The Klysadel Calendar

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Title: The Klysadel Calendar
Publisher: T'Kuhtian Press
Contributors: Anji Valenza
Date(s): July '78-June '79
Medium: print
Size: 11X17
Fandom: Klysadel
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The Klysadel Calendar covered July 1978-June 1979 and the art is by Anji Valenza. It is 11X17.


From a zine catalog:
Have you ever wondered how a multiple sunset looks -- from a moon of a gas giant planet? What the third sex of the satamuri species is for? How a black-hole powered still might appear? Or how a dolphin might live on the moon?... Twelve different planets from Klysadel Universe -- from Akomen to Wargentin, desert worlds water worlds, space stations and Space itself. Each painting and drawing in its own distinctive style by well-known fandom artist Anji Valenza.
From a 1987 T'Kuhtian Press catalog:
... twelve fine halftone screened portfolio illustrations by Anji/Fa, printed on ice grey story, are suitable for display, or for binding into your copy. Twelve different scenes from the Klysadel Universe, from Atomen to Wargentin.