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Title: Empathy News ("Empathy Newsletter")
Publisher: Empathy Star Trek Club
Editor(s): Dorothy Owens, Barbara Kitson, Carol Keogh, and Dixie Owens
Type: newsletter
Date(s): early to mid 1980s
Medium: print
Fandom: Star Trek: TOS
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Empathy News ("Empathy Newsletter") is a newsletter for, Empathy Star Trek Club, a Star Trek fan club in Yorkshire, England.

There appear to be a variety of supplements, newsletters, and perhaps something else, making for some confusing dates.


Issue 11

Empathy Newsletter 11 was published in June/July/August 1976 and contains 15 pages.

cover of issue #11
  • short editorial by Dot Owens
  • Miramanee, poem by Jayne Phelps
  • a plea for some fans to volunteer to help at TerraCon, plus a progress report, information about the con's fiction/poetry competition, info about the "Interclub Quiz" and the "TerraCon Quiz Trophy," the Fancy Dress Competition, the Galactic Fashion Show, and the Art Show
  • a list of fans' birthdays (31 female names, 7 male names, 1 name of unknown gender)
  • announcements that Emanon #2, Contact #2 and Tricorder #3 available
  • some mentions of local fans appearing in local newspapers regarding Star Trek
  • a short humorous thing about repairing a television so a fan can watch Trek and other shows
  • a con report for the Alnitah Minicon, see that page
  • a list of Star Trek fan clubs and contact info
  • a transcript of "Kaleid'scope" on Radio 4 "a couple of weeks ago"—it is a short interview between an unknown employee and John Taylor, a professor of mathematics at Kings College (and author of some books on astronomy). The subject was the fascination people have with Star Trek.

Issue 12

Empathy Newsletter 12 was published in Sept/Oct/December 1976 and contains 18 pages.

cover of issue #12
  • Carol Keogh has been made a vice president of the fan club
  • "On Sunday (bank holiday) Dorothy got a call, Mrs. James Blish. She said that she had found Empathy's address from an old Welcommittee notice, so she called on the chance that Dorothy might want all her husband's Star Trek paraphernalia. Two whisky crates full!!! Mrs. Blish didn't know about the Convention, so Dorothy told her. Unfortunately, Mrs. Blish won't be able to come to the Convention because she will be out of the country at the time, but she consented to have her late husband's Star Trek stuff auctioned at the Convention. SO BRING PLENTY OF MONEY!!!"
  • "Ballantine is published the Star Trek Concordance. It will cost about £2.75 and should be available at the beginning of November. There will be a copy on view at the Con, NOT FOR SALE, but Empathy will be taking orders for the Concordance, so if you'd like one, let us know at the Con."
  • an update about TerraCon
  • a very short con report of Star Trek Toronto
  • False Alarm, very short fiction by Dee Smith
  • a Star Trek joke by Cilla Futcher
  • One Man's Love, poem by Chris Waller
  • an exchange of several satiric letters
  • there is a transcript of an interview with Dorothy Owens on B.R.M.B. Radio on July 29, 1976: the topic is the upcoming TerraCon
  • "Day Trip to Knaresborough," a report of fifteens fans' trip to "the famous Mother Shiptons Cave at Knaresborough. Their objective, to plunge the starship Enterprise (or rather a model of it) into the dropping well to be petrified for all time." The report involves descriptions of locating fans on various train platforms, riding "a coach which was supporting a mini convention of its own, and I suspect the driver was wondering just what he had let himself in for. Dorothy had brought along her cassette recorder and a selection the more popular taped episodes of Star Trek. They included "Amok Time," "Journey to Babel," and "The Naked Time." They provided a very suitable background for the journey." In the end, the fans were unable to part with the model. Some fans decided to go to the zoo instead, and some of them decided to sit at picnic tables and listen to the cassette recording of "The Naked Time."
  • there is a long description by Robin Hill as he tries to figure out which Trek episode a non-fan co-worker has seen; turns out it was a U.F.O. episode instead
  • some poems by Spectre
  • a list of fan clubs

