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Name: Petite madame
Type: fan artist
Fandoms: Supernatural, Resident Evil, Sean Bean, MCU, etc.
URL: LiveJournal / DeviantArt / Tumblr / Twitter / Instagram /
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Petite madame is a well respected fan artist who has worked primarily in the digital medium. According to one reviewer "the hyper-realism of her work coupled with the amount of details she includes is unmatched by other artists..."[1] Her work methods vary according to the complexity of the pictures: "Sometimes I draw directly on Photoshop and sometimes I scan an illustration I did with pencils and charcoal."[2]

Here is an excerpt from one of the artists posts in which she describes the creative process for one of her more humorous Supernatural pieces, "Eat It Twilight!!:

"Eat It Twilight!! (see text to the left for more info about this drawing)
"A day at the office for Dean Winchester. I had the inspiration for this fan art after watching the Episode 3 of Season 5, the one where Dean kills a vampire and tells him just before cutting his throat 'Eat it Twilight !!!' . In the show, Dean uses a big knife but I think I found a funnier way to kill the vampire. At the beginning, it was just a barbwire then I came up with the idea of the audio tape by re-watching on YouTube a scene from the Pilot, the one with the now famous line 'Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cakehole'. The audio tape was just the idea I needed."

She was featured as the June 2010 Fan Artist on the spnroundtable. (see Ask the Artist: Petite Madame). She has also illustrated several fan stories, including the RPS J2 series Smoke & Lightning and City of Angels by Bloodyadorable and Miss Eviltwin and A Beautiful Disaster by thenxyie. In 2011, she embarked on the J2-S&D Calendar Wallpaper Project where she created a drawing each month inspired by Supernatural and J2 fan fic. In 2012, she created a 71 page graphic J2 novel Jared Padalecki's Eternal Sunshine.

Her art could previously also be found on her website, She deleted her website in 2014, and the URLs now redirect to her page. She stated that she deleted the site because it "wasn't relevant anymore because it was full of very old drawings that were not representative of [her] skills anymore."[3]

Her fan art has been described as following the "kitsch" traditions, while others feel it borders more on photorealism.[4]

She created Journal of A Man of Letters, a Sam Winchester-focused art project.


Fanart Permissions

In Petite Madame's Tumblr FAQ, she gives blanket permission for her art to be used in icons and banners, provided that she is given full credit. She has also stated that she is okay with her work being reblogged or reposted on Tumblr,[5] provided that the art is not cropped or edited, and that she is credited. She also requests that her slash art not be brought to cons for signings.

Her artwork is uploaded to Fanlore with her permission.



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