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Title: Klysadel
Creator: Fara Shimbo (see Anji Valenza)
Date(s): 1971-?
Medium: original fiction
Fandom: Furry
External Links: WBM link to klysadel.net
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Klysadel is a furry original science fiction universe.
"Those who were around when Furry fandom was starting up from the late 1970s to the early 1990s will remember Fara Shimbo and her Klysadel stories, told in over a dozen fanzine text stories and comic strips, about Wargentin College on the Moon several thousand years in the future, and its bizarre faculty and students mixing humans, talking animals, and Furry aliens, notably the satamuri (roughly a cross between cats and baboons). Shimbo also entered paintings of her characters in the Art Shows of the first couple of Furry conventions. Then she dropped out of fandom."[1]

It was originally published in various zines, and was put online at klysadel.net[2] for some years, until the author dropped the website.[3] Collections are still available though through a CafePress store.[4]

Some Klysadel Works


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