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Title: Directory of Star Trek Organizations
Publisher: STW
Editor(s): Kay Johnson, Allyson Whitfield, Helen Young
Date(s): around 1972 to 1988
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Directory of Star Trek Organizations was published by the Star Trek Welcommittee. It had the nicknames, "The Yellow Pages of Star Trek," and "The Star Trek Welcommitee Directory," the latter most often used.

The editors and compilers of the Directory included Kay Johnson, Allyson Whitfield, and Helen Young.

From the editor in an 11th issue of A Piece of the Action:

The Directory is not a fund-raising project, but rather a fan 'service' -- it was originally designed to provide our VWs with the info they needed to help fans find a club, zine, or whatever they were seeking. Because so many fans wanted the entire Directory, we began making it available to everyone, thus saving our VWs hours of copying when a fan wanted to know everything. The cost of printing and mailing a Directory comes to over forty cents, so we round off to fifty cents for convenience.

Genres and Ratings

The directory listed all fanzines, organized alphabetically.

At first, it did not label any zine as same-sex or adult, because there hadn't been any published.

When "Alternative", the first slash zine, was published, STW simply noted a fan had to be over 18 to order it and added the note "Adult" to the explicit het zines listed.

When Thrust was published in 1977, the Directory was possibly the first to use the symbol "/" as it was specifically used to describe a sexual relationship between Kirk and Spock. A listing for this zine describes it as a "'Ultra Adult' zine. K/S relation. SASE with age statement required."

Listing for zines after this date included the label "adult" for those zines that contained explicit descriptions of sex, regardless of the gender of the participants. Later, a handful of explicit K/S zines included the label K/S or K-S relationship, but the labeling remained fairly nebulous.

All this labeling, however, didn't last, and issue #35 (and perhaps much earlier) did not include any such stipulations.

Some Sample Issues

The Directory in February 1974 contained listings for:

  • 15 pro books
  • 190 clubs
  • 4 cons
  • 50 sales
  • 95 fanzines

The Directory in August 1977 contained listings for:

  • 24 pro books
  • 452 clubs
  • 203 souvenir items
  • 458 zines

The Directory in September 1978 contained listings for:

  • 238 pro books
  • 321 clubs
  • 204 souvenir items
  • 406 zines + newspapers

The Directory in Fall 1988 contained listings for:

  • 239 pro books
  • 209 clubs
  • no cons
  • 70 sales (half pro, half fan)
  • 493 fanzines
  • about 200 games
  • about 75 printed music scores
  • about 50 blueprints

Publication Dates

  • 1st
  • 2nd
  • 3rd
  • 4th
  • 5th issue October 1973
  • 6th issue February 1974
  • 7th
  • 8th
  • 9th issue October 1974
  • 10th issue: February 1975
  • 11th issue: April 1975
  • 12th issue: July 1975
  • 13th
  • 14th
  • 15th issue: June 1977
  • 16th issue: August 1977
  • 17th issue: February 1978
  • 18th issue: May 1978
  • 19th issue: September 1978
  • 20th issue: February 1979
  • 21st issue: August 1979
  • 22nd issue: Spring 1980
  • 23rd issue: Fall 1980
  • 24th issue: Spring 1981
  • 26th issue: Spring 1982
  • 27th Issue: Fall 1982
  • 28th issue: Spring 1983
  • 29th issue: Fall 1983
  • 30th issue: Fall 1984
  • 31st issue: Spring 1985
  • 32nd issue: Spring 1986
  • 33rd issue: January 1987
  • 34th issue : August 1987
  • 35th issue: Fall 1988

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