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You may be looking for Aukon, a Doctor Who zine.

Star Trek Convention
Name: Aucon
Dates: August 28–31, 1981
Frequency: once
Location: England
Type: fan run, celebrity guests
Focus: Star Trek
Founder: Jenny Elson, Janet Hunt
Founding Date:
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Aucon was a one-time Star Trek: TOS con held in Coventry, England August 28–31, 1981.

It was the 12th of the The British Star Trek Conventions.

Guests of Honor were Nichelle Nichols, Mark Lenard, Grace Lee Whitney, and George Takei.

There was a writing contest, a masquerade, panels, and many other activities.

A Private Little Warvill and Star Cluster are zines published in connection with this con.

From the Convention Booklet

Aucon ‘81

The 12th Official U.K. Star Trek Convention

Star Trek Fan Clubs:

Thanks Go To:

Our Guests:

  • Dr ‘Felix’ A. Burden, Consultant Physician, Leicester Royal Infirmary
  • Rog Peyton, our fun auctioneer
  • Bill Pyne, for the loan of the projectors and his invaluable help
  • Tim Broadribb, the Projectionist
  • John Taylor, Projectionist
  • Arnold Perle, Deputy Manager of the De Vere, for all his help
  • Sue Toher, for setting the questions for ‘Mastermind’
  • The Trekkie Assassination Squad
  • ‘Eridani’, and our other Carnival Night entertainers
  • The British Diabetic Association (Leicester Group)
  • Mike Young and helpers of the Scorpio Disco & P.A. services
  • The Staff of the De Vere Hotel
  • The Stewards for their magnificent job
  • All who donated items for the charity raffle
  • And especially to you, and the many we could not mention, for helping to make Aucon 81 a great convention. We thank you all.[1]

Con Reports and Fan Reaction

Aucon 81 - my very first Star Trek convention. On looking back a very special weekend that will remain long in my memory for the warmth and friendliness of the people who attended. If all the world were Star Trek fans what a different place it would be. It really began for me when I received a phone call asking me if I could meet Grace Lee Whitney at Gatwick Airport on Friday and see her on her way to Coventry. Could I ever!! and I cursed the lack of funds that prevented me from booking in for more than one night at the De Vere. I could have driven her up! However, counting my blessings, and with a stomach that insisted on doing continous somersaults I waited for her to come out of Customs. Would I recognise her? She was hardly likely to be wearing her Janice Rand hairdo and Starfleet uniform. After 3/4 hour of anxiously scanning faces, I had just about given up - and suddenly there she was, disco boots and all. The next hour was marvellous Grace Lee was charming, delightful and friendly; and looking so much younger and more glamourous than she did in the movie. It was almost unbelievable to be actually sitting and talking to some-one who had helped create the Star Trek legend. All too soon, I was waving goodbye to her, as she took the train to Coventry, but with a magical hour to remember and the con to look forward to, who could complain?

I arrived at the De Vere at 8.45 am and met up almost immediately with my penfriend and room mate. From then on the weekend took on the quality of a magical, marvellous dream-come true, meeting up with penfriends, old friends and new friends. The incredible warmth and happiness that was everywhere (even a trip in the lift was a reunion with new friends) and to find hundreds of people who felt as I did, instead of being thought a little (?) weird was like drinking heady wine. I think I was "high" all weekend on nothing more than the Star Trek atmosphere. And the guests!! It was an incredible feeling to actually see George Takei and Nichelle Nichols looking just as they did in the series and giving such wonderful rap sessions. Mark Lenard looking so tall and handsome without his alien makeup, and possessing a great sense of humour. Grace Lee Whitney, what can I say - glamour, talent and a personality and energy that came out and knocked you in the eye. Through it all other things are remembered; Grace Lee waving to me across the ballroom; having my feet tickled by Nichelle Nichols while having my photo taken with George Takei; watching the bloopers for the first time; and the second; and the third!! hearing Eridani sing "10" Tribble with a toothless grin; talking to Mark Lenard's wife; watching Star Trek episodes with other fans which doubles the enjoyment of any episode.

Then sitting in the bar with a group of friends realizing that for us the con was nearly over, we were approached by the Verger of Coventry Cathedral. He had heard that a Star Trek con was being held and having enjoyed Star Trek on TV was interested to hear what was going on. We told him... and how... about Star Trek fandom, about the beliefs and philosophy behind Star Trek and about the warmth and caring of everyone involved, I think we converted him. He is now a Star Trek fan. Could my first Star Trek con end on a happier note?Thank you all who worked so hard to make Aucon 81 happen.[2]
I won best costume in the non Star Trek genre (Hitch hikers guide to the galaxy) and best overall costume at a Star Trek convention (Aucon 81, I think) and my trophy was presented to me by George Takei. I was a bit gobsmacked as my costume was done at the last minute and held together with carpet tape and staples.[3]
Mr. Lenard was intrigued by the whole idea of fandom, especially why. Why were we fans? Why did we write? Did we write that? Now, there were several young children still around, and this was 1981. So we lied valiantly. Of course we didn’t write that! Next morning, a small determined group located him and ‘confessed.’ He laughed hugely and hugged and kissed us all.[4]


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