cousins wish LaCroix would embrace his human side, not unlike the way Dark Knighties may wish Nick to embrace his vampirism. We celebrate the same LaCroix true Cousins do—the power, dignity, eloquence and control—but we celebrate his human side in the full-faced rejection of the evil he has done and been.

Be a Light Cousin! You get to admire Uncle AND condemn him!
from the faction website

The Light Cousins consider themselves associated with the Fleur-Boosters (Fleur's affiliation) and the Faithfuls (the LaCroix/Fleur couple faction) through the common bond of the episode "Be My Valentine".

Faction Symbol

In order to provide the Light Cousins with their own faction symbol, Susan M. Garrett (creator of the original affiliation pins) modified the Cousins' symbol—a black equilateral (i.e. equal-armed) Cross of Lorraine on a white background—by reversing the colours.

The Light Cousins' symbol, then, has a white Cross of Lorraine on a black background, with wavy white lines radiating out from the cross, as if from the sun. It symbolizes the faction's emphasis on turning Lacroix to the light.

Faction Icon

In 2012, Greer Watson created an icon for the Unsuiteds as part of her project to create a set of icons for all the Forever Knight factions. The design composits a screen capture of LaCroix with a revised version of the faction symbol. Around the edge is the same mosaic pattern (representing LaCroix's Roman origin) that was used on the Cousins' faction icon.

Forever Knight Wars

The Light Cousins took part as a separate faction in two of the Forever Knight Wars (War Nine and War Ten). Their war leader was Arletta Asbury. In subsequent Wars, members of the Light Cousins have played with the main Cousins faction.

Permissions for those playing with the Light Cousins during War Ten are archived on Arletta's website.