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Title: I'm a Doctor, Not a...
Publisher: DeForest Kelley Association of Fans (Denver, CO) & Datazine Publications
Editor(s): Karolyn Popovich and KathE Donnelly
Date(s): 1976-1984
Medium: print zine
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
Language: English
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cover of issue #1, Laura Virgil, same art is used for the Best of Issue, also reprinted in Tal Shaya #5

I'm a Doctor, Not a... is a gen Star Trek: TOS anthology of fiction, poems, art and puzzles.

From the introduction to issue #3:

"The zine was a publication of DEFOREST KELLEY ASSOCIATION OF FANS. The club was formed in 1976 by Karolyn Popovich and was the only authorized and official club for DeForest Kelley.

Members of the club received a membership card, several pictures of Mr. Kelley, a biography complete with acting credits and the club newsletter, Southern Style which was published bi-monthly. Karolyn was a fan of Mr. Kelley's long before he became known to so many as McCoy. It was for this reason that she incorporated many articles in the newsletter about the other roles he portrayed, truly making the club not just a Dr. McCoy club., but a DeForest Kelley club.

The members of DKAF came from all walks of life, certainly was no prerequisite for being a member, as youngest member was 6 and the oldest was in her 90's. At it's peak, the club boasted a total membership of over thousand, impressive even by today's standards.

In 1976 the club ran a contest to name the club fanzine. After receiving many suggestions, it was put a vote and the winning name was, I'M A DOCTOR, NOT A...., after a phrase that McCoy used to use a lot in the STAR TREK episodes. The first edition of the zine came out in 1976 and contained contributions of fiction, poetry, puzzles and artwork sent in from club members. The second edition came out in 1978, again containing some of of the very best McCoy fiction, artwork and poetry. It is from those two zines that this work was compiled.

In 1979 Karolyn became seriously ill and could not continue in her duties to the club. Rather than sacrifice the quality, Karolyn reluctantly disbanded the DeForest Kelley Association of Fans. Since that time Mr. Kelley has not authorized another club, it is quite a tribute Karolyn and her efforts....

We are grateful that she has allowed Datazine put together the very best from both zines and hope you will enjoy THE BEST OF I'M A DOCTOR, NOT A..."

Issue 1

I'm a Doctor, Not a... 1 was published in 1976, contains 86 pages long and is a collection of 16 stories, poems, puzzles and drawings. There is an original photograph of DeForest Kelley at a convention attached to the first inside front page.

  • The Yellow Balloon / DeForest Kelley; calligraphy by Carolyn Kelley
  • Blue Rain by M.L. Steve Barnes (Stranded on a desert planet, McCoy becomes a friend to its only life-form, a jellyfish-like pseudopod he names Duhr. With rescue comes the chance to save the planet and the hibernating members of Duhr's species.) (1)
  • Bride of the Universe by Cecile Ouellet (Kirk is very puzzled by the doctor's reaction to a visiting scientist until he learns her part in McCoy's past.) (19)
  • Shore Leave (Just What the Doctor Ordered) (puzzles and games section) (57)
  • Assignment by Gail A. Lee (77)
  • The Doctor Is Needed, poem by Joanne Bennett
  • Acceptance, poem by Teri Meyer (McCoy loses both Kirk & Spock.)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 1

  • Blue Rain, After resigning, McCoy is stranded on a planet with severe desertification with the last conscious survivor of a species that looks like a jellyfish and acts rather like a puppy - but talks like a child.
  • Bride of the Universe, A new take on McCoy's marriage - to the brilliant, personable and childlike Corrinda Connors. She is on the Enterprise for a project, driving McCoy crazy, literally. Far too many uses of "special" and other smarmification, but all in all an interesting tale and good characterization of the ex.
  • Shore Leave, An assortment of puzzles & amusements
  • Assignment, Mary Sue. New nurse falls in love with McCoy; when she discovers that what she thought was returned romantic interest was only paternal affection she runs off to accidental death. This does not even seem to unduly disturb our doctor. [1]

I don't have my own copy, and the title alone turns me off, but the reviews I've seen say this is a very good looking 'zine, with both good and poor stories. It contains a Steve Barnes story, which is a plus, and the emphasis of the 'zine is on McCoy, of course. [2]

Issue 2

I'm a Doctor, Not a... 2 was published in 1978 and contains 80 pages.

cover of issue #2, by Mike Nelson

The art is by Mike Nelson (front cover), Laura Virgil (back cover, interior), Gee Moaven, Marian Kelly, Mary Stacy-MacDonald, Eleni Vafias, Brigitte Veiz. The art includes "The Many Faces of DeForest Kelley" by Geraldine Junggunst, Faline Kennedy, Elini Vafias, and Melinda Shreve.

