J2-S&D Calendar Wallpaper Project

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Title: J2-S&D Calendar Wallpaper Project
Creator: petite madame
Date(s): 2011
Fandom: Supernatural and J2
External Links: calendar online
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J2-S&D Calendar Wallpaper Project is a year long fan art project by petite madame to create fan art for Supernatural and J2 fan fiction stories. Each month she would release a drawing in calendar format. At the end of the year 2011, she released all the art without calendar formatting.

From her initial post: "During the year 2011, I will post one drawing a month (alongside other arts, this won't be my only project) all inspired by a fan fiction. It's a way to pay tribute to all the authors and stories I enjoyed in the past few years. A calendar will be added at the bottom of the picture because without it, it wouldn't be a calendar wallpaper anymore. Obviously! .... You will have Sam & Dean, J2 RPS, schmoop, angst, happy fics, very sad fics (even a death fic), long fics, short fics, Fandom Classics, etc."[1]

A montage of each calendar month. For more detailed views of the fan art see the fanfic links below

The Months


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