Minus Ten and Counting

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Filk Album
Album Title: Minus Ten and Counting
Medium: cassette tape
Performer(s): Leslie Fish and others
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Minus Ten and Counting is a filk tape by Leslie Fish and others.

Fan Comments

Leslie Fish is also one of the featured artists in "Minus Ten and Counting" - a collection of 21 tracks (which must count as superb value for money) by different writers. The songs are all science-fact inspired, rather than science-fiction/media. Personal tastes vary, so my favourites may not be yours, but two tracks stand oul to me. "The Ballad of Apollo XIII" brings to mind the drama and concern of that mission. On the other hand, the lively and logical "One Way to Go", gives the reasons for going out into space, with a chorus you can join in while cruising down the motorway. [1]


  1. from Empathy Newsletter Spring 1985