A Year of Enchantment

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Title: A Year of Enchantment
Publisher: Pandora Publications
Contributors: fans associated with ShadowCon
Date(s): Halloween 1981
Medium: print
Fandom: Dark Shadows
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A Year of Enchantment was published in cooperation with ShadowCon and celebrates the fifteenth anniversary of Dark Shadows. It includes trivia on the characters first appearances or birthdays in the 1790's or 1960's.

[From the flyer]: The magician casts his entrapping spell ... the witch beckons with a toss of her golden tresses ... the vampire calls with the promise of beauty and life eternal ... the ghosts waltz along silent dusty corridors to the song of the relentless sea below the cliffs … doomed lovers meet and kiss in tree-shrouded cathedrals ... we come again to Collinwood to celebrate all the romance and magik that is DARK SHADOWS, in this, its fifteenth anniversary year. A year of memories, A YEAR OF ENCHANTMENT is illustrated by Barbara Fister-Liltz, and will be your 1981 companion to the dreams of yesterday.