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Title: Tal Shaya (the fifth issue is "Tal-Shaya" on the cover)
Publisher: "An Alrisha Publication" (#1), Postal Instant Press (#2-#5), Falcon Press (#6)
Editor(s): Cheree Cargill (#1), Cheree Cargill and Laura Virgil (#2-#4), Cheree Cargill (#5-#6)
Date(s): 1973-1978, 2012
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS with some Doctor Who
Language: English
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Tal Shaya is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology with six issues.

The editor remembers: "I have fond memories of the first zine I ever did -- a little Star Trek zine called Tal-Shaya which ran about 50 pages (non-reduced) and which cost me $200 to have printed." [1]

Issue 1

Tal Shaya 1 was published in October 1973 (reprinted in December 1973?) and contains 52 pages.

The art is by Cheree Cargill, Katy Wilson, and Kay Bradford.

front cover of issue #1, Cheree Cargill
back cover of issue #1, Cheree Cargill

It was edited by Cheree Cargill.

The zine's cost was $1.25, and it was printed offset.

In an ad in A Piece of the Action #8, the editor writes: "I don't think anyone will be too disappointed in it."

  • Incident of the Oiseau d'Or by Kay Bradford and Cheree Cargill (4)
  • Crossword Puzzle by David Brashear (15)
  • Glossary of Vulcan Words, Terms, and Phrases by Cheree Townsend (16)
  • The Vulcan Alphabet by Diana Hall (23)
  • The Old-Fashioned Interstellar Two-Toned Good-Time Review Section (27)
    • review of the movie starring Leonard Nimoy, Baffled!, see that page
    • review of the film by Roddenberry, Genesis II, see that page
  • Trivia Test by David Brashear (32)
  • Tradition, 'At's Ridiculous, two poems by Kay Bradford (37)
  • The Adventures of Super Vulcan, a ten-page cartoon supplement by Katy Wilson (39)
  • Crossword Puzzles and Trivia Test Answers (49)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

This is a very old story, written in college with a friend of mine at the time, Kay Bradford. I haven't heard from her in nearly 40 years, so I hope she won't mind my posting this here. It appeared in the very first fanzine I ever did, so it's pretty amateurish. But even back then, we saw Spock and Christine together. [2]

Issue 2

Tal Shaya 2 was published in was published in 1974 and contains 50 pages.

It was edited by Laura Virgil and Cheree Cargill.

The art is by Douglas Herring, Cheree Townsend, Laura Virgil, Katy Wilson, Len Calder, Kay Bradford, Robert Faires, and Joe Fleming.

front cover of issue #2, Douglas Herring
back cover of issue #2, Laura Virgil
  • Editor's Page, a note from Cheree Townsend (4)
  • Charisma, fiction by Cheree Townsend (5)
  • Star, poem by Kay Bradford (22)
  • Star Tripe (cartoon) by Robert Faires and Len Calder (23)
  • Home Thoughts by Cheree Townsend (27)
  • Scripts That Didn't Quite Make It by N.G. Neering (28)
  • New Ways, fiction by Jackie Bielowicz (33)
  • Mind Link, poem by Mary Manchester (39)
  • Cartoon Time (40)
  • Hershel and Morris, cartoon by Kay Bradford (42)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

Compared to Tal Shaya #1, this issue doesn't make the same impression, but it is still a good issue. The reproduction tends to fade in parts, nothing too serious. The worst mistake in make-up is that the cartoon section is printed too close to the edge of the paper, making it difficult to re-bind. Cheree had this problem in the first issue, and it is to be hoped she can solve this before the next issue. The contents ran from good to horrible. There is a story ('Charisma') by Cheree that read very well, but could have used a touch more tension. The title character comes out slightly flat. The small cartoons are funny, though not classics. The large cartoon section ('Star Tripe') by Robert Faires and Len Calder was terrible. It tried to cram too much into too little space and ended with a fussy, over-crowded appearance. There were some funny lines it, but they tended to get lost. The artwork was generally very good, and I fell in love with the frontispiece. My only complaint is that you could go blind trying to find the title on the front cover. Over all, this is an enjoyable zine unless you are a very picky reader. [3]

Issue 3

backcover of Tal-Shaya #3 by Chree Cargill
front cover of Tal-Shaya #3 by Laura Virgil

Tal Shaya 3 was published in August 1976 and has 56 pages.

