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Tellarites are a humanoid alien species in the Star Trek universe. According to the Memory Alpha wiki, they are "a warp-capable humanoid species from the planet Tellar Prime...", and one of the founding members "of the United Federation of Planets." [1] Tellarites are typically stout, bearded and have porcine snouts and hands.

Tellarites were introduced in the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Journey to Babel," but did not feature prominently again on televised Star Trek until Star Trek: Enterprise, primarily due to difficulties involved with the makeup required. In the animated series episode "The Time Trap", and the movie Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Tellarites were shown briefly.

Enterprise featured Tellarites with reimagined makeup, but retaining their reputation for being argumentative. Tellarites with more prominent tusks have featured in Star Trek: Discovery.

A Few Canon Facts About Tellarites

Tellarites find human room temperatures to be cold, indicative of a higher body temperature.

Tellarites enjoy mud baths.

Tellarites are an impatient people, known for their "stubborn pride." They have a propensity toward strong emotion. Arguing is considered a sport on Tellar. Tellarites often begin an interaction with a series of complaints; this is how they start arguments with someone they have recently met. If they hav nothing to complain about, they simply insult the person. Because of their ability to argue, Tellarites are said to make excellent politicians.

While Tellarite cuisine included raw fruits and vegetables, canines were considered to be something of a delicacy.

Tellarite blood contains hemerythrins, in common with some marine invertebrates on Earth.

Influential Tellarite Fanworks

  • "Hunters," written and Illustrated by Deborah C. Dedon, is a post-"Journey to Babel" novella in which the murder of Ambassador Gav is finally solved. [1]

Tellarite Gallery

Tellarite Naming Patterns

Although Star Trek tie-in novels are not considered canon by CBS/Paramount, the owners of the Star Trek intellectual property, the books have for many years had their own consistent canon.

Tellarites in the licensed fiction (Pocket/Gallery) tend to have uncapitalized middle names, such as "chim", "glasch", "jav" and "bim". Christopher L. Bennett, a "Star Trek" novelist, said, ... speaking as the one who invented that Tellarite naming pattern... I have no idea. ;) I just figured it sounded cool. But I saw it as analogous to something like "von" in German names (though that just means "of," like the da in da Vinci). Possibly "Mor glasch Tev" could mean "Mor of the clan Tev" or something like that.

But other authors started coming up with other particles like "chim" and the others, and I don't know if they had any specific intention about their meaning. I suppose it's possible that they could have the same meaning in different regional languages, like "von," "da," "del," and "O'" in various human languages. [2]

Some Tellarite Fanart