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Fans make calendars featuring their favorite sources that can contain either fanart or just be designed with screencaps. Some also contain poetry or even longer fanfic. They may be distributed online (e.g. as pdf file), though in the past they were more often printed by zine publishers, sometimes also associated with a zine series, such as the case with the Interphase (calendar).

Unlike official merchandise calendars, they don't necessarily start on a New Year.

Another fannish calendar is the online Advent Calendar.


Multiple Fandoms

Original Fiction

Beauty and the Beast

Blake's 7

Dark Shadows

Forever Knight

Kung Fu: The Legend Continues

Our Flag Means Death

The Professionals

Quantum Leap

The Sentinel

Simon & Simon

Star Trek

May to November 1977 - Interphase Presents Star Trek Goes to the Movies; September 1976 through March 1977 - Interphase Presents Adventures on the Fictional Plane in Which the Enterprise Visits the World of Literature

Star Wars

Specific Actors