It was edited by Cheree Cargill and Laura Virgil.

The front cover is by Laura Virgil, backcover by Cheree Cargill, the interior art & illustrations are by Laura Virgil, Cheree Cargill, Gee Moaven, Katy Wilson, and Linda Cappel.

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 3

See reactions and reviews for How Long the Night, How Bright the Stars.
[I'm Not Dead Yet]: McCoy is suffering and hiding his xenopolycythemia symptoms, while his lab crew is working on some mysterious experiment - which, of course, turns out to be the cure, revealed at a party for him. Nice little vignette. [4]
[A Touch of Love]: Despite McCoy's insistence that Spock is brain-dead after an encounter with the mind-sifter, Chapel demands to accompany Spock to a hospital on Vulcan, and convinces a telepathic healer to keep trying for contact, which ultimately succeeds in recovering his mind from its retreat. A little sappy, but an okay read. [5]

Issue 4

Tal Shaya 4 was published in April 1977 and contains 50 pages. The art is by Laura Virgil, Cheree Cargill, Cheryl Frashure, Linda Cappel, and Darlene Johnson.

front cover of issue #4, Laura Virgil
back cover of issue #4, Cheree Cargill

It was edited by Cheree Cargill and Laura Virgil.

There are two editorials. The one by Cargill has a focus of her gratefulness to her friendship, especially with Virgil. Virgil's editorial has a focus of her derision of the postal service.

  • Editor's Page by the resident Druids (4)
  • Parting Ways by Cheree Cargill (8)
  • An Unspoken Word, poem by Bonnie Guyan (10)
  • Consider the Possibilities by Laura Virgil (11)
  • Fleurs du Mal by Cheryl Rice (16)
  • An Evening Prayer by Bonnie Guyan (McCoy's bedtime prayers.) (27)
  • Song by Katy Wilson (28)
  • Fun with Your New Tongue (34)
  • Aliens' Wear Daily by Linda Cappel (fashions, drawings) (35)
  • The Blooded Flame by Jacqueline Bielowicz (From the editorial: "There have only been one or two finer pieces of fiction I've ever read in fandom--and one was Jackie's "Hero's Welcome" in SOL PLUS 3. And even it didn't affect me as this one does. It is an adult story with an adult theme, but one seldom more beautifully portrayed. The act of physical love between a husband and wife who are deeply in love is one of the most beautiful things one will ever experience. Jackie writes as a woman who has felt this kind of love and reading her story filled me with a wonder and joy that is too rare a commodity in today's world. I hope that you too will feel the delight I felt as you read her story.") (43)
  • Untitled by Laura Virgil (49)
  • A Klingon Zodiac (50)

Issue 5

front cover of issue #5 Cheree Cargill
back cover of issue #5, Laura Virgil

Tal-Shaya 5 was published in December 1978 and contains 90 pages. It was printed offset.

It was edited by Cheree Cargill.

The cover art is by Cheree Cargill. The fashion design portfolio is by Linda Cappel. Other art is by Laura Virgil, Cheree Cargill, and Guy Clayton Brownlee.

It was the last issue... until 2012.

From the editorial:

First and foremost, I must apologize and thank all of you who have waited so faithfully for this issue of TS. It is grossly, grossly late and for that I am very sorry.

This will be the last issue of TS. Although at the outset in 1972 I planned to publish indefinitely, in the past year or so, my interests have turned away from ST to more real and important concerns. Compared to the real world and the needs to be found there, Star Trek suddenly seems very trite and silly. I have not turned to other forms of fandom, say of Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica. Each are nice forms of escapism, but are only that. As of this issue, I will be out of fandom, probably for good. I will still on occasion illo or write for a friend's zine, but those occasions will be few and far between. Perhaps I had better limit that to illo as I no longer have enough interest in the subject to put words to paper.

