Last Day On Earth

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Title: Last Day On Earth
Author(s): candle_beck
Date(s): 2009
Length: 13,054 words
Fandom: Supernatural
External Links: story at LJ; podfic version;at A03

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Last Day On Earth is a Supernatural Wincest story written by candle_beck. The story has been listed as the story that converted fans into Wincest.[1]

It was selected to be part of petite madame's J2-S&D Calendar Wallpaper Project.


Sam is injured on a hunt and has maybe a day let to live. A list of things to do if you only have one day to live, presented in inconvenient non-list form.

"It's unbelievable, unacceptable in a way that's fucking galling, these goddamn fixes Sam gets them into."


i don't have proper words for what i'm feeling. this is the best kind of story - the way you wrote it, the back and forth shifting timelines, how dean and sam and bobby sound perfectly in character, the tsukiji lore, dean's anguish and sam's quiet acceptance and wanting his brother since he was 15, and the way i had my FREAKING HEART IN MY MOUTH UNTIL THE LAST SENTENCE. god holy fuck. see? i can't even string words together properly right now, you've killed my brain completely.[2]
Sometimes stories are so good they leave you breathless and on edge the entire time. This is most definitely one of them. The frustration/anger/love/hate from Dean's POV is just compelling beyond everything.[3]
The interactions between Sam and Dean run the gamut here, from angry, to humorous to loving. This story has a fascinating case that ends badly and emotion that is powerful and strong. candle_beck picks every word with care. Her men are masculine without being caricatures, they feel like the men you meet in everyday life, your husbands, brothers and uncles, both in word and action. There are always more beautiful lines than I can quote back and I am always left reeling when I read this author.[4]
In the hands of the great candle_beck this is an amazing white-knuckle ride. She writes them so true to canon it hurts – in a totally good way. It’s the Sam/Dean version of that 24-hour-to-live hurt/comfort episode we are all due before the show ends. The POV is Dean’s, and he is especially raw and achingly Dean-like in how he handles – or doesn’t handle – the situation. You truly feel his desperation and panic build as the clock ticks. It could easily have been a cliched first-time story, but it’s simply not. It’s intense, powerful, and still manages unexpected moments of levity, especially from Sam. And the ending will have you holding your breath, word by word...[5]
The desperation of this story is heartbreaking and will leave you holding your breath up until the very last second right along with the boys. I especially loved Dean in this, faced with a future without his brother by his side.[6]

Fan Art Gallery

Below is a some of the fanart created for this story which has been included with the permission of the artists.


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