First Time Calendar

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Title: First Time Calendar
Publisher: Merry Men Press
Date(s): some time after 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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First Time Calendar includes fanart from First Time fanzines. It was printed because of the demand for the fanzine artwork. The art was designed to be removed and framed and the calendar days were left blank so they could be used for any year. Only 100 copies were printed.

The covers (Kirk and Spock) were drawn by Kay Wells and the calendar borders were designed by Shellie Whild.

January by Chris Soto (artwork from First Time 15)
February by The Southern Cross (back cover of First Time 14)
March by Chris Soto (front cover of First Time 15)
April by Gayle F (back cover of First Time 7. Note: This image has been marked as sexually explicit and has been minimised.)