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Name: Catlow
Date(s): 1971
Medium: motion picture
Country of Origin:
External Links: the bathtub scene on YouTube, at about 2:31
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Miller in the bathtub, seconds before the money shot

Catlow was a 1971 Western, made in Spain, that starred Yul Brynner, Richard Crenna and Leonard Nimoy. It told the story of an outlaw trying to avoid interference as he journeys to pull off a $2-million gold robbery.

It would be a movie largely forgotten and ignored by media fans if not for the presence of Leonard Nimoy, and specifically one scene, that of a very brief instance of Nimoy jumping up, naked, from a bathtub (and a much longer scene of him fighting Yul Bynner while Brynner is clothed and Nimoy is not).

One reviewer writes:
"’s the sight of a nude Leonard Nimoy jumping out of a bathtub to fight Yul Brynner with his junk in relatively plain view for all to see..." [1]

The scene was censored in the US, causing many fans to plead with others for access to the uncut version [2], and the movie was often shown at cons.

Fannish Comments

"Went to see 'Catlow" AGAIN! Why DID the lights have to go out at the crucial moment in the film?" [3]

Fanworks Inspired by the Movie

cover by Sue Toher


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