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The Ferengi are a space-faring humanoid species native to the planet Ferenginar. The race believes above all in free enterprise, following the Rules of Acquisition and believing that the spirits of the solvent dead go to the Divine Treasury. It subjugates women, who are not permitted to wear clothes, do business or own property. Physically, Ferengi are short with prominent ears, bald heads and sharp uneven teeth. Armin Shimerman, who plays Quark, has stated that Ferengi represent contemporary humans.[1]

Major & recurring Ferengi characters include Quark, Rom, Nog, Ishka, Grand Negus Zek, Gaila & Brunt in DS9, which developed the race after its introduction in TNG as stock villains.


Ferengi characters are rarely prominent in fanworks, with DS9's Quark being probably the most popular character. Original Ferengi characters sometimes appear as stock villains in non-DS9 Trekfic, for example in Only Human by Alara Rogers.

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