That all sounds very glum, doesn't it? Well, afraid I'm in a slightly glum mood right now. Maybe not glum, exactly...subdued, I guess. Just no longer able to get excited about it all. I'm not the same person who started TS six years ago. I've gone· through a few hard knocks since then and it has matured me. When all this started, I was a single, 19 year old college student. My main direction in life was to get that degree. Well, I got it in 1976 and wandered mentally for a year unable to decide on a direction. Slowly, but surely, things have fallen into place, although the falling has not always been easy. I am now 25 years old, still not over the hill, but what I consider at the beginning of my prime. I've been married for over three years now, still not a great length of time, but enough to settle into a routine and enjoy the security my marriage gives me. I still dabble a bit in school, but it's mostly for my own pleasure. I would not hesitate to quit if it jeopardized my career. I'm a word processing secretary and a darn good one. I enjoy my job, if not the company I'm presently working for, and I plan to be commanding some big money one of these days. The biggest change, though, and the one that has prompted me to give up fandom is that this year, for the first time, I no long­er feel like a kid. I went through a very traumatic job loss earlier this year and emerged from it with a kind of grim maturity that no longer left room for fandom. I still enjoy science fiction and probably always will. I'm still a film buff and enjoy a good old sci-fi movie, be it Star Wars or Earth vs. the Flying Saucers. But that does not mean that I will mindlessly devote my whole life to it, as I did for many years as a Trek fan, I have found myself and I no longer need Mr. Spock to give me a reason for existence.

I thank you all for your loyalty to TS and for sticking with me over the years.
  • Table of Contents and Credits (2)
  • A Note From the Bridge, editorial (4)
  • Garden of Love, Secret Love, two poems by Bonnie Guyan (7)
  • Jackie's Mary Sue by Jacqueline Bielowicz (reprinted from The Cage, also in reprinted in Archives #7) (8)
  • Scenes We'd Like to See (13)
  • Probes, puzzle by Bonnie Guyan (14)
  • The Ancient Flame by Cheryl Rice (15)
  • McCoy's Lament, poem by Bonnie Guyan (McCoy reflects on his life in Georgia, and on the life and times of his father.) (23)
  • Hippocrates Was a Healer by Bev Clark. (McCoy is called to the planet Hippocrates to investigate the miraculous cure of a terminally ill scientist. He claims to have been cured by a 'deity' of some type belonging to the planet. McCoy is skeptical until his own experiences on the planet.) (24)
  • Seasons' Processional (fashion design, illustrations) by Linda Cappel (43)
  • My Heart, My Soul, But Not My Life, fiction by Bonnie Guyan (How far will Christine go to possess Spock?) (48)
  • The Sirens Sing for Ulysses by Katy Wilson (79)

Issue 6: Tal Shaya Reboot

cover of issue #6

Tal Shaya Reboot was published in 2012 and contains 145 pages. It was printed photocopy, GBC bound.

It was edited by Cheree Cargill.

The art is by Kaz and Laura Quiles.

It contains some adult themes, but no same sex material and nothing is explicit. This is a gen/het zine with a general rating of about GP-13. Most of the stories revolve around Spock and Christine, although there are more general ST stories, too.

  • Forbidden by Saidicam29 (fiction)
  • My Vulcan Friend by Ruby Moon-Houldson (fiction)
  • Seeking Solace by Saidicam29 (fiction)
  • After the Fire, Before the Flame by Jade Nocturnius (fiction) (nominated for 2013 FanQ)
  • Reldai by Saidicam29 (fiction)
  • Consequences by Mary Schuttler (fiction) (nominated for 2013 FanQ)
  • In the Aftermath by Aconitum Napellus (fiction) (nominated for 2013 FanQ)


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