  • Worlds May Change and Galaxies..., fiction by M.L. Steve Barnes ("McCoy becomes involved in political intrigue when he befriends a young woman who reminds him of his daughter.") (19 pages)
  • The Quandary, poem by Jolieta Constantine Smith (19)
  • Physician, Heal Thyself, fiction by Marian Kelly ("McCoy's feelings of loneliness are relieved first by an unusual medical problem and then by an attractive ensign.") (6 pages)
  • Tribute, poem by Brenda Shaffer
  • To My Loved One... A Sonnet, poem by Brenda Shaffer
  • The Need, fiction by Cheryl Shelton (5 pages)
  • The World No Longer Narrow, poem by Joanne Bennett
  • Heat Wave, fiction by M.L. Steve Barnes (An airborne virus has been brought aboard the Enterprise and McCoy's attempt to find a cure is not helped by the fact that Tonia Barrous has been assigned to assist him.) (20 pages)
  • The Fix, poem by Tonia Bate
  • The Klingon Fight Song by Noreen Foster
  • Being a DeForest Kelly/Dr. McCoy Fan, essay by Joann Morris
  • Limericks by Gail Saville, Dorothy Martin, Julie Sorensen, Barbara Matske, Margie Jones, Cheryl Newsome, Brigitte Veiz, and Faline Kennedy (51)
  • Rent and Recreation by Gerlinie Junggunst (52)
  • Blue Eyes is Back, wordsearch by Brenda Shaffer (55)
  • Enterprise, song by Brenda Shaffer (57)

Reactions and Reviews: Issue 2

For those of you who don't remember, or who aren't Dr. McCoy fans, 'I'm a Doctor, Not a..." was the official club fanzine for the DeForest Kelley Association of Fans back in the late 1970'5. Being a relative newcomer to fandom, but a huge Dr. McCoy fan, I ordered this zine half expecting to find, a lot of Mary Sue type stories and maybe one or two really good ones. Most club publications can only draw upon the creative abilities of their club members, fortunately this club had some very talented members.

This zine is actually a collection of stories from two zines, put together to bring us this zine. Most of the fiction is done by M. L. 'Steve' Barnes. She offers us a very touching piece 'Worlds May Change and Galaxies...' about a young woman, Allene Carr who is in a lot of trouble. McCoy tries to help her as best he can - she reminds him so much of his own daughter, Jo. We are allowed to see McCoy at his very best while dealing with Allene.

BLUE RAIN is by far my most favorite piece in the zine. The shuttle McCoy was in crashed leaving him stranded on a planet. The only other life form is a pseudopod named Duhr who befriends McCoy and tries to understand his strange ways. Being all alone on the planet begins to take its toll on McCoy and Duhr desperately tries to help. I won't tell you what happens, but it is a very sensitive and loving story - one I enjoyed very much.

THE NEED by Cheryl Shelton is a nicely done piece as is HEAT WAVE by Ms. Barnes.

The zine also offers poetry by Teri Meyer and KathE Donnelly.

The piece titled ACCEPTANCE by Ms. Meyer is probably the most loving piece I have ever read. Not only has the Doctor lost his friend Captain Kirk but he is losing, Mr. Spock as well and he isn't able to do anything to stop him from dying. Very well done.

The artwork is superb. Cover art by Laura Virgil! What talent! All in all, I found this zine to be to my liking and I am very glad I bought it. I would recommend this to all DeForest Kelley/Dr. McCoy fans. [3]

Best of Issue

back cover of Best of Issue, Marty Siegrist, also the back cover of Odyssey #5

The Best of I'm a Doctor, Not a... was published in 1984 and contains 62 pages. The art is by Laura Virgil and Marty Siegrist.

front cover of Best of Issue, by Laura Virgil, same art as issue #1