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Also see Mini Con.

Star Trek Convention
Name: Empathy Mini-Con
Dates: 14 February 1976
Location: Dragonara Hotel, Leeds, England
Type: fan-run
Focus: Star Trek: TOS
Organization: Empathy
Founding Date:
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Empathy Mini-Con was a Star Trek convention in England.

Cons with similar names:

  • Empathy Mini-Con (14 February 1976, Dragonara Hotel, Leeds, England)
  • Empathy Midi-Con (28-29 October 1978, Manchester, England)
  • STAG and Empathy Star Trek Midi-Con (March 31-April 1, 1979, Dragonara Hotel, Leeds, England)
  • there were also a number of "Empathy Get-Togethers" [1]


The con was not 'a con' at all, but a pleasant, informal day out. It was pity that more 'trekkers' were unable to attend. Although the facilities were not ideal, they were adequate when the loos were located (just behind the bridge screen - check your blueprints). The programme of events wassimole [?], but decidedly enjoyable. They started off with a general chat at about 9100am, while the sales tables were set up; and this chatter continued during a brisk sales session. At 11.00 am the President of Empathy - the De-light-ful Cath Owens - made her maiden 'Con-tribble-ution' a speech. This was admirable in that it was short and to the point, sandwiches would be provided in one hour, after which films would be shown, and that the bar was open. Then came the 'piece de resistance' Robin Hill's slide show, featuring the main con. In contrast to the usual 'run of the Vicarage' slide shows, this was a cultural feast not to be missed. It started with a 'Board of Tribbles' film sensors X certificate. Somehow Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy became inextricably involved in 'A Piece of the Action. ' Captain Kirk was particularly struck by the excellence of Helen McCarthy 's dress designs as modelled by Chris Jones. He thought the design of Chris Jones wasn't too bad either!!! He was not impressed, however, by the 'transvestite' Tellarite (Beth Hallam in drag)... I am told that the coffee and sandwiches were good, but I myself, accompanied by two friends and the editor, went for a 'fascinating, De-licious" (sorry, Jim!) Chinese meal. The afternoon's entertainment was of the kind best liked by 'Star Trek' fans, of the same ilk as 'Dracula's Wedding', after 2 1/2 hours of this, the auction was held. This didn't prove as lucrative to the club as other similar events have previously done - many people having to leave early in order to catch trains, coaches, etc.. S.T.A.G. sales were excellent, making a fun-day into a profitable one as well. We made a total of £62; in gratitude to Cath and her helpers for providing tha opportunity to boost our funds and, as due to a small though select attendance, Empathy's profits were not as high as they had wished, we decided to make a donation, on your behalf, of £5 to their funds. The editorial committee of 'Alnitah donated 10% of their takings to the con organisers to aid Empathy, also. If this minicon was a fair example of the relaxed atmosphere Empathy will provide at their main con, in the autumn, then book us in now! [2]


This one was canceled due to bad weather—Carol Keogh said the usual venue was going to charge the con £8 an hour for a heat surcharge, and that this was unacceptable.[3]


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