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You may be looking for The Mind-Sifter, a Star Trek TOS story or Mindsifter, a Star Trek TOS and TNG zine.

Title: Mindsifter ("The Mindsifter," "Mind-Sifter," "The Mind-Sifter")
Editor(s): Catherine Keegan
Date(s): 1975-1976
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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Mindsifter is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction and articles.

From issue #2: "Mindsifter is primarily a Klingon oriented fanzine, sorry all you Spock fans."

Issue 1

Mindsifter 1 ("The Mind-Sifter" on the cover) was published in 1975 and contains 12 pages.

cover of issue #1, not credited

It contains no interior art.

  • Once Upon a Time, Way Back When..., story by Catherine Keegan (story about Kirk at the Academy and the beginning of the feud with Finnegan) (1)
  • Meet the Editors (Keegan and T'Lau) (8)
  • The Love, Sulu, story by T'Lau (9)
  • The War Ship, poem by Catherine Keegan (10)
  • Ode to C. Chapel, filk to the tune of "Games People Play," by T'Lau (11)
  • Illogical, poem by T'Lau (11)
  • You Are Receiving This Zine Because (12)

Issue 2

Mindsifter 2 ("The Mindsifter" on cover) is not dated but appears to have been published in late 1975. It contains 40 pages and has illos by Beverly Barns and the Klingon High Command.

cover of issue #2

The zine's dedication:

I dedicate this fanzine to Gene L. Coon, without whom the Empire would have never been spawned; to David Gerrold, who, despite all the jokes, is really a very nice guy; to The Great Bird, for creating our Universe, to the Klingon High Command for putting up with my many requests for material and to Donna Hughes for deciphering my typing and spelling. May the Universe be kind to you all. -- Keegan, editor-in-chief, Mindsifter.

In November 1975, the editor (Keegan) wrote:

In case you're interested, MINDSIFTER II should be out in a few weeks. (This time we're going to be good little girls and tone it down.). It's gonna be mostly my works. My co-editor got lazy this issue and hasn't lifted a finger to help me so far. We're going to be a full (hopefully) forty pages long. With ten offset pages of art. (I'm broke, so the rest will be xerox ((again)).) [1]

  • Tongue of the Warrior, compliments of the Klingon High Command (S.L.K.) (2)
  • A Lesson in Survival, compliments of the Klingon High Command (5)
  • Ode to Power, poem compliments of the Klingon High Command (11)
  • Recruitment Poster, compliments of the Klingon High Command (12)
  • Confusing, Illogical, and Hopeless by George Perkins 13)
  • Number One, poem by Catherine Keegan (17)
  • Turkey, cartoon compliments of the Klingon High Command (18)
  • Garbage Scow, cartoon compliments of the Klingon High Command (19)
  • Monster, cartoon compliments of the Klingon High Command (19)
  • Woman's Place in the Federation, Empire, and Romulan Star Systems by Catherine Keegan (20)
  • One Night, poem by Ann Foley (21)
  • The One Man Army by Catherine Keegan (22)
  • Klingon Contemplation, poem by Catherine Keegan (24)
  • Who's Little Boy Are You? by Catherine Keegan (25)
  • Kahless, poem by Catherine Keegan (25)
  • Humanity, poem compliments of the Klingon High Command (35)
  • Kang & Kor, drawing compliments of the Klingon High Command (36)
  • Beverly Burns Art Portfolio (37)

Issue 3

Mindsifter 3 ("Mind-Sifter" on cover) was published August 1976 and contains 67 pages. It has illos by Winston Howlett, Jim Harper, Caroline Carrack, Valeri Ames, and Anji Valenza.

cover of issue #3
  • Ed's Niche by Catherine Keegan (2)
  • I Have Good News, You're Going Home, fiction by Winston Howlett (3)
  • Poisoning The Humans in the Park by The Good Folk in NY (7)
  • Teach Your Children Well, a Klysadel story by Anji Valenza (original fiction, later reprinted in Snow on the Moon) (8)
  • A Cursory History of the Klysadel by Anji Valenza (16)
  • Star of Sinkarna by Winston A. Howlett (19)
  • A Klingon's Prey by Carol Walske (also in Tetrumbriant #9) (24)
  • The Treaty of Organia by Carol Walske (27)
  • Star Trek Barf Bags (30)
  • There Will Always Be a Vampire in Killabin Castle by Valeri Ames (31)
  • Cycles in a Shade of Red by Catherine Keegan (39)
  • Setaria, an Explanation Thereof by Catherine Keegan (50)
  • Klingon High Command Service Records (52)


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