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You may be looking for The Mind-Sifter, a Star Trek TOS story or Mindsifter, a Star Trek TOS and TNG zine.

Title: Mindsifter
Editor(s): Catherine Keegan
Date(s): 1975-?
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #3

Mindsifter is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction and articles.

Issue 1

Mindsifter 1 was published in 1975.

  • A Lesson in Survival by S. Kay
  • Woman's Place in the Federation by K. Keegan (article)
  • The One Man Army by D. Keegan
  • Confusing, Illogical and Hopeless by G. Perkins
  • Tongue of the Warrior by S. Kay (article)
  • Who's Little Boy are You? by K. Keegan

Issue 2

Mindsifter 2 has illos by B. Barns and S. Kay.

In November 1975, the editor (Keegan) wrote:
In case you're interested, MINDSIFTER II should be out in a few weeks. (This time we're going to be good little girls and tone it down.). It's gonna be mostly my works. My co-editor got lazy this issue and hasn't lifted a finger to help me so far. We're going to be a full (hopefully) forty pages long. With ten offset pages of art. (I'm broke, so the rest will be xerox ((again)).) [1]
  • Klingon Prey by Carol Walske [Also in Tetrumbriant #10]
  • Service Records of the Kingon High Commands (article)
  • The Treaty of Organia by Carol Walske (article)
  • Star of Sin Karna by Winston Howlett
  • I Have Good News: You're Going Home by Winslow Howlett
  • Cursory History of the Klysadel by Anji Valenza (article)
  • Teach Your Children Well by Anji Valenza (later printed in Snow on the Moon)

Issue 3

Mindsifter 3 was published August 1976. It has illos by Winston Howlett and Anji Valenza.


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