1981 October

cover of October 1981
  • Committee Letters (2)
  • Diary Dates (3)
  • Book Reviews (4)
  • Letter from Gene Roddenberry (5)
  • Personnel Log (6)
  • Member's Letters (8)
  • S.T. Clubs (8)
  • Of Jodrell Bank and Other Things (11)
  • The Day Out (13)
  • The Tribble Report (15)
  • Aucon (17)
  • Aucon Report 2 (18)
  • Tribble Report—Mark II (20)
  • In Halifax No-one Can Hear You Scream? (24)
  • Spock - To Be or Not to Be? (28)
  • Buck Rogers - appeal (20)
  • Slaes List (30)
  • Book Shoppe (31)

1982 (Spring - March)

cover of the March 1982 issue
  • Committee Letters (3)
  • Letter from Paramount (Movie) (5)
  • More About the Movie (6)
  • Bookshoppe (6)
  • Personnel Log (7)
  • Member's Letters (8)
  • Wanted & For Sale (10)
  • Zine Ads (11)
  • Empathy Halloween Gathering (13)
  • The Trouble with Doubles (15)
  • The Critic on the Edge of the Drag's Bar (17)
  • British Fan Clubs (18)
  • All About Us (19)
  • All About Me (Trish) (20)
  • All About Me (Trib) (21)
  • Sol III Letter (24)
  • Far Reaching Recession (poem) (25)

1985 January, February

front cover for Empathy News 1985 "(very) EARLY SPRING (or late Winter, depending on your point of view) 1985"
inside back cover for spring 1985
back cover for spring 1985

It contains 104 pages.

  • The Empathy Mini-Con has been delayed due to bad weather; the locale it’s usually been at wants to charge the club £8 an hour heating surcharge. Instead there will be a gathering at “Star 1” (which is apparently the editor Carol’s house) on Saturday March 16 starting at 10 am and going until lunch the next day:
    There will be videos to watch, other fans to talk to, food and drink, and just a little bit of “club work” to be helping with…! The cost is just 50p which will go towards the food. If you would like to stay overnight, please bring a sleeping bag, and let me know in advance…. You’ll know you’re in the right place because I have STAR 1 nailed on the door.
  • The other editor, Keith, has a short con report for SantaCon. He also says:
    [We] won’t be at either of the main Trek cons this year; the costs are so high and we are not feeling quite as thrilled or happy with such cons as we used to be. Perhaps it’s old age, or cynicism; in any event, we’re taking a sabbatical year off… We hope to visit a few of the smaller cons such as SantaCon and Mythcon in 1984.[1] A refreshing change and a chance to meet new friends; and that’s what it’s all about!
  • There was an ad for a cassette tape:
    BRUCE HYDE ENTERTAINS - a Beautiful audio tape exclusive to TREK-ON. Bruce Hyde (Lieutenant Kevin Riley) entertains you on this lovely country and western tape, which he has made available exclusively to TREK-ON. All the songs (apart from "Kathleen" which he sings in unmistakable Riley style) have been written, composed and sung by Bruce, and are really superb. The tape includes songs he performed at MIDCON, and some are brand new. "Looking For Love", "All That Is Gold" and the very beautiful "Dream Me Home Tonight". All are songs you will love. In fact, if you enjoy good music and believe in IDIC, this tape is for you.
  • There are two reprinted con reports for the 1976 TerraCon. One is by Lynne Keating and June Nicholson. The other one is by Helen McCarthy.
  • There is MUCH debate about "official" Star Trek conventions and smaller Star Trek cons. The editor wrote:
    EMPATHY will be having a sales table at both [the upcoming] MIDCONS, and I look forward to seeing many of you at one or both. On the convention side again, one other piece of news I have regards Empathy's presence at Star Trek conventions. As Keith has said, he and Sue are taking a year's sabbatical from cons. I have also decided that I have had enough of the bitching and general unpleasantness surrounding official conventions. After SOL III, EMPATHY will no longer be present at any future official conventions, either in the context of a club meeting, advertising or sales table. I'm sorry if this upsets any of you who do go to and enjoy the official conventions, but I feel it would be hypocritical for me to attend something I actively do not approve of. In effect, I'm voting with my feet. The club will continue to advertise the official cons, but apart for that nothing more. I have had enough of the whole sick and sorry mess, and after SOL III I intend to put "officialdom" behind me and go back to the small friendly cons that I've always believed were the real spirit of Trek fandom. I want to go to cons where I can meet friends, make friends, and enjoy the warmth and companionship and HOPE that I always thought Star Trek fandom was all about. I know it exists. I'm going to find it again - if I can.
  • a review of the zine Emanon #21, see that page
  • a review the zine The Bargain, see that page
  • Support Your Local Conventions in 1985, an open letter by Paul Rowe that was sent to "all clubs," see that page for this letter, as well as excerpts from many long fan responses
  • A review of the episode "Plato's Stepchildren" by a fan who's just seen it for the first time. This episode was one of the The Four Banned Star Trek Episodes in the UK.
  • a review of the pro book The Vulcan Academy Murders, see that page
  • a review of the pro book "Uhura's Song"—the fan loves the book and at the end, asks: "P.S. You're not a pseudonym for Diane Duane or Ruth Berman by any chance...?"
  • an article by Paul Duffy about the impractical size of the Enterprise's crew
  • a reprint of an article from "Variety" about Gene Roddenberry's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star with an accompanying letter by Susan Sackett asking for money that she has already spent:
    Dear Friends. At last—the dream is coming true! When I submitted Gene's name in nomination for a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame almost a year ago, I was told that there would be a long wait. Therefore, I vowed that I would personally put up the $3,000 needed if his Star were approved before I had a chance to collect from his fans. Now it seems a virtual certainty that Gene Will be receiving his well-deserved Star some time in 1985. We're all aware that without Gene Roddenberry there would have been NO STAR TREK, no Mr. Spock, no Captain Kirk, no USS Enterprise. His mind created the spark that ignited life in our beloved programme and its characters. NOW IS THE TIME TO SHOW YOUR APPRECIATION! Let's get behind Gene's own Star Trek! If only 3000 fans each send $1.00, we'll have the full cost of his Star. Please be sure to include your name and address with any contribution you send. This is important for two reasons. When Gene receives his Star, we'll be giving him a giant card with the names of alt donors on it. Also, in the remote chance that the Star is not approved (not likely, however), we will want to return your money. Any money collected in excess of the $3.000 will be donated to a charity of Gene's choosing. And once the $3.000 goal is reached, we'll be sending out the word. Please send your contributions (payable to GR STAR) to: GR STAR P.O. Box 3168 North Hollywood California 91609 U.S.A. With thanks and appreciation for your help. Live Long and Prosper! Susan Sackett. Assistant to Gene Roddenberry. (Donations can be made in Sterling, but please remember that a proportion will be used to convert the currency)
  • a brief overview of filks and filking, plus a review of four filk tapes: Storyteller by Anne Harlan Prather, Minus Ten and Counting by Leslie Fish, and Skybound by Leslie Fish, and Cold Iron by Leslie Fish
  • a humorous accounting of the fan club's sales table success
  • a con report that is half in English, half in French for Galileo Con #2, see that page
  • a con report for the fourth Leonard Nimoy Convention, see that page
  • list of fan birthdays
  • a pen pal list
  • list of cons, things for sale, fan clubs
  • some fan letters, most talking about their opinions on conventions
  • "The Search," fiction by Cilla Further and Sylvia Billings
  • "Today Can't Happen (Or, Friday 13th!), fiction by M. Cowell
  • "Those Holiday Happenings," fiction by M. Cowell
  • "Nearly Didn't Win the Race," fiction by Ness Buttimer

1985 March, April, May

1985 June, July, August

1985 September, October, November

1986 - No 1

Winter/Spring of 1986

1986 - No 2

published in February

1986 - No 3

published in the Summer/Winter of 1986

1986 - No 4

Supplemental 1986

1988 - No 1

contains 72 pages.

November/December 1988 - No 2

Supplemental 1988

1991 - No 2


  1. ^ This is likely a typo, and he meant